S P R I N G   2 0 1 2  
Drawing inspiration from Martha Graham,
Helen Keller, Aaron Copland and
nature's first sensations of Spring  
Martha Graham with Helen Keller

 At age 60, Martha Graham guides Helen Keller through one of her  

company rehearsals, 1954.  

Click on this link to see this inspirational You Tube film    


You may also enjoy "Appalachian Spring" composed by  

Aaron Copland and also choreograhed as a ballet 

by Martha Graham and Erik Hawkins as you read this newsletter.

"To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more  

welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug."

--Helen Keller


Cluster of daffodils getting ready to bloom.

Spring is whispering it's arrival 
I am enjoying the light of longer days, the warmth of the sun streaming its rays through broken skies, the clusters of daffodils on the edge of bloom outside my studio, trees boasting their buds, frogs courting their chorus all night long and stopping on cue as birds take over every morning while busily weaving the horses' shedding fur into their nests.

As I sat down to write this newsletter I felt drawn to listen to Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring scored for a thirteen-member chamber orchestra, (and later rearranged as an orchestral suite) and created upon commission of choreographer and dancer Martha Graham which debuted in 1944. The search led me to find the actual film of the ballet and another of Helen Keller's visit to Graham's studio with Graham at the age of 60 - both very moving. What jewels of inspiration await our discovery on the internet! I hope you enjoy them. (to view see links at the top under the photo of Martha Graham and Helen Keller). 

Road trip to Santa Fe  
My partner Paula and I, our dog Lil'Ley and our horse Caanie are planning our  departure to stay in our 'spirit home' for two months on April 7th. We return in early June. Gayle Holeton (Nia Black Belt) will be teaching at Blue Heron Ranch Studio on Saturdays only, 9:30 AM. We'll have guests staying on the ranch to care for the property. And Irene Pasternack (Nia Teacher and Feldenkrais´┐Ż practitioner) will be teaching my Wednesday Bellevue Family Y class at 12:15 PM. 
Route to Santa Fe
Our driving route includes stops in Pendleton, Oregon; Twin Falls, Idaho; Moab, Utah; then to
the final destination, Santa Fe, New Mexico


While in Santa Fe I'll be dancing Nia with my dear friend and Nia Trainer, Kelle Oien as well as the other Nia Santa Fe teachers at Body of Santa Fe and Studio Nia Santa Fe. Kelle and I will be presenting a Nia playshop together on May 20th (more to come on that soon). My plans are to enjoy down time by making art, riding my horse, writing the Nia for Equestrians´┐Ż program and enjoying life in Santa Fe. I'll also be blogging along the way so be sure to visit my blogsite regularly.

Santa Fe is a fantastic Nia and art town and a wonderful place to visit in spring. So if you want to visit, let me know and I'll recommend good places to stay.

This has been a long-time dream of ours, to spend an extended period in our Santa Fe home. Paula is retiring from Starbucks as the General Counsel on April 2nd after ten brilliant years, and after the two month break she'll be working for President Obama on his campaign.  


Turning 60 and my July 14th White Belt Training in Sammamish with Rachael Resch
I'll be back in June to celebrate 60 years of life and to resume teaching Nia and horsemanship classes and ramp up for the July 14-20th White Belt Training with my co-Trainer Rachel Resch at Blue Heron Ranch Studio. Not only is Rachael a beautiful, soulful and brilliant Nia Trainer, she's a licensed Physical Therapist with a dance degree. You can read more about Rachael here and you can keep up with her blogsite here. If you feel called to deepen your Nia practice, this is going to be an incredible training at a beautiful location and we welcome you to our White Belt Tribe.

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Bellevue Family Y
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The Nia White Belt Training July 14th - 20th Sammamish, WA
Art and science collide to inspire music, movement and magic:
The Nia White Belt Training with Trainers Rachael Resch and Randee Fox
Nia Trainer, Physical Therapist and dancer, Rachael Resch and Nia Trainer, Artist and dancer, Randee Fox will join forces to create a glorious week of learning about the body, choreography, musicology through Nia's 13 White Belt Principles. If deepening your Nia practice calls to you, please us. 
To learn more and/or register please go here.
White Belt Randee Rachael 
Santa Monica Beach
Santa Monica Beach at sunset
By Randee Fox
I was born in Hollywood, California and raised in West Los Angeles - a land of exquisite beauty, majestic coastal mountains, tall palm trees, white sandy beaches, mild weather and the birth place of the movie industry.
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Nia for equestrians:
A synchronous relationship

By Randee Fox  

Dance has been an important element in my life for over 30 years. I dance for self-expression, artistry, release, wellness, joy, and to inspire others. I also dance to be a better equestrian. I practiced African dance before owning my first horse in 1991, after which I soon began to show horses.

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