We've got spring sprouts in store for you
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The weather is just starting to warm up, and so is our spring gardening! 
All of our High Mowing Garden Vegetable Seeds 
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We have the GAIA Triplet Sprouters (14 cm) - both in Racing Green and Ivory White - back in stock.

We have the LARGER (17  cm and 21 cm) Diameter GAIA Sprouters coming VERY SOON!  Keep an eye on Facebook and the Blog for notification.  It should be week of April 10.  
Sprout Lady Rita was a guest on The Power Hour Show 
with Joyce Riley!   Get the archive link here .  
A sprouty shout out to all who listened and who called me directly from The Power Hour Show - a great audience.  You guys are an awesome community!

Have you been following The Sprout House on Facebook ?  March ended with a beautiful poem "Green Shoots" by Dixie.  As I look out my window I can see snow left over from the last storm and it lightened my heart to think of green, spring shoots ahead in life.  

One of my assistants also shared original music from her brother's band - The Long Gone Daddios.

It has been confirmed that the Sprout Goddess does exist!  She helps us everyday in the warehouse; looking over our shoulders as we pack.  Alas, she does not have a name and it is time she gets one. 
Here is a thought for you to ponder:  Think up a name for our Sprout Goddess. If it agrees with her, you will receive a gift of a copy of Sprout Lady Rita's Book Home Grown Sprouts PLUS an Easy Sprouter PLUS a sample packet each of Alfalfa, Broccoli, Hard Wheat, Mung, Holly's Mix, and Salad Mix.    
Once you have thought up the perfect name for our Sprout Goddess send it to info@sprouthouse.com with "Goddess" in the subject line.  between  April 1, 2017 to April 30, 2017.  Only one Sprout Goddess name will be chosen and only one gift will be sent.
Thank you for reading all of this!
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