May is a crazy month at the 5. 
The weather has changed to Spring and people are outside which affects restaurant business as many people dine later. 
Mother's Day is May 14th and is always a busy Sunday. My 3 chefs at Number 5 are busy working on various specials to please a lot of mothers.
BU Graduation weekend is May 19-21 and is crazy. We are very honored that so many grads want to celebrate with their families at Number 5. Many of these guests have become good customers after 4 years of visiting their kids, and we look forward to it.
We are currently reviewing both our dinner and lounge menus for some tweaks and changes, and hope to have them in place by June with some more lighter Spring/Sumner fare. 
I'd also like to welcome back my sommelier, Andy Satkowski to our monthly newsletter. Andy will be writing a monthly column about his favorite thing... wine. He is almost always available at Number 5 for any questions you may have.
We have a couple new faces at Number 5. Our new server, Jen, has about completed training and should be on the floor within a week, and Carmella starts Monday. Melissa, another server who moved away a couple years ago, has returned to the Binghamton area and to Number 5. We're happy to have her back. Sadly, we must say goodbye to Cole who has been promoted by his main 'day' job and Sophia, a BU student, is gone for the Summer.
As usual, we are always looking for additional top quality employees. So if you know of anyone, send he/she to see us. In every case and in every position these people are the best.
I look forward to serving you and hope to meet many of my guests. Please say hi.

Until next time… 

Eat well.

-Jim McCoy 

Join us for our all new Happy Hour!
May Music  

May 5th- Cinco de Mayo
Reprise- 9:3 0-12:30 pm
Playing all your  favorites from the 60's to 80's! 

May 6th
Ralph Muro Trio-  8:00-11:00 pm
Playing all of your favorites from Frank Sinatra and more! 

May 12th
Splash- 9:30-12:30 pm
Come dance the night away with us! 

May 13th
The Ron and Rhonda Band- 8:00-11:00 pm
Rhonda from Splash, along with Ron Emerick and their band will be playing classics from Billie Holiday, Etta James, and more!

May 19th
No Band

May 20th
No Band  

May 26th
Rooster and the Roadhouse Horns-  9:30-12:30 pm 
Dancing the night away with Freddie and his band is just what you need on a Friday night! 

May 27th
Lori and Chris- 8:00-11:00 pm
New to our stage, but very familiar in Binghamton. Lori Bass-Brown and Chris Brown performing Folk, Jazz, Classic Pop, and Country Folk Music!
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Employee Spotlight 
Nicholas Tetro, Bartender 
By Paula Alter- Asst. Manager 

Many of us have aspirations of traveling and visiting other parts of the world. Nicholas Tetro had that opportunity during his four-year stint in the Marine Corp.

At the age of 17, fresh out of high school, Nick joined the marines. His infantry patrolled through 23 countries, protecting and securing the boarders of Iraq, Somalia, Egypt, Jordan and many other countries in Europe.

When his tour ended, he moved to the Southern Tier to further his education. He graduated from BCC then SUNY Binghamton in 2015 with a degree in Human Development.

Nick has had restaurant experience as a kitchen trainer, chef, and bartender. Nick joined our bar staff in February and since then we have come to realize that he is very charismatic and a talented mixologist, his latest drink creation is ‘Uncle Val’s Mint’.

Nick has always been a physically active athlete. In high school, he played lacrosse and swam year-round. More recently he challenges himself with long hikes in Ithaca, with his girlfriend, Marym. Occasionally it may also include a wine tour. He enjoys various genres of music, anything that accelerates the heart- from the Rat Pack to Rihanna.

His span of interests carries over to his pets- he has an 8-year-old cockatiel named Sunshower. And what was supposed to be just a quick stop for bird feed ended up being a day he adopted 2 fury sibling kittens. It took some time and training but they have learned to ‘respect each other’.

May is a busy month starting with May Day followed by Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, College Graduations, and wedding anniversaries, all great reasons to visit us for dinner starting with a cocktail at the bar. 

In the Glass  
Let's Go to the Hop!
By Andrew Satkowski- Server, Sommelier 

Americans continue to enjoy living in a Golden Age of Brewing. Local breweries continue to open and more and more styles are being produced.
One category that continues to grow is the IPA (India Pale Ale). More and more beer drinkers seem to be seeking out these beers relishing the hoppy bitterness and boosted alcohol content. IPA’s differ from other beers with the addition of extra hops. Adding additional hops helps kick up the ABV (Alcohol by Volume) also ramps up the bitterness or “bite” in the beer known officially as IBU (International Bittering Units). Extra hops also helps preserve and stabilize the beer, thereby preventing spoilage. In fact, this is why IPA’s were originally developed in England. Beers being produced and shipped from the UK to their troops in India was going bad. What better way to destroy morale and kindle mutiny than to screw up your army’s beer ration? “Chins up lads, the good stuff is on the way”!
We currently have three outstanding examples of IPA’s on draft at Number Five: Southern Tier “Nu Skool” IPA, Galaxy “Andromeda” IPA, and Ommegang “Nirvana” IPA.
Nu Skool is 6% ABV and 55 IBU’s is a blast of tropical citrus fruits, flowers and pine on the nose and palate. I was very much reminded of fresh white grapefruit and marmalade. Bitter but not unexpected after the tell-tale aromas. Try this with our Seabass, some steamers, or raw oysters. Very refreshing, well done! Andromeda is 6.2% ABV and 58 IBU’s is bit more restrained. Passion fruit, pine, flowers and subtle malted aromas on the nose. The flavors again match with the malt adding a bit of sweetness and finishing with the tell-tale bitterness. Try with a burger or the bosses steak sandwich. Nirvana is 6.5% ABV and 60 IBU’s is a very easy to drink beer. Subtle fruit aromas of mango and apricot. The palate offers balanced fruitiness with sweet malt and complex hops. The slight bitter orange peel finish reminds you this is an IPA. Pair this with the Steamboat Willie or our Salmon. Enjoy!