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 2017 Rye Fellow Claire Mason teaches Culture, Identity, Diversity at the International School of Asia Karuizawa in Karuizawa, Japan

Jim Rye Fellows of today are the leaders of tomorrow. 
 Do you know a graduate student who would benefit from the Showcase experience?

IPAY is still accepting applications for the  2018 Jim Rye Fellowships . The Rye Fellowship is a program tailored to support graduate students pursuing an advanced degree related to Performing Arts for Young Audiences. The Fellowship guides and amplifies their participation in IPAY Showcase.

Please forward this Call for Applications to any grad students you know studying education or arts for young people. Share the call with the Universities in your networks. Help us get the word out about this opportunity to more exceptional emerging leaders in performance for youth!

2018 Jim Rye Fellowship Application is available on IPAYWEB.ORG
We are so proud of the accomplishments of our most recent group of Rye Fellows in 2017. Allow us now to boast about their remarkable artistic, educational, and organizational contributions to the field!
"What have you been up to since Showcase 2017?"

Heidi Schoenenberger  recently began working as the Schools Liaison for BaborĂ³ International Arts Festival for Children in Galway, Ireland. She works with teachers and school groups to create opportunities to see performances and participate in arts workshops during the October Festival. She will stay with the team through their first Festival dedicated to an early years audience: Wide Eyes, A European Celebration of the Arts for the Very Young. 

Mad Hatter's Tea Party 
Danica Rosengren's newly founded theatre company, DogEar Theatre Productions, piloted its first project at Create Academy in Phoenix. DogEar brings literary works to life in schools and community spaces through immersive, multi-sensory experiences- and for this first project, DogEar replaced the front office of the school with a set of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party (including the Mad Hatter himself)! In June, she assistant directed Moby Dick at Lookingglass Theatre Company, before heading to a residency at The Barn Arts Collective, a residency she learned about through meeting Andrew and Brittany at IPAY, to devise a new adaptation of Persephone! In August, Danica was awarded the Don and Elizabeth Doyle Fellowship, presented to one graduate student for Excellence in Theatre for Young Audiences. In addition to this, continues to rave about IPAY to her friends, both in the TYA field and theatre makers at large.

Anon(ymous)  at University of Texas
Ally Tufenkjian  and  Sam Provenzano facilitated a workshop in  Cape Town as a part of the Cradle of Creativity in May 2017. The workshop, Practice-as-Research in Theatre for the Very Young, used retrospective devising practices where participants from all over the world collaboratively devised short pieces around the idea of surprise and invitation.

Sam Provenzano directed University of Texas' opening show for their main stage season, Naomi Iizuka's Anon(ymous) in October 2017.

Bridgett performing  The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly
Since Showcase 2017,  Bridgett Vanderhoof has  been finishing up her PhD coursework at UW-Madison. In the Spring, she took Finegan Kruckemeyer's play  The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly  to Madison area schools. This past summer, she taught the summer section of UW-Madison's drama course, she returned to Interlochen Center for the Arts as a costume designer, and she attended AATE in New Orleans. Right now she's prepping for her Prelims and will hopefully be starting my dissertation on gender nonconforming young adults in educational theatre settings this upcoming Spring!

Claire Mason teaches  Culture, Identity, Diversity at the International School of Asia Karuizawa in Karuizawa, Japan 
Since Showcase last year,  Claire Mason interned for the  ASSITEJ World Congress in Cape Town,  South Africa and went on to teach Culture, Identity, Diversity at the International School of Asia Karuizawa in Karuizawa, Japan where she worked with students from 26 different countries!

In Spring 2017,  Mollie Cahill  took part in a devised, interactive piece with the UW-Madison Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies program titled Hunger/Here -- directed by Jen Plants. She also taught a course for undergraduate students called "Drama for Teaching and Learning". 

She was the education director for a traveling two-person production of The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly by Finegan Kruckemeyer, directed by Manon van de Water. They brought the show to schools and libraries in the Dane County area and followed up the production with workshop experiences that she designed in collaboration with Dr. van de Water.  This traveling production of Kruckemeyer's play was the subject of her Master's Thesis, "Classroom Theatre and Dramatic Teaching: A Common Core and National Core Arts Aligned Curriculum for the Middle School Classroom."

She currently teaches English Language Arts courses of varying rigor and focus to freshman, sophomores and seniors while also running a bi-weekly improv club for students in all grades at VAHS. She was also recently certified to teach theatre in public schools in Wisconsin (in addition to English) and looks forward to building upon her experiences as a public school educator in English Language and Theatre Arts.
Winners of 2018 Spotlight Sponsorship Lottery

*Each Spotlight Sponsor will present a 20 minute SHOW performance within one Spotlight afternoon during Showcase 2018.
LA Choreographers & Dancers

Country: United States
image courtesy of LA C&D

Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers (LA C&D)  creates and presents innovative dance works with imagination, feelings, and communication being the inspiration for every piece. Whether presenting a concert performance or enriching the lives of LA area students through arts education, we believe that our work sparks imagination, creativity, self-discovery, and empowers our diverse audience members to expand their understanding of life.  

Derek Evans -  "The Man In The Arena"

image courtesy of Derek Evans
Country: United States

"The Man In The Arena" is a first-person historical recreation of the life of Theodore Roosevelt, based on his writings and his actions and adventures in public and private life. Aside from TR's many and mighty public virtues he was a man of almost unlimited appeal as a father, an author, and an adventurer. He was interesting because he was interested - he was filled with a fierce and kaleidoscopic need for knowledge, and he was joyfully at home talking about philology with Harvard professors or bug collections with six-year-olds. He provides an opportunity for an examination of the themes of family, patriotism, self-reliance and the conservation of our great natural resources - and everything you ever wanted to know about the Teddy Bear!

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