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This is our most urgent Call to Action to date. Please read and respond quickly...


Tomorrow morning (Wednesday 4/20), Senator Seliger (R - Amarillo) will present a plan to the Senate Finance Committee. It is an alternative funding scheme for education addressing the next two years.


This amendment is TERRIBLE for SBISD.


To sum it up, in the first year, some districts lose no money, while SBISD loses $14.7 million (over 6% of their education funding). The real kicker is in the second year: many districts will lose LESS THAN 1%, while SBISD loses over $32 million (13%).



This Seliger amendment is not fair. SBISD should not have to shoulder significantly more of the shortfall in revenue than other districts.

Some lobbying organizations have already called on their members to support the Seliger amendment. We cannot allow their voices to be the only ones heard in the Senate offices before the vote tomorrow morning.





Email the Senators listed below tonight or tomorrow morning and ask them to:


  • VOTE AGAINST Senator Seliger's disproportional education funding amendment.
  • SUPPORT Senator Shapiro's version of education funding, which more evenly distributes the budget cuts.


Sen. Dan PatrickDan.Patrick@senate.state.tx.us
Sen. John WhitmireJohn.Whitmire@senate.state.tx.us
Sen. Joan HuffmanJoan.Huffman@senate.state.tx.us


Thank you for your quick response,


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Valerie PaulChris Vierra