Restoring family at a time. March 28, 2016

With Spring upon us, we naturally turn our thoughts to the birds chirping, flowers blooming, and the trees budding. Spring brings new life and new beginnings, here at Restoring Hope, too!

We are proud to re-launch our monthly newsletter where we will be introducing our inspiring consumers, host home families, relief families, staff, and much more!  The purpose of our little monthly publication is to keep you informed, be inspired and to stay connected with our Restoring Hope community. 

Connecting our consumers to the perfect host home family is our goal, but we are also always on the lookout for reliable, compassionate people to make a difference in our corner of Missouri. Even though we are a unique, young organization, the number of consumers have quadrupled within the last two years! (That's a lot of new beginnings!)

Filling an ever-growing gap in this area is so important to our consumers and staff. Once the host home family is found, pairing up to one of our consumers becomes top priority. It truly is a new life and new beginning for all.

So, as you smell the fragrant blooms of spring in the air, just know that we here at Restoring Hope know that we couldn't do it without you! Thank you for your compassion, love, and support!
April is National Stress
Awareness Month

Did you know that for the past 24 years, the Health Resource Network (HRN) has sponsored April as the month set aside for National Stress Awareness Month?

We all have stress. You are acutely aware of it, so why set aside a whole month to observe it? 

The answer is simple. You need to be reminded to take a step back and acknowledge the stress you feel so you can figure out ways to reduce its effects. 

You can't avoid stress altogether, but try these 5 tips to help you gain control and nip your stress in the bud.
  1. Deep Breath
    It sounds too simple, but it can be surprising how often we are constricting our oxygen intake with shallow breaths. When you begin to feel overwhelmed, step away from the situation for a moment and take some slow, deep breaths. It really does help.
  2. Have a Good Laugh
    You've heard the saying that "laughter is the best medicine." Take time to watch a funny movie or read a light-hearted book. Research has shown many health benefits of laughter, like improved memory, increased blood flow, improved immunity, improved sleep, and reduce stress levels.
  3. Move More
    Just my moving more, you are relieving stress. Regular exercise helps you in more ways than one. With physical activity, you increase your "feel-good" endorphins and have an overall sense of well-being.
  4. Focus on Now
    Some people live their entire lives focusing on the past or the future. Instead of fearing what might be or disappointed of what was, try living in the moment of NOW. Allow yourself to appreciate all the good in the here and now.
  5. Make a Change
    Something as simple as clearing the clutter off your desk or as extensive as taking that long-overdue vacation can have a great impact on your stress level. Do something different for a change.

Since April is just around the corner, take some time in honor of Stress Awareness Month. Become more informed. See how stress is impacting you and take actions to keep your stress levels in check.

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April Dates To Remember
Here are a few dates to jot on your calendar. Some well-known, others sometimes forgotten.

April 1
April Fool's Day

April 12
National Library Workers' Day

April 13
Thomas Jefferson's Birthday

April 18
Tax Day

April 27
Administrative Professionals Day

April 28
Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

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