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Our Mission

Stronger lives, families, and community because of quality counseling, available to all.


You're Invited!
A complimentary gift to you...

Please join us in celebrating 125 years of serving our community on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 for a cocktail attire evening soiree located in our beautiful Serenity Garden (behind our office at 864 Olive Street) from 6:00pm to 8:00 pm. The evening will include live music from Heather Bryson and Cristina Pisani from the Shreveport Opera, the 
Four Seasons String Quartet, and 
Jazziana. Come help us enjoy delectable edibles and delicious birthday cake.
We would like to request the presence of former residents of the
Genevieve Orphanage at our 125th Birthday Celebration. It is our honor to celebrate with you, the cornerstone of our history.
Please RSVP by April 30th

May 6th is also Give for Good
We are a proud 
participating partner!

Give for Good is an exciting, online giving event that will empower the people of North Louisiana to come together and raise as much money as possible for their favorite nonprofit in just 24 hours. The minimum gift is $10 and each gift is improved by The Community Foundation's Lagniappe Fund. For more information, click here.

Help Us Reach Our Goal
to raise $25,000!

This money will be used to purchase new computers agency wide. We desperately need a technology overhaul. Our computers are between 12-15 years old, are still running Windows XP (which support is ending for soon) and office suite 2003. We will be able to put a computer in every counselor's office so they will be able to access the new database we're trying to purchase. With this new database, we will be able to go green and serve our clients more efficiently.
For years, we've neglected our needs to care for those we serve. But, now, we need your help just to stay operational. Our computers are old, quirky, and are on their last legs. Please help us by giving during Give for Good.

Also, on May 6, look for us at Bistro to Go from 11:30-2:00 while you enjoy an incredible, local lunch and Give for Good.



The Junior League of Shreveport gave us a $3,000 grant to cover counseling for at-risk, indigent children and women who are survivors of abuse. Thank you!

From the CEO's Desk

Ah! The joy, lightness and air of spring surround us today. Spring is a time of rejuvenation, planting, helping, listening, and growing. As you embark on spring cleaning your office, your car, your home, your mind, your body; don't forget to join The Center for Families in honoring mental health and making a pledge to educate yourself, become more aware, patient, respectful, and active in normalizing the need to take care of your mental health.


Living in the millennium brings great new stressors that our ancestors never had to face yet we have most things we want right at our fingertips. Let's pay attention to the needs that others around us may not have met and continue to lend a hand and offer a moment of insight, thoughtfulness and caring. Challenge yourself to THINK and ask yourself if what you say today is Thoughtful, Helpful, Inspiring, Nice, and Kind. Keeping this in check allows you to reduce stress for others and ultimately yourself while influencing positive mental health.


Be Well Always,  

Laura Brucia Hamm  

Chief Executive Officer

Annual Meeting Highlights
Thank you to those who attended our Annual Meeting on February 4th! We thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet our partners and supporters and having the chance to give you a glimpse of the rewarding work we do. Over breakfast, we discussed our accomplishments in 2013, our funders and financial climate, our client demographics, and more. Please see the highlights below.
Spirit of the Child: The Fire Lighter Award 
Joshua Backes - honored posthumously, not only for his inspiration as a child to our Play Therapy Room and its very design  but also for his volunteer work in our information technology department as an adult.
Spirit of Dr. Penick: The Vision Award 
Tom Moore - honored for his dedicated service to our community through mental health counseling and leadership for over twenty years. 
Spirit of Mrs. Edward Jacobs: The Altruism Award
United Way of Northwest Louisiana - honored for their love and investment into our community and agency. United Way gave us their first generous donation in 1922 of $3,900.

Program of Work

If you would like a complimentary Annual Report, please visit our office.


The Center for Families team would like to graciously thank our donors & grantors. Your support has affected the lives of many in our community and helped continue our legacy in improving the lives of all.


