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March 10, 2018                                                                 Volume 2,  Issue 3
Spring Forward!
Prepare for Heaven on Earth!!

Spring Forward! "OK! Whatever!"

Cosmologists and Physicists are arguing that there is no time, so why bother to Fall back or Spring forward?  

Some say it's about saving energy, others say it's about saving money, and surely it's about both those things, but having extra sunlight for most of us is like having Heaven on Earth! 
For those of us who are prone to Seasonal Affective and other depressive disorders sunlight is imperative for a 'sunny' disposition and perspective. Ha! How ridiculously obvious, yet the dark is sooo very enticing. In these troubled times it takes a whole lot of personal and collective energy to keep our dispositions and perspective on life- sunny. 

And yet, without a focus on the positive, the Solar Logos, the new 5-D reality we will never be able to create the Heaven on Earth that many of us understand is our life's purpose and function. Springing HUmanity forward one positive thought and one corrected perception at a time is a huge responsibility that each of us carries. 

Yet, as difficult as it seems, this concept has become the spark that keeps me going. Although I am only one of 7 billion- I believe that we are all One, thus we must each do the best we can to overcome the trappings of the egoic mind. 

With this in mind I have realized how much I miss reading and studying A Course in Miracles in a group setting, so I am starting one here, at The Sanctuary for Celestial Empowerment. See the article below with specifics.

I had so much fun at last year's Vernon Health Festival that I signed up to be a Silver Sponsor again, and will be presenting: 

Think! Visualize! Affirm! Activate Your Garment of Light!
on Saturday, April 7th at 1:00 pm in one of the breakout rooms :-)

Like last year, you will be able to take your photo at my table again this year with Angel Wings AND a Garment of Light. So, be sure to dress and primp accordingly! LOL! :-)

 Over the course of the last few months, I have learned a number of very special meditations and activations that I will be sharing with you at the Fair and also at my office in  the world's first 
Garment of Light - Activation and Meditation Chamber!

See the articles below with specifics.

Lastly, let us never forget:

It's all about LOVE!

Stay tuned for announcements about the world's first Garment of Light Healing Chamber coming to The Sanctuary for Celestial Empowerment.

Happy Spring Forward Day!


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I can't wait to hear from you! 

Empoweringly yours,
Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW

Save the Dates!

Be sure to mark you calendar for the Greater Vernon Holistic Healthfest!

Saturday & Sunday April 7 & 8
10 am to 4 pm

Be sure to visit Celeste's Table and have your photo taken in the Garment of Light Photo Booth
Angel Wings Included!

Then at 1 pm on Saturday attend her workshop to have your own Garment of Light Activation!
Coming Soon! To the Sanctuary for Celestial Empowerment
The World's First

Relax like never before!
Experience the Divine like never before!
Increase your frequency levels like never before!
Raise your consciousness like never before!

Stay tuned for more details.  
Weekly reading, study, and discussion group
Join us Wednesday Nights
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Starting March 14th, 2018

BYOB (Book- LOL :-)) 
Refreshments Served
Love Offerings Accepted
Who should attend?
Beginners & Seasoned Students of the Course
Anyone who is interested in connecting to the divine and breaking free from the trappings of the egoic mind.

Celeste has been a student since 1986! :-)
Read the first few paragraphs of 
March 10, 2018 Lesson 69
Notice how remarkably it suits the content of this newsletter! that's a small example of the magic of the entire Course!
Psychotherapy Healing Services, LLC

Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW
Integrative Psychotherapist, Healing Facilitator, Author

is taking new clients for Adult Individual and Group Psychotherapy, 
& Energy Healing Services

Accepts Most Insurance, Husky, Medicare & CT-ACA

Sliding scale available for self-pay clients
Call 860-586-8700

The Sanctuary for Celestial Empowerment
10 Grassmere Avenue, Suite #300
West Hartford, CT  06110

Celeste has become renowned for creating sacred spaces. Her office(s) and their surroundings have often been referred to as 'holy ground.' She has a flair for decorating that adds to the creative, spiritual nature, and uplifting feel of her environments. This stunning 1800 sq.ft. sweet suite is truly her piece de resistance!
The curved-glass and stone building is located on the corner of Talcott Road and Grassmere Avenue. It is lovely from the outside, but stepping into Suite #300 is truly a celestially-empowering experience.  sanctuary

The Sanctuary for Celestial Empowerment is also the home of Psychotherapy Healing Services, LLC. It is conveniently located in West Hartford and accessible to/from i-84 via three (all within 1/4 mile) on-ramps.


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