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6-19-17 - MLS Trophy
MLS Cup.
6-19-17 - MLB Trophy
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6-19-17 - NBA Trophy
NBA Championship Trophy.
Andy Dolich -- 2015

Who Has It Better Than Us?

By Andy Dolich
The Warriors bringing home their third NBA title and their Lake Merritt public victory lap has brightened faces throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Talk about Rooted in Oakland, Dubs Nation is on the Ultimate Party Hearty Tour.
The Ultimate Sports Guide research department brought together local sports fans to discuss this Golden Age of Bay Area sports. Here are some highlights based on the question: How long have you waited for Bay Area sports championships?
"Hi, I'm Billy, from Burlingame. I just turned seven and have five championship T-shirts my parents bought for me as I was growing up."
"Hey Billy, I'm Jenny from the Sunset and have become a fanatical Gamer Babe (thanks, Kruk!) since being born in 2000. I love my championship earrings and have seven different pairs that I can wear when the Giants, Warriors or Earthquakes are making a run for another trophy and another pair of earrings."
"Yo Dude. I'm Spencer, a millennial from San Ramon. As a 27-year-old know-it-all, I have eight Bay Area championship lids that match whatever flip flops I may be wearing to the office."
"Excuse me. I'm Susan and I moved to the Bay Area from Cleveland in 1978. I have a collection of 15 Bay Area championship wearables that regularly fill out my sports wardrobe."
"This is Natasha. I'm Spencer's wife and he doesn't know that I'm pregnant so please keep it between us for the next few days. I just want to know how many more championships our twins can count on by the end of the decade?"
The championship high of last week will begin to wear off and without a baseball miracle, the Bay Area  won't be hosting a World Series in October, or any additional championships in 2017.
Just to keep the good times rolling, can all sports fans keep a smile on everyone's face this summer? Try a little tenderness in your Championship Swag.
*  Open a door for the person behind you.
*  Pay the toll for the driver behind you at the bridge.
*  Pay for their coffee if you see a member of the Armed Services, local police or a living or  ex-U.S President in line behind you.
*  Let drivers cut the line at an exit or entrance ramp without immediate road rage.
*  Tell the person with 27 items in the market Express Checkout Line, "That's okay, I'm in no  hurry."
*  Write a letter to a CEO about how great one of their employees treated you.
*  Say, "Thank You," before they d o.
*  Give the peace sign for someone who lets you go through a 4-way stop when you arrive 
at the same time.
*  Refrain from fist fights on a plane.
*  Remove your earbuds or headphones from time to time.
*  Wait at least three minutes to inject politics into a conversation.
It couldn't hurt.

Andy Dolich has worked as an executive in all four major sports leagues, including the Oakland A's, Golden State Warriors and San Francisco 49ers. He is the managing director and head of U.S. Sports Practice for Odgers Berndstson, the UK's leading executive search firm, and director of Career Development for the University of San Francisco's online master's program in the Business of Collegiate Athletics.   
3-6-17 - Pops

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