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March 23, 2013
One week till the official tri season starts!

Sorry for the delay in this email. I was away all week for work.  This might possibly be the longest email you will ever read but all of the information is very important.  Our season is just about to begin.  For many of you this will be a brand new experience and I totally understand if you are nervous.  I can promise you that we will do our very best to get your prepared for a triathlon this season.  As I said at kick off and newbie night, active participation is the key.  Even if it is is just attending something once per week or a few times per month.  I want to thank everyone for attending newbie night out!   What an amazing night... here are a few of the "2013" goals that were created.
2013 Goals
Tri Suit Try On  & Free  MHWTC Tech Shirts
March 25- March 31
@ Action Wheels
Tri Suits: I want to thank Gina Mooney for selecting and designing our 2013 customized triathlon suits.  Tri suits are not mandatory but you will notice that most of our members wear them.  We will offer them in two piece and one piece.  Tri Suits will be offered at a discounted rate due to sponsorship.  The price point will be ~ $60 for the entire suit.  This is significantly lower than you would pay if you purchased at a store.  We will also be offering short sleeve and long sleeve bike jerseys.   Gina Mooney will send out an email tomorrow regarding all the specifics of the tri suit.  Our "Tri Suit Try On" will be next week at Action Wheels.  All sizes will be available to try on and ordering will be completely on-line. We expect the triathlons suits to be available in late May- which is right in time for triathlon season.  I would like to thank our sponsors: HFM Investment Advisors, Rothman Institute and Teamdental for sponsoring our suits.  Teamdental is new to the area and located in Swedesboro, NJ.

Tech Shirts: We are finalizing our sponsorship this week to be included on our technical shirts and race shirts.  This is last call for sponsors because we need to gather logos and get these sweeties printed.   All 2013 members and Teen Tri members will get a free technical shirt.  We hope to have these shirts in our hands in April prior to Riverwinds and Broad Street. Thank you to Lydia and Maureen who have been working on this! 
Club Workouts Starting on April 1st
This is when the fun begins!
One of my favorite parts of this club is creating workouts and seeing tons of people attend them!  Sometimes we get ten people others times 120.   Thank you in advance to everyone who is helping me with this.  Give it a whirl!   Please note that TEEN TRI members are encouraged to join us for all workouts!  Parental guidance suggested on the Wed night Rode rides.
  • MONDAYS @ 9am:  Trail Run at Shady Lane Nursing Home in  Gibbstown NJ. There are many acres of woods and trails right next to the facility.  This is a 2 mile trail run (over the bridges and through the woods type of run).  You can do it once or twice.  Challenging terrain so walkers are welcome to join us!  Laura Bonanni  will lead. 256 County House Road, Clarksboro NJ. Just a few minutes from Mullica Hill   Please meet in the Parking lot at 9 am.  You will see us wearing our running gear and should be easily identifiable.  Starts on April 1st.  
  • MONDAYS @ 6 PM:  5K TrainingRun @ William Wilt Park.   We couldn't get clearance from Clearview for their cross country course (boo)- but we have created a nice 5K Run around the William Wilt Park.  William Wilt park is located @ 162 Walters Road, Mullica Hill NJ.  The run will be on Walter's Road and Colson Road and end at the Gazebo.  Please meet at the Gazebo @ 6 PM starting on April 1st .  These runs will be every Monday night ALL SUMMER.  
  • TUESDAY @  9 AM:  Queen of the Hill Bike Ride.  This is the 10 mile bike ride that we do for Queen of the Hill.  Please meet at Ferrell Fire Station which is at the Intersection of 538 and 641.  This is Elk Road.  We may have to redirect you to park once you get there :) but it won't be far.  Please try to get there by 8:50 am.   Starts on April 2nd.  
  • WEDNESDAY @ 6 PM:  Rode Ride.   Riders choice of 8, 15 or 20 miles.  Please feel free to join us for snacks and cocktails in the barn after the ride.  Special tri club menu!  A bar will be set up in the barn and will be cash only.  We out grew the restaurant.   Wednesday nights are also BYOM.  Bring your own man, mom, mate!   They just need to sign a waiver. On the 3rd Monday of every month we will have WILD WEDNESDAYS!  Free drinks courtesy of our premier sponsor. HFM financial advisors.  Rode Rides start on April 3rd.  I LOVE Margaronas!  
  • SATURDAY RIDE @  7 AM  AND 8 AM  Saturday morning ride.  Leaving from Tomlin Station Park (Meeting in front of Advocare) 2 Burton Lane, Mullica Hill NJ ( Right off of the intersection of Tomlin Station Road and 322) .  FIRST RIDE OF THE SEASON IS NOT AT THIS LOCATION.  SEE BELOW!  Saturday rides start on April 13th (except for first ride of the season below- that is on April 6th)  
  • SUNDAY @ 8 AM.  Sunday long ride.  15 or 30 miles.  Meeting at Ella Harris Park, Commissioners Road Side.  You will bear RIGHT off of the fork where the Gulf station is.  Parking is on your left. Starts on April 7th.  

