Dear Friend,

I am thrilled and honored to be back at McMains Children's Developmental Center (MCDC) as Executive Director. It is truly a place that I call home after having worked here for more than 28 years.  

As you may know, we've been part of the community for 63 years, founded by parents and community leaders. We have been quietly and steadily making a difference in the lives of the children and families we see. We are looking to do even more over the next five years and are excited to keep you in the loop about how your support and involvement helps to further our mission. 

Once you hear our stories, see the smiles and determination of our kids, and feel the impact of our work, you can't help but want to be a part of the exciting growth to come in our future. Don't be a stranger to MCDC - call us and tell us how we can help you or someone you know; ask us how you can get involved; and share our stories with your friends so that we can keep growing our family. 

Best Regards,

Anne Hindrichs
Executive Director
4th Annual Sips & Suds 
Champagne and Beer Stroll
April 27, 2017
Our 4th Annual Sips & Suds Champagne and Beer Stroll was a lovely evening of delicious food, live music, and great company.   Guests learned the stories of several of our children and experienced a more intimate look at MCDC and what we do.  We are so grateful to all our sponsors, in-kind food vendors, volunteers, and committee members who made the event possible!

We enjoyed beautiful weather this year as guests strolled our grounds and toured MCDC.
From left to right: Jenny Hebert (Board Member), Tracey McMains (Event Committee Member), Emily Mayo (Event Chair), Anne Hindrichs (Executive Director)

Cheers to all of you who joined us for this fabulous night!
MCDC Staff

Thank you to  Mayers Portraiture
for donating photography services that night. For more photos...
18th Annual Canoe Trip 
at Tickfaw State Park
April 29, 2017

We had a great time together at the 18th Annual Canoe Trip! The highlight of this year's event was the new "canoe chariot," built by our very own Al Hindrichs, which allowed for a more seamless transition getting canoes in and out of the water.  Many thanks to BASF, Tickfaw State Park, Kiwanis International, and all of our volunteers for supporting 
this wonderful program!

The "Canoe Chariot"
Lots of smiles out on the water!

One Kiwanis member, Frank O'Quinn, shared that he had a "Kiwanis Moment" at one of our canoe trips a couple years ago.
He said, "In Kiwanis there is something called a 'Kiwanis Moment', when you get the feedback that you're doing the right thing. I had my own Kiwanis Moment at one of these canoe trips and wrote about it for our club's newsletter." Here is what he wrote: 

I cannot pass up the opportunity to tell you about my own "Kiwanis moment" related to this activity this past spring. Though there were several dozen people milling around, I think I was the only one to observe this particular instance. A young disabled child, perhaps 10 years old, was nearing his turn to take a canoe ride.  He already had been fitted with a personal floatation device (a.k.a. life vest). The leader for the day, a man named Al Hindrichs, turned to this little boy and handed him a paddle, then turned away to continue with other things. However, this young child was surprised and thrilled to be holding that paddle, his face broke out into a broad grin and he was just beaming with excitement and happiness. I could only stand there and delight in his own delight. My words here do not do justice to the thrill and excitement I observed that day. I realized later on that this is what is known as a Kiwanis moment.       

We were so thrilled to hear this and hope 
you enjoy this story as much as we did! 

The whole crew posing for a group photo.
Sam and his family love attending the Canoe Trip each year!
Thanks to Al Hindrichs, the event organizer and the brains behind the "canoe chariot"!

9th Annual Wheels to Succeed
No Such Thing As Impossible®  Bike Ride
May 7, 2017

It was such a beautiful day for our 9th Annual Wheels to Succeed 
No Such Thing As Impossible® Bike Ride! We enjoyed cycling, tasty pastalaya, and good times together.  We are proud to share that we surpassed our fundraising goal and got to give away two bikes at the event. 
Erin and Kaci loved their bikes!

Cyclists leaving for the 75-mile ride, led by our board member and Event Chair Sebastian Alvarez

Kids of all abilities riding during the Kids Fun Ride
Erin and Kaci on their new bikes:


Thanks to all who attended, sponsored, and volunteered! We can't wait to purchase more adapted bikes for our kiddos! 

From left to right, Anita Alvarez, Sebastian Alvarez, Anne Hindrichs, Carlos Alvarez, and Ana Alvarez-Tanner
Therapy Tidbit

Fun with Bubbles -  Tips from Our Speech Therapists

Bubbles with speech therapist Kacey out in the adapted garden

Everyone knows that kids love bubbles, but did you know that bubbles are a  great tool for facilitating oral motor skills and language development?
When a child blows bubbles, he or she uses the muscles in the lips and cheeks that are important for producing certain speech sounds.  During bubble blowing, the child also practices the sustained outward breathing pattern needed for speaking in phrases and sentences. 
Ray blowing bubbles during speech therapy on the playground.

You can also teach your child many speech and language lessons while playing with bubbles. For early language learners, parents can teach words such as "bubbles," "pop," and "more" or new concepts such as "up" and "down" or "near" and "far." 
Bubble blowing also promotes  turn-taking skills, 
which are an important precursor  for conversational speech

News & Upcoming Programs

Extra Support for the "Me Too" Program

Carol, a "Me Too" program participant, making art with a switch.
We recently received a $40,000 grant from  Louisiana Children's Trust Fund (LCTF)  to support the "Me Too" Program of our Inclusion House. This program provides assistive equipment to families so that children with significant multiple disabilities can participate in everyday activities, such as helping around the house, playing games and participating during story time. Thank you, LCTF!
Bowling in Style for Autism

Anne with LaKricha Marie Murray (Elle Marie)
We were so grateful to be part of Bowling in Style for Autism at Circle Bowl again this year with  Elle Marie Brand . Some of the proceeds raised through the event benefited MCDC and Anne even got a chance to dust off her bowling skills. We can't wait to get a team together at next year's event! Thank you to the event sponsors: Beyoutiful Delights, Spa Benifique, Dunbar Construction of La, CIY Cakes, London Boutique, Dollface Jewelry Harlowe Hearts, and Snap-it-up photo booth. 
Coming Up: Capable Arts Camp

Capable Arts will be held June 26 - 29, 2017 at the First United Methodist Church in downtown Baton Rouge. Camp is from 1:00-4:00 pm, Monday through Thursday. There will be a final art show and performance on Thursday, June 29 th from 4:30-6:30 pm. 
Our theme this year is "Hero Central: Discover Your Strengths." 
So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to discover your inner artist 
and hero! 

Registration fee for camp this year is $80 for each child. Partial scholarships are available, if needed. 

Contact Doug Leyda to sign up 
at (225) 923-3420 or
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