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April 11, 2017

Spring has sprung
Just in time for Spring, we have updates on the way.

We haven't written in a while, but didn't really have much to say and we didn't want to spam you with junk.

However, now we have lots of good news about updates and features.
What is inside
Allow now means "ALLOW IT NOW!"

WinPatrol WAR stops annoying you by forcing you to rerun programs it has blocked but you've allowed. Now, WAR allows the currently running program to continue based on your response and adds it to your allowed list so it will be automatically allowed next time as well.

Do you have programs marked as "Does not exist" on your programs page? Want to make them go away? Clean up these non-existent files from your program list with one switch. 
  • Open your WAR dashboard
  • Click on the GEAR (settings) icon. 
  • Under that tab, you can see a program setting to "Automatically remove entries for programs that don't exist". 
  • Turn this switch on and all the non-existent program files get removed from the programs list.
The big red "You are NOT Protected" banner is gone. The tray icon turns red if you are not protected, no need to raise an additional prompt.


We can't release anything new without improving something under the hood. We took time to improve WAR's plumbing to avoid "choke" points in its execution. This resulted to faster execution time and more importantly, lesser false positives when it detects well-trusted applications. So this version of WAR is faster and more intelligent than before.

We love these updates and think you will love them too!

WinPatrol PLUS Update Coming

Microsoft is having fun changing how many features work under the covers in Windows 10. 
Regrettably, we don't find out about these changes until after they've shipped. 

We are currently working on fixes for Start-up & Delayed Start-up programs because of a major change recently made in Windows 10.

We are also working on fixes for Schedule Tasks and a few other minor issues that have cropped up recently.

The default for WinPatrol is to "Allow PLUS Info data collection". This has become a problem because pretty much every browser has limited the length of URL's recently, thus breaking that feature.
If nothing comes up when you attempt to access PLUS Data, please do the following:
  1. Open WinPatrol Explorer
  2. Click on the Options Tab
  3. Located approximately middle of the screen is "Allow PLUS Info data collection".
  4. Please make sure that is not checked.

We will be removing that feature/item in the next release.

Improvement list is not yet finalized, we will be reviewing issues we've been seeing to determine what else needs to be improved.

WinPatrol Firewall Update Coming

We are aware of some annoying bugs in WinPatrol Firewall and are working hard to get an update out as soon as possible.

We hate stupid, annoying bugs just as much as you do, maybe more because we get to hear about them on a regular basis until they are fixed.

Annoying prompts - it is fixed
Prompts on Allow - now it is configurable
Lost license - Not anymore
Not protected - You will be

We've taken the time to identify and fix the above bugs and more, based on feedback we receive in emails to

We are listening and improving. 

New features will be on the way next release.
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How to get the discount
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