Spring into Spring!
Welcome to our spring newsletter, we've got some great workshops coming up to tempt you out of hibernation and back onto the mat. 

This month and next we are learning about Yoga for Anxiety, Barre, Chakra vinyasa, Core, Fascia, Harp Healing, Pelvic floor and Yoga trance dance....read on for more...

With Mother's Day coming up on Sunday 26th March, why not treat your Mum to the gift of yoga. See below for some unique gift ideas.
Yoga for Anxiety

Learn about the physiological effects of the stress response, how yoga practice can help you to regulate the symptoms of anxiety and ease tension in the body. We will practice some gentle hatha yoga, learn simple breathing techniques to restore balance, empowering you to feel more calm and centred. Led by Bryony.              Saturday 18th March 2-4pm 

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Pelvic floor
The Pelvic Floor Workshop is an ideal introduction for any woman interested in finding out more about her pelvic floor and core. We go far beyond squeeze and lift and learn how to get the pelvic floor to do its job properly – whatever life throws at it.
With Caroline Telfer, Soft Tissue Specialist
Sunday 19th March 2-3.30pm
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Booking now for April...
Barre Basics
Learn more or refine and improve your current technique with this in-depth workshop delving into Barre Basics. This 2 hour workshop will focus on breaking down each exercise so you get the most out of your Barre class. New to Barre? Find out what it's all about and how to build strength, flexibility and technique with this amazing workout. No ballet shoes, tutu, or experience required.
Saturday 1st April 2-4pm
Yoga Trance Dance
Yoga Trance Dance is for every body! So, whether you love to dance or loath to dance, you will enjoy the universal rhythmic world beats of Yoga Trance Dance. Journeying to Londong from LA, Ariana is an energetic ritual leader who knows how to spark the dance fire! Join us for a fun community ritual of meditation, yoga, and ecstatic dance!
Thursday 20th April 7-9pm   £15
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Moving Stretch
Join David Croft for this 2 hour workshop where he'll talk about the fascia – what it is and the importance of it in how we move, discuss the benefits of resistance stretching, and teach a 1 hour Moving Stretch class, with a set of Controlled Articular Rotation exercises from the Functional Range Conditioning system, which help maintain joint health. 
Saturday 22nd April 2-4pm £15
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The Core Workshop
Join Emily Scott for a vinaysa flow sequence focusing on core strength and awareness. Learn how to energise your core so it works for you throughout your entire yoga practice and beyond.
Saturday 29th April 2-4pm
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Chakra Vinyasa II
Experience Prana Vinyasa - a flowing style of connecting yoga postures designed to increase your flow of Prana, your life force energy. This afternoon will focus on Manipura, the 3rd chakra, associated with the naval centre and the fire element. Activation can increase our energy and potential for positive change. A sequence with strong core work, lots of twists and the Ha kriya, designed to connect you with your inner power and strength.
Sunday 7th May 2-4.30pm 
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Gentle Hatha and Healing Harp Workshop
Join Emma Newlyn and singer, songwriter and harpist Tracy Jane Sullivan for this blissful 2 hour workshop, including a gentle flow-style yoga practice, restorative Yoga, deep relaxation and head and hand aromatherapy massage. Unwind and de-stress, and learn simple techniques you can take away with you to stay balanced.
Saturday 13th May 2-4pm
Spring Yin-Yang and Juice Workshop
Details coming soon.

Saturday 6th May 1-4pm. £25 

Be-yoga Workshops are £20 unless stated otherwise,
most  with a discount for Annual Members.
See individual workshop information for details.

Treats for  Mum (or for you!) this
Mother's Day - Sunday 26th March
Give the Gift of Yoga - with a voucher of your chosen amount. Vouchers may be used to purchase our intro offer, class passes, workshops or in the shop. Present your gift in a beautiful hand drawn card specially designed by Be-yogi Louise Mulgrew. Gift vouchers can also be bought and send online here.

We also have a carefully selected range of yoga accessories including leggings, mat towels, bags and bolsters as well as a selection of luxurious scarves in beautiful colours, brought direct from India - a unique gift. 
We are so grateful to each of you for sharing our love of yoga and practising with us. We are looking forward to seeing you in the Studio soon. Do get in touch if you have any comments or questions.

With love from Bryony and the Be-yoga Team