When I see the statistic above, the heartbreaking realization sinks in that these tragedies are preventable. So this April, Excelsior is fighting to end these preventable tragedies with our BLOOM campaign.

Excelsior helps children bloom every day by strengthening families that are at-risk for violence. We work with the entire family to enhance safety, improve relationships, and build strong support systems to help in times of crisis.

This work is especially important considering another tragic statistic - 4 out of 5 child abusers are the victim's parents. This sad reality is often due to challenges that parents face including depression, substance abuse, poverty, domestic violence, and even their own history of childhood abuse. These circumstances, combined with the inherent challenges of raising children, can lead otherwise well-intentioned parents to harm their children or neglect their needs. But again, this is preventable!
Excelsior's Early Childhood Mental Health & Parenting Support program (ECMHP) is specifically designed to help parents manage these challenges and strengthen the parent-child bond and give children (ages 0-6) the best start to life possible. Click here to learn more about how ECMHP helps prevent child abuse.
In Colorado alone, nearly 35 children suffered from abuse or neglect EVERY DAY last year. And that only includes substantiated cases - many more suffer in silence.
Your compassionate support helps create safe and healthy families in Colorado.
With gratitude,
Susan J. H├ębert, FACHE, MSW
Chief Executive Officer  
Thank you for helping children BLOOM!