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July 14, 2017
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July 16
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Pete Huttlinger - Better Practice
Improve Technique, Build Stamina and Increase Speed 
By Pete Huttlinger
Download  $24.95

David Holt - Clawhammer Banjo
The Basics and Beyond
By David Holt
Download  $24.95
TobyWalker Licks-ercises - guitar
Turn Powerful Fretboard Exercises Into an Arsenal of Blues, Country and Swing Guitar Licks
By Toby Walker
Download  $24.95

Steve Kaufman - Lead Guitar Breaks
Download  $24.95
David Bennet Cohen - Jazz Blues PIano
A Beginner's Guide to Improvisation
By David Cohen
Two DVD Set
Download  $39.95
Understanding Chords and Melody: Blues, Gospel and Fingerstyle Originals
By Woody Mann
Two DVD Set
Download  $34.95

Bob Brozman - Ukulele Tunes and Techniques
Hawaiian and American Styles
By Bob Brozman
Download  $24.95
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