Congress of Connecticut
Community Colleges

News about the Spring 2016 Pay Schedule
It was brought to the 4Cs attention this week that two of our colleges had publicized a pay schedule for spring 2016 that would not provide the first paycheck for adjunct faculty until March 4 - six weeks from the start of the semester. Expecting anyone to work for 6 weeks without pay is completely unacceptable

Once CSCU leaders were made aware of this, they were quick to address this issue. It was resolved that the first paycheck date will be February 19, 2016 for the part-time faculty at all 12 colleges. We were glad to reach such a quick resolution, which in our view had the potential to be devastating for some of our adjunct faculty. 

PTL Seniority Pool Deadline

The Part-time Lecturers Pool (PTL Pool) requires that qualified part-timers be offered at least one course in their discipline, at their college, on a seniority basis, subject to course availability. Read more about this benefit on our website here. The next deadline to apply for the pool is DECEMBER 15.