Fire Station construction update. Voter information update.
Fire Station Construction Progressing

Construction is continuing on the new fire station at the corner of Fruitport Rd. and M-104 (Savidge St.). The contractor is employing cold weather construction practices, such as tents and temporary heat, which is allowing the construction to continue on schedule. We're all excited to see the steel structure going up!

fire station construction west end

fire station construction east end

Presidential Primary Tuesday, March 8

The Michigan Presidential Primary is coming up! There are several changes for this election. For this election only, you will need to choose which ballot you want to receive. If you do not want to choose a political party, there is a non-partisan ballot available. If you would like an absentee ballot, either call the Township for an application or complete the application available online. You can mail the application, or scan it and email it to Clerk Carolyn Boersma.

Voting Locations Have Changed!

Voters in Precincts 3, 4, 5 and 6 have had their voting locations changed. You should have received a new voter identification card indicating the change. You will also receive a postcard reminder in the next few days. If you have any questions, please call Clerk Carolyn Boersma at 616.844.2101. Voter information, including which precinct you are in, can be found on the

Where to Vote graphic

Precinct 1 - Fire Station #2, 18964 174th Ave.

Precinct 2 - Lakeshore Fellowship Church, 16790 Van Wagoner Rd.

Precinct 3 - First Baptist Church, 118 E. Exchange St.

Precinct 4 - First Baptist Church, 118 E. Exchange St.

Precinct 5 - Nortonville Gospel Chapel - 14528 Leonard Rd.

Precinct 6 - All Shores Wesleyan Church - 15550 Cleveland St.

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Energy Rebates

The energy suppliers for the Township offer many services and rebates to help you improve the energy efficiency of your home or business. Visit your provider website to see what programs are available.

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