Amendment to the HPR on the use of prescribed concentration ranges to protect CBI were published today in the Canada Gazette. It is effective immediately. The amendment, which was initially proposed and published in the Canada Gazette , Part I on October 21, 2017, allows for the use of prescribed concentration ranges to protect the trade secret concentrations and concentration ranges of materials or substances in hazardous products. One change was made to the amendment proposed in October, which is to allow the combination of only 2 prescribed consecutive concentration ranges set out in paragraphs 4.5(3)(a) and (g) of the HPR. Further, acknowledging that many claims for exemption relating exclusively to ingredient concentrations or concentration ranges have already been filed under WHMIS 2015, Health Canada will contact impacted claimants over the coming months to discuss options for those claims.  Read the full text of the Canada Gazette here on page 180 - 201.