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With the start of 2015, Spring Lake Township is reviewing our procedures. In our quest to provide the best possible customer service, we'd like input from our readers.  


What should be the top priority for Spring Lake Township in 2015?


What one thing should we start doing that we are currently not doing?


Send your responses to Township Manager Gordon Gallagher at ggallagher@springlaketwp.org or call him at 616-844-2103. 


 Thank you for your input! 


Winter Reminders       


There is a forecast for a lot of snow in the next few days. Remember that when you are plowing your driveway you may not pile snow on the bike paths or in the roadway.  


Also, if you live near a fire hydrant, please keep the hydrant shoveled out. This will save the firefighters time in an emergency.


Drive carefully in the snow and ice. Reminders from the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department:


Please take the time to arrive at your destination safely.  Here are a few of the common causes of accidents on snowy/icy roadways:

  • Speed too fast.  Allow extra time to get to work or other destinations.
  • Tailgating.  There's a reason the person in front of you is going slow.  Don't question it or try to "push" them along. 
  • Inadequate stopping distance for stop signs or entrances to the roadway.  Slow down gradually.  Allow greater stopping distance between your vehicle and the intersection to avoid "sliding through" and causing a collision.
  • Misjudgment of the road surface.  We've all heard of black ice or been surprised when a road is much more slippery than anticipated.  Remember that bridges are usually most icy because of the cold air underneath.


Thanks for your cooperation!