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Local Road Repaving

In 2016, the Township is repaving roads in the South Holiday Hills/Lake Hills area. Specifically, Lake Hills Road will be repaved from Dogwood to Hiawatha. Hiawatha will be repaved from Mohawk to the end. Swiss Drive will be paved from Hiawatha to the cul-de-sac. Spring Lake Township's contractor uses a 2-step process for repaving. The contractor will begin to place the FiberMat on July 15, and will follow up with the Microsurfacing on July 19. As always, these dates are dependent on the weather.

For more information on the repaving process, please see our website.
Travelers - Leave Firewood at Home

To prevent the spread of invasive tree insects and diseases, the State of Michigan is reminding vacationers to leave firewood at home. Hauling firewood from one part of the state to another is a common way for the pests to move to new locations, which could be devastating to Michigan's native trees. Travelers are encouraged to buy firewood at their destination, burn it all on-site and not take it home or to their next destination. 
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