Spring has sprung, or... not? With the unusual weather happening out there it's best to stock up reading material for those days Mother Nature has decided to turn back the season and herd us inside where it's warm and cozy. Luckily we have a fantastic assortment of fabulous free or VERY low priced confections to choose from!
Heart Break
Skye Warren
Dark Romance
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Some wounds never heal...
She's stuck in another foster home. He's the new boy with a bad reputation.
Falling in love in the wrong place and the wrong time never felt so good

The Wren
Kristy McCaffrey
Historical Romance/Western
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Captured by Comanche as a child, Molly Hart was assumed dead. Ten years later, Texas Ranger Matt Ryan finds a woman with the same blue eyes.

Regency Ever After: Timeless Tales and Fables II
Amanda Mariel, Dawn Brower, Meara Platt, Collete Cameron, Ari Thatcher, Sue London, Tammy Andresen
Historical Romance
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Join us on a Regency adventure of love and romance in this limited edition box set Regency Ever After: Timeless Tales and Fables 2, including seven brand new stories not available anywhere else written by USA Today and bestselling authors.

Duet For Three Hands
Tess Thompson
Historical Fiction
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March 7-11

Set in Georgia between 1928-1934, "Duet for Three Hands", is a searing family saga and epic love story that will keep you turning pages long into the night. A 2016 RONE first-runner up by bestselling author Tess Thompson. 

Paranormal Anthology with a Twist
Rene Folsom, Michael Loring, Bart Hopkins, Anthony Lance, Magen McMinimy, Jason Brant, Penelope Ann Bartotto, Jon Messenger, S.L. Dearing, Nicki Scalise
Paranormal Anthology
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Paranormal stories that span across the genre, which will wow you, shock you, and leave you gasping for more.

Eleven different authors, one main idea, and worlds that will TWIST your imagination...

The Edge of Forever
Suzan Tisdale
Historical Romance
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One tiny spark took away all the things Isabella Di'Lorini held dear and precious, leaving her orphaned and homeless at eighteen. Charles Emmanuel, the heir apparent and Prince of Piedmont was despised by his father. Never meant to be prince or king, Charles' life and destiny were changed after the death of his older and much favored brother. 

Call it fate or destiny; Charles and Isabella are brought together. 
Just as one tiny spark destroyed her life, a spark of desire and passion changes it again. 

Staying For Good
Catherine Bybee
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Zoe Brown may have been voted Most Likely to Never Leave River Bend, but the paper-thin walls and suffocating air of her family's double-wide trailer were not  what she wanted for her life. While Luke was a refuge for Zoe in the past, he knows they inhabit totally different worlds now. Anchored by his parents and his job as a mechanic in his father's shop, Luke never felt the urge to leave River Bend-until Zoe's return. When the two rekindle their old flame, Zoe is forced to make the hardest decision of her life: remain in River Bend and confront her past before it destroys her, or say good-bye to everyone she's ever loved...again, this time for good.