Spring Cattle Mineral Savings at Farmers Coop
River Valley News & Updates - March 2018
Cattle Mineral News
Purina & Rangeland Bagged
Mineral Special
Don't let files suck up your profits this year! Get a head start on fly control and SAVE at Farmers Coop. Pick up select varieties of cattle mineral from Purina and Rangeland and SAVE $2 per bag, this month at your local Farmers Coop.
3 Things To Look For In Cattle Mineral
Not all cattle minerals are created equal, and it’s important to recognize the differences in minerals that are out there. Even though mineral nutrition is complicated, you can easily evaluate or ask questions about a few different elements of a mineral supplement.
Pond & Lake News
Pond & Lake Management Services
Pond and Lake Management Services from Outdoor Water Solutions, is now available at your local Farmers Coop. We’ve teamed up with the folks at Outdoor Water Solutions to offer you Pond and Lake Management Services, Pond Aeration Systems, and other pond products to keep your pond healthy and the fish happy.
March Fish Stock Delivery
Need fish for your pond? Farmers Coop offers convenient fish stock deliveries to locations around western Oklahoma, the River Valley, and NW Arkansas. It’s a great time to stock your ponds and get ready for warmer weather. Don't see a delivery near you? Keep an eye on our calendar, we'll add more delivery dates soon.
Van Buren Service Station
Off Road Diesel, Tires & More at the Coop Station
Off Road Diesel is now available at Farmers Coop Service Station in Van Buren. Stop by and fill your tanks today! Need tires for your car, truck or tractor? How about an oil change or brake work? We do it all at the Farmers Coop Service Station in Van Buren. Come see us for all your automotive needs where you'll receive expert automotive service and old-fashioned customer service.
Spring Gardens
Spring Onions, Potatoes &
Garden Seeds
Get ready for Spring gardening with fresh onions, seed potatoes, garden plants and seed packets from your local Farmers Coop. Check out our wide variety of fresh vegetable starts, flowering plants and both regular and organic seed. We've got new plants arriving weekly! The calendar may say winter, but it's time for early spring planting!
Ferti-lome & Hi-Yield Soil Amendments, Herbicides & Fungicides
 We all know that spring is right around the corner bringing with it warmer temperatures and lots of planting in your garden and flower beds. Farmers Coop is ready to help you get your lawn and garden going with soils and soil amendments, herbicides, fungicides, plant food and pest control products from Ferti-lome and Hi Yield.
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