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Moonflower Yoga, Bellmore

Body & Soul, Huntington

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Moonflower Yoga was formed over 3 years ago by  Nancy Weshkoff . Nancy wanted to  create a studio with small class sizes so that personal attention could be given to the  students in the class. Moonflower Yoga generally has a maximum of 6-8 students per  class, which provides an opportunity for a warm and friendly studio where its dedicated  team of teachers interact closely with the students to help them grow in their yoga  practice. The studio attracts a wide age group with special programs for young children  to help them cope in a constructive way to peer and school pressure to chair yoga classes  for seniors trying yoga for the first time.
There are a wide variety of yoga styles offered at the studio including hatha yoga,  Vinyasa flow classes, restorative yoga, yin yoga, Kundalini yoga, Kripalu yoga, sound  healing classes, and chair yoga. In addition, there are meditation classes with singing  bowls, as well as themed, guided meditation classes. Tai Chi classes are offered every 
Moonflower Yoga has an ongoing, eclectic mix of interesting and fun workshops. These  include women's health issues, gallery readings with a psychic medium, astrology, Tarot
cards, goal setting and vision boards, mala beads, essential oils, art workshops,  vegetarian and vegan cooking, and Feng Shui. There is also the Moonflower Yoga Book  Club and Moonflower Yoga Needle Arts group where experienced members in knitting,
crocheting and quilting help newcomers learn these needle arts.
Moonflower Yoga also offers Reiki certification, as well as IET/Angel Healing  certification. The studio has Reiki Healing Circles open to all.
Giving back to the community is also an important element to the studio. Moonflower  Yoga worked closely with the Bellmore Chamber of Commerce and USMC and donated  over 150 toys to needy children this past holiday season. Moonflower Yoga students
have also generously donated 300 lbs of food to Long Island Cares, as well as donated to  Make A Wish and other charities.
Moonflower Yoga owner, Nancy Weshkoff, is a member of the Bellmore Chamber of  Commerce and recently joined the Board of Directors for the Chamber. Nancy was just  honored as the Chamber Member of the Year for 2015 for her charity work and for
helping the Bellmore community and strongly supporting small businesses.
For more information about the studio and its activities, an d t r eg ist er  fo a n y a v a i l a b lclass or workshop on the schedule, please visit our website,


Body & Soul  is located in the heart of Huntington Village surrounded by over 80 restaurants and countless specialty shops. 
We offer 23 yoga classes a week, most of which are in the Iyengar  tradition but we have vinyasa, TriYoga, and specific needs classes as well. 
These classes are taught by a staff of 10 certified instructors including the co-owner of the studio,  Jeff Logan who has been involved with Iyengar Yoga for over 33 years. Jeff also teaches at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in NYC where has served on the Board of Directors. Jeff is the  Treasurer for the Long Island Yoga Association and member for over 20 years. He has also written several articles for Newsday and one article for Runners World magazine on the subject of Yoga. 
The in-depth knowledge of Body & Soul's faculty creates an atmosphere of the study of yoga as opposed to just offering yoga classes. The instructors integrate yoga philosophy and science into their teaching so the students appreciate the reflection and connection that is yoga. 
For those who wish to mix it up a bit, we offer fitness classes and Pilates as well.