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Springtime delights with beautiful blooms. Children too have been growing all winter long and the beauty of their development emerges in spring. Taller and wiser with more words, new talents and curious questions bursting forth.

Change, growth and natural learning opportunities are abundant in the spring: plant life, animal habitats, food chains, weather patterns and best of all, more time to play!

Play Ball


Thumball is touted as so much more than a ball but, at the core it is indeed a ball. Eager adults discover the educational value of Thumball and might forget that at first the players want to do nothing more than toss, catch, roll and chase their new toy. Enjoy the simple fun of ball play then wait for curiosity to be peeked.

Children begin to ask, "What does this say?", "Why are there words and numbers on it?", "Can you read this to me?" or "How do we play it?". The power of Thumball as learning tool is in the child's hands, maximizing motivation and attention.Thumball basket in bloom


Thumball effectively elicits verbal responses and develops oral language. It is equally adept at showing us what a child knows, their receptive learning skills. Ask them to: 

  • Show me the_________
  • Point to the__________
  • Touch the word_______

They will eagerly turn Thumball round and round in their hands searching and becoming more engaged and intrigued. Attention to the receptive side of language lays the foundation for verbal expression to emerge with greater ease and accuracy. Play Thumball and watch learning bloom and conversations blossom!



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Thumball by Answers In Motion, LLC

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Play Ball
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You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives. 
~Clay P. Bedford



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