************ FIRST SATURDAY RIDE OF THE SEASON*****************
The first Saturday ride of the season will be Saturday, April 6th @ 8 am.  We will be meeting at Ella Harris Park on the side of Commissioners Road (not on the  side of shop rite).  Please have your helmet on, tires pumped and a safety check on your bike prior to the ride.  We are expecting over 200 women to attend.  We will go out in groups of 25 with all of the newbies sticking together!  
Quick Links
Training Plans
Broad Street Run, Swimming Workouts, Couch Potato to 5K Tri Club Training Plans 

I want to thank everyone for taking full advantage of the Sign Me options that we have. Three new sign me ups are End the Stigma Anxiety Workshop, Running Seminar and Speed Work Running Workshop.  Just a reminder.
  • Queen of the Scale:  We had 60 women sign up for Queen of the scale!  I know the pounds are coming off.  Who is going to win the $1000?   
  • Yoga and Anxiety Workshop:  Thank you Laura Bonanni for doing an incredible job.   
  • Newbie Night(s) Out: We had over 240 women attend!  Thank you to my panel of experts.  I did receive a lot of positive feedback so thank you!  
  • Riverwind's Structured Swims: Starts on Monday: March 25- May 30.  There are still spots available for the morning. Ten Weeks of Swimming for $50.  
  • GCIT lessons with Matt Sprang: please email me if you are interested.  I will forward the info to him.  
  • Broad Street Bus:  Full :)   
  • Mentors/Mentees:  Thank you to everyone who signed up to be a mentor and the mentees who reached out for a little help.  We will be finalizing everything this week and you will all get an email from Cheryl Tavano.  Still room for both if you are interested.  
  • Tri Club Boot Camp:  Full! Unless we can someone to help out Angel.  
  • Yoga in the Garden Donation Class: outside @ Pratt's Garden, Woodstown, NJ with Rebekah Johnson. 
  • End the Stigma Anxiety Workshop.  April 15th, Spots still available.  
  • HFM Pearls of Wisdom:  HFM Advisors are our premier sponsor. They are extremely supportive of our club. They will be offerring 3 free class regarding financial advisement at Tavro 13.  Appetizers and wine included.  More info on the Sign Me Up .
  • New  April  9TH, Running Seminar with Jason Kilderry from ETA- with Jason Kilderry 
  • New: April 12th Track Running Seminar with Jason Kilderry from ETA with jason Kilderry

Things you might want to do!
  • RIDE: Attend the first ride of the season on Saturday, April 6th @ 8 am!  Bring helmet and have tires pumped.  Action Wheels will be helping us out the morning. .  Riders choice of 8 miles, 13 miles or 20/30 miles.  Newbies- we are SO excited for you to join us!
  • BRICK: Attend a "brick workout" by signing up for the Cedarville 5K.  April 20th.  The race is @ 10:00 am but we will be leaving for a 10mile bike ride at 9:00  am.  We will meet at Cedarville Winery @ 8:45 am. BIke ride is optional and (free) but if you want to the run you do need to sign up for the race.  Click here 
  • RACES? Sit down and figure you out your triathlon schedule- MANY of us will be doing NJ State Tri  (already have 60 signed up), Brian Ballard Tri,  Wildwood Tri ..and of course Queen of the Hill.  If you are looking for something on the smaller side and late in the season, consider signing up for the Bridgeton Sunset Tri.   It is on July 27th, mid season which will give you plenty of time to train. They are pulling out the special treatment for us- this will be a TWB- tri with benefits!   We will  have an arts and craft station and nail glamour table for the kids.  Special perks for Teen Tri Members. Parvin is a great park to bring the kids for them to watch you finish a triathlon.  They also have a duathlon and an aqua-bilke for those who don't like to run. All members who sign up for the Bridgeton Sunset Tri and use the code: SUNSET (all caps) will get a special gift from the race organizers.  Click here for more information.   
  • Don't forget!  If you haven't signed up for the 2013 season please do so by April 1st.  Three reasons: 1) We are ordering our shirts and want to make sure we have enough and I start developing anxiety if we don't have enough shirts.  2) Price goes up to $50 to join.  3) We want you to be able to join our workouts.  Only current members who have signed our waiver can join us for workouts.  Membership is on our website under MEMBERS ONLY!  
  • Lastly, We only have 50 spots left for the Fabulous Friday Night 5K!  This is huge club event. A 5K in my development with the after party in my backyard.  It is $20 for members.  New this year: tank tops for all finishers (they are super cute) and medals for age group winners. Margaritas?  Of course. Click here.  Fabulous Friday Night 5K  

My intention was to get this email out this morning.  Derailed by a side trip to Urgent Care.  Severe sprain to my right ankle from all things (drum roll and slightly embarrassing)----dancing, specifically to the song " Brick House" - ridiculous.


Have a great week and please let me know if you have any questions  Let the countdown begin~  


Colleen Fossett

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