Your Monthly News & Updates 

2017 Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 5:30pm. A ballot was mailed to all members who hold VOTING status for the 2017 Annual Meeting.  

Mom's the Word- May 14th

Moms and Grandmas receive FREE admission in honor of Mother's Day. Enjoy a nice family outing while making memories that will last a lifetime. 

Fire Truck Show- May 20th

Join us for our 2nd Fire Truck Show! Visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal with all aspects of the firefighting industry including over twenty fire trucks to view.
During your visit you will also learn more about the Fire Truck Museum collection along with local Fire Departments equipment & vehicles.  Don’t miss your opportunity to sit in a real fire trucks, try on fireman’s turnout gear, watch fire hose demonstrations and take home a souvenir kids fire hat. Shaker Pines Fire Department will have on property their “Kid’s Smoke Trailer Simulator”. Shaker Pines will teach simulation drills of how to handle a fire in the home. NY Life will be on hand facilitating their child identification program for children. For more information please visit here

Homeschool Day!

Field trips are a tradition in the life of a child. A Connecticut Trolley Museum field trip teaches children how transportation once was while experiencing it for themselves. Make your own Jr. Motorman Hat, Navigate through the Visitors Center using a Scavenger Hunt, Dress-up as a Motorman in the Imagination Center, Sit on a Fire Truck and ride the Trolley's as many times as you want!. All activities and Fire Truck Museum entrance is included with your admission price. The entire museum will be open for Homeschoolers only! For more information please visit here. To register click here.

Track & Signal Help Wanted

In an effort to resolve some of our signal problems, we are developing a "rail bonding program".

The first consideration in good signal maintenance is the continuation of electrical redundancy. Simply stated, it is the ability to continue an electrical path from one end of a circuit to another. One way this is accomplished is by cad weld bonding rail joints.

The program will be underway shortly. We have the material, tools, and equipment we need. However, we are missing one vital element - your help. This project requires a minimal amount of heavy lifting but a lot of desire to get our systems back up and running smoothly.

For all who would like to join us in this most important project, please email our office and someone will get back to you soon. Remember, your help on this project helps not only the museum operations but also assures our riding guests a safe and enjoyable experience. Any help you could give would be appreciated.