May 2014

Gubbio Kitchen Shines! 


We want to send a shout out to each of the volunteers who came to deep clean the Gubbio kitchen. Chuck Yenson, Angela Oliva, Mary Klipp, Hali Reiskin, Blake Landry, Valerie, Erin Tougher and the team from Zendesk! Thank you!! 


We are now ready for our Summer Community Breakfast Program to begin in mid-June. We have over 30 meals planned over the coarse of 8 weeks being hosted by 13 different groups. Can't wait to see all the delicious breakfast meals created and shared this summer.


And to prove how intense the work was, here they are scrubbing the floor on their hands and knees! Amazing!



       Mary Klip and Hali Reiskin                Zendesk: A Fantastic volunteer team
"I Love You" Bombed 
- from the director 

Gubbio being talked about in Rome!  Mary Litell, a Franciscan and our longest serving Board member, reports that one of her sisters ran into San Francisco Archbishop Cordileone in Rome. And the thing she and the Archbishop started discussing? The wonderful project back in San Francisco that the order supports generously each month and that the Archbishop is keen to get to again.     


"I love you" bombed!  I was walking down Market St. between 5th and 6th on my way to work last week when out of the blue a man jumps toward me, takes my arm, looks into my eyes and says, grinning from ear to ear, "I love you! Thanks so much for your work at Gubbio!"  What a wonderful gift this sometimes guest of Gubbio gave me that morning.  Instead of being photobombed, I'd been "I love you" bombed.  


Common Ground. A Gubbio volunteer told me the other day that she experienced a real spiritual transformation.  It wasn't in working with the guests (though they are the sole reason she comes to Gubbio) - it was with a clergy member with whom she disagreed on a number of issues. When the clergy started to talk of his love for the Gubbio Project - its simplicity, its importance - a real connection, like the one we hope for with guests, happened.  Hoorah for openness!      


"Just like the Hilton!" This is what Del Seymour, Board member and founder/director of Tenderloin Walking Tours, had to say the other day after watching Tina, one of our two Hospitality Monitors wake someone up.  Tina explained the woman had asked for a 'wake-up call' at 10:45 because she had an appointment at 11:30.  Just one of the many extra services and kindnesses my co-workers and the volunteers do to make the lives of those sleeping on the pews just a little easier and a little more comfortable.  Dare I say, "Better than the Hilton?"

Project Says Thank You to Departing Board Chair, Karen Gruneisen

We don't often drawn attention to the work of our Board of Directors.  However, now seems a good time, as Karen Gruneisen readies to leave the Board after 6 years on it, 4 of which she served as Chair.  Every organization needs both a "go to" person and a leader.  Karen has been both of those for us.  When we needed someone to host the fundraiser with Martin Sheen last minute - Karen.  When a crisis arose with a co-worker or Board member - Karen.  When we needed information about a policy, procedure, or law - you get the picture, we turned to Karen.  


What has been equally important has been her leadership.  She has been the backbone of the organization for the last four years.  She lead us through times when we were considering closing due to lack of funds and when issues arose in the community; she strengthened our young organization by recommending policies and procedures; she gathered the collective wisdom of the Board and focused it in our Strategic Plan.  In her own words:  "We've grown from feeling like an audacious pilot to hearing the resounding call that Gubbio be mainstream.  As it should be." 


Thank you, Karen, for making that transition possible!


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Gubbio Kitchen Shines!
From the Director
Thank you, Karen!
EO Products!
Del Seymour on SF Foundation Panel
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EO Products Partnership!
We're excited about a new partnership with the natural beauty and hygiene product company, EO Products. Each month they will be donating needed items such as: hand soap, lotion, hand sanitizer, soap dispensers and, best of all, all-purpose soap, which can be used for mopping floors, washing dishes, hair and body (or, apparently, washing your chihuahua re:below). 
Gubbio Board Member Speaks on Panel at the San Francisco Foundation
The Gubbio Project, represented by Board member Del Seymour, was honored to be on the panel of San Francisco Foundation's Legacy Luncheon May 7th, celebrating the FAITHS Program 20 Year Anniversary. We were selected out of over 600 organizations that FAITHS supports! Here is a short piece on Gubbio written for the Foundation's blog: