April 22, 2016

Dear OHNIG Member,

Springtime brings new beginnings!

News You Can Use
We received our new membership list 2016 and membership fee money recently. As determined at our joint OHNