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November 14, 2017
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Spotlight on Jazz and Swing 60 percent of 12 downloads
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Ends Thursday, November 16 at Midnight
(Sale applies only to Downloads)
Mike Dowling - Swing
By Mike Dowling
Two DVD Set
Download $39.95 
Paul Mehling -The Ultimate Gypsy Jazz
By Paul Mehling
Two DVD Set
Download $39.95 
Matt Glazer Singing Jazz Violin
Improvisation and Musicianship for Fiddlers
By Matt Glaser  
Download $24.95 
Artie Traum - Chord Magic
By Artie Traum
Two DVD Set
Download $39.95 
By Ray Benson
Download $24.95 
Learn to Play Western Swing Steel Guitar -Cindy Cashdollar
By Cindy Cashdollar
Two DVD Set
Download $39.95 
Jack DeJohnette - On the Drum Set
By Jack DeJohnette  
Download $24.95 
And yLevene - Modern Jazz
For Solo or Group Playing
By Andy LaVerne
Two DVD Set
Download $39.95 
Gary Peacock - Acoustic Bas
Musicianship and Improvisational Techniques
By Gary Peacock
Download $24.95 
Howard Lev - Harmonica
Expanding Your Technique
By Howard Levy
Download $24.95 
A Lesson with Steve Allen - Jazz Piano
An Introduction
to Jazz Piano
Download $24.95 
Mike Demicco _ You can Play Jazz Guitar
Scales, Modes, and Other Essentials
By Mike DeMicco
Download $24.95 
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