7-31-17 - La Famiglia
La Famiglia Futsal Club, 2017 Northwest Regional Champions, from San Jose

7-31-17 - Famiglia
Nick Krahnke

La Famiglia 
Futsal Club

By Nick Krahnke 
We all love to play the game and believe it can be a great vehicle for peace, unity, 
diversity, community, and positive change not just in the Bay Area, 
but all across the nation and world.
--Eric Angell and Johnny Carrera, LFFC '17

La Famiglia Futsal Club (LFFC) was a lifelong dream that became a reality.

LFFC is a professional futsal club in Redwood City, Calif. The word 'famiglia' means 'family' in Italian, and in fact, the players who are the founders of LFFC are brothers and cousins!

La Famiglia Futsal Club (LFFC) logo
7-31-17 - La Famiglia
Team member with LFFC cap
Photo by Larry Rosa

LFFC competes in two different professional leagues. They play in the Major League Futsal (MLF) and the National Association of Professional Leagues (NAPEL). Since LFFC is a professional club, they have numerous sponsors to help fund the team.

For those unfamiliar with futsal, here is a brief overview of the game: Futsal has different rules than traditional soccer. The ball is smaller and heavier, compared to a normal soccer ball, and it is five-versus-five players on the court. The game is quick, with substitutions allowed on the fly, played in two 20-minute periods.

Since futsal is a niche sport in the United States, players often live dual lives to sustain their families. When they are not playing games,most coach at community youth clubs, perform manual labor or work in the technology industry... talk about commitment!

7-31-17 - La Famigilia
Goalkeeper and co-founder Johnny Carrera (in blue) , is always ready to make a play. Photo by Larry Rosa
7-24-17 - La Famiglia - Larry Rosa
La Famiglia FC embraces social
responsibility. Photo by Larry Rosa

Others have played college soccer and all have strong, competitive youth club backgrounds from adolescence. Every player on a futsal team has also competed at a high level on the soccer pitch as well. A few members have played professionally overseas, as well as in the United States.

LFFC has helped keep youth players educated about playing futsal,which in return, has allowed the fast-paced game to grow more popular within the United States and the rest of the world. LFFC won a championship last season and are currently on their journey to the Nationals this season, to pursue more hardware!

7-31-17 - La Famiglia
A team (family) dinner before starting their first big match of the 2017 season

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Nick Krahnke is a Bay Area native who resides in Brentwood and currently works in the tech industry for Camp Mobile, Inc.'s BAND application in Silicon Valley. Nick focuses on marketing and community development for the BAND application. He graduated from Menlo College in the fall of 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Management, focused in Sports Management, and made his college's history books by winning a Golden State Athletic Conference (GSAC) title for the first time in school history and a GSAC playoffs title as a Menlo College Oak soccer player and captain in the fall of 2016.

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7-31-17 - La Famiglia
A member of the coaching staff, sporting a BAND logo, goes over a game plan.
Photo by Larry Rosa
7-31-17 - La Famiglia
BAND is a LFFC sponsor

BAND, an app used for communicating with team members, is a LFFC sponsor. The 100% free app is packed with useful features for managing any sports team.  Enjoy stories of 
sports teams bonding on BAND!

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