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Yoga detox You asked, we listened!    


It's here:   

Yoga Detox: An 8-Day Spring Cleanse


We all want more energy, a revitalized body, and the vitality that comes from cleansing our body and our mind. Sign up below to start your 8 days to a revitalized you.  


Plus: We're excited about the latest videos from Ashleigh Sergeant, Kreg Weiss, Andrea Potter, Mark Laham, and Kate Leinweber.  

 Sign up Today! Yoga Detox Spring Cleanse    


Spring Cleanse Sign up today!     


8 days. 1 cleansing practice each day. Powerful results: Reveal the radiant, revitalized you.


Do you want more energy? How about a leaner body, better sleep, and radiant skin? Cleanse your body. Clarify your thinking. Fuel your soul.  


These detox tools and tips will direct you through a comprehensive inner and outer cleanse, helping to reveal the radiant, leaner, revitalized you.  


Sign up today!     

Tuesday Giveaway: An Asymmetrical Top by Blue Canoe!


Question: How do you treat your skin?Tuesday Giveaway    


This week's Tuesday Giveaway is an asymmetrial top from Blue Canoe.


1. Add your answer to our weekly question in the comments section below the blog post.

2. Add your answer to the comments section below the Facebook post.

3. Share with your friends by clicking 'share' on the blog post.

4. The winner gets the prize delivered to their door. 

 Community Focus: Montreal Yoga Music Festival       


Montreal Yoga Music Festival

The 1st Annual Montreal Yoga Music Festival is about celebrating life, connecting with your divine self, and uniting with other people.

MyYogaOnline is proud to support this rich cultural and social experience -not just about music and yoga, it's about the human experience and how we interact. Read More...

  New Yoga Videos


Anusara for Head, Neck and Shoulders 

Ashleigh Sergeant with Ashleigh Sergeant   


Learn to apply Anusara's alignment principles with Ashleigh Sergeant, to free yourself from pain and stiffness in the shoulders, neck and head. This practice is for all levels.  



Surge of Whole Energy Breathing Practice 

with Kreg WeissKreg Weiss  

Surge your body with warming alertness and connection with this more advanced pranayama (breathing exercise) practice from Kreg Weiss. Enjoy a series of highly energizing breath work that are linked with variations of bandhas (energy locks).  



Spring Cleansing Cooking Class 

with Andrea Potter     Andrea Potter  


Springtime is near! New shoots and sprouts are breaking through the soil. We are beginning to get glimpses of sunshine! Are your thoughts turning towards cleansing?  




Beginner Warm-Up 

with Mark LahamMark Laham  


A beginner warm up with Mark Laham to start your day or to get you ready for some other activity. Sometimes all you have is 20 Minutes to stimulate and invigorate your body.  




Cleansing by Organ Level Through Food 

with Kate Leinweber Kate Leinweber    


The human body has many organs of detoxification. Kate Leinweber educates on the function of each organ in cleansing and how to support their function through food.




Superfoods That Cleanse 

with Kate Leinweber Superfoods    


Not only is our body a cleansing organism, but there are also foods that specifically help to remove toxins, waste and replenish cells with vitamins and minerals. This segment will cover simple, nutrient dense superfoods that help the body cleanse.



Daily Self-Care Techniques During Cleansing 

with Kate Leinweber      

 Daily Self-Care  

Detoxification symptoms are a sign that the organs of elimination are not functioning properly to remove waste and toxins. This segment identifies daily self care techniques that help the elimination systems of the body to improve the efficacy of cleansing.


Expert Insight


Whispers From Within: Your body is talking, but are you listening? 

by Rupina Meer

whispers from within How about we start social networking with our own bodies? This is how it would work. Your body would send you short little updates about how it's doing, how it's feeling, what it needs, and what kind of food would make it perform at its peak. Sounds great, doesn't it?  

Read more... 



The Pediatric Disease With Geriatric Consequences: Osteoporosis 

by Dr. Sacha Elliot

Osteoporosis Our bones are made of living tissue that is in a constant state of flux - breaking down and building up to repair itself. If this tissue breaks down and is not replaced with newer, equally strong tissue, the result is osteoporosis.  

Read more... 



Antioxidants: Our Protector Against Environmental Stress and Internal Inflammation 

by Dr. Sacha Elliott 

antioxidants Antioxidants are a naturally occurring substance in food which act as potent free radical scavenger. Free radicals damage proteins, fats and DNA in the body and contribute to aging and degenerative disease. Read more... 


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"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito." -Dalai Lama