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Although it is officially spring according to the calendar, looking out the window tells a different story. It has proven to be a record setting long and snowy winter that continues with massive amounts of ice and snow. With that brings numerous slips and falls that disrupt the normal alignment of the head, neck and spine. We have seen a record number of slips and falls this year. Fortunately, for most of these patients, they have been corrected quickly and had minimal negative impact on their health.
Maintaining optimal spinal alignment is essential for good health. If you've had a slip or fall, even if there are no major symptoms, it can begin a misalignment that may show up months later. Please get in and get checked as soon as possible if you have a fall.
We can only hope that spring will arrive soon in a real way with gentle rain and leaves coming out on the trees.
Along with spring comes spring cleaning so remember to do the stretches to help maintain good muscle tone and maintain your postural alignment.
Wishing you good health always.
Dr. Gordon Hasick
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