"Something I learned in counseling is I may have a bad day, but it's not a bad life. Tomorrow can make all the difference in the world." -Client, age 62

"I'm so thankful for my son's counselor. Since he's been seeing her, he's made great progress. Everyone is starting to notice the positive changes." -Client, age 34


"I learned so much about myself at The Center. I don't take myself for granted anymore and I learned to love and respect myself." -Client, Age 26



Looking Forward
What's Happening in the Spring of 2014

We have a lot of great things happening in the Spring. Here's a quick look ahead at all the awesome things you can look forward to from The Center for Families:

  • Putting the Pieces Together, our support group for caretakers of children with learning disabilities and autism facilitated by Monica Sullivan of Families Helping Families, begins again! We have four 3-week programs coming up in April, May, June, and September. The next class starts April 3rd. The cost is $40 and includes a light dinner.
  •  On April 22, we will be having our first Postpartum Depression Seminar for New Moms. This seminar is facilitated by Kathleen Rhodes, LPC, LMFT. Topics of discussion include distinguishing "baby blues" from postpartum depression, coping with your feelings, and caring for yourself.
  • Bring the whole family! Saturday, May 31st we will be having our second annual Living Local Youth & Family Mental Health & Wellness Day! This is a FREE day of fun for children ages 6-18 and their families. It will be held from 8:30-4:30 at First Presbyterian Church located at 900 Jordan Street in Shreveport. The day will include a fun, educational seminar for adults taught by Dr. David Walsh with Mind Positive Parenting and in the afternoon the choice of 3 educational workshops that cover topics such as bullying, how to tell if your child is depressed or suicidal, how to take care of yourself as a parent, and more. In the morning the children will attend fun, interactive booths hosted by local community organizations to educate them on wellness and in the afternoon have the choice of attending 3 fun workshops for topics such as music, tai chi, journaling, and more.

Mark your calendars - Wine, Cheese and Therapies 2014 is coming! You won't want to miss this fantastic night on November 15, 2014. This year will be bigger and better than EVER!
We need your help, because she needs our help.
Meet Gina.
After 25 years of marriage, her husband walked out. Gina recalled that during the divorce process she completely fell apart. She felt angry, betrayed, unwanted, and like her life was over. She turned to alcohol to cope with the pain. Two years later, she had nearly lost everything; she pushed her children, friends, and family away. She stopped caring about the business she spent 15 years building. She fell behind on her mortgage and bills. It wasn't until an intervention with her oldest son and her best friend that Gina decided to turn her life around. She enrolled in an in-patient rehabilitation facility. After completing their program, she was referred to The Center for Families to continue her counseling. A year later, Gina still sees her counselor on a regular basis. Her life is slowly starting to get back on track. She just celebrated a year of sobriety. She's been able to get her finances in order. Her business is doing well, and she has her children and their families over for dinner every Sunday.
Your donation allows us to help people like Gina receive the counseling they desperately need.

**Name and photo has been changed to protect the identity of our clients**
Financial Tidbits:

2014: Our annual operating budget is $588,200. To continue providing services on a sliding fee scale, $278,200 (48%) of our annual budget needs to come from grants and donations.


Thank you for your continued support to The Center for Families!

The Center for Families Needs YOU! Please help us get the following items for our agency to continue serving YOU:

  •  (13) computers and monitors (all in great working order-no hardware defects; no more than 5 years old;  Windows Vista and above business or professional grade operating systems)
  •  (2) 2-Drawer file cabinet
  •  Handheld vacuum "dust buster"
  •  Office chair (good working condition and preferably comfortable)
  •  LCD projector

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John Hawkins



Angela Lee

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Laura Brucia Hamm

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Director of Clinical Services
 Eddie Millhollon


Kim Bailey, MA, MAC, LPC, LMFT, SAP; Natalie Berlin, MA; Katie Garcia, Ph. D; Angie Hiebsch, MS; Karen Kersten, MA, LPC, LMFT; Richard Price, Ph.D.; Kathleen Rhodes, LPC, LMFT; Britni Russell, MA, LPC



Michelle Bogan- Media Specialist; Bobbi Wilson-Administrative Assistant  



Heather Goodman-Fundraising; Harmony Miscisin-Fundraising;

Elisha Scott-Historical



Amanda Albritton- Media

Audra Mitchell- Media



Tia Landrum- Massage Therapist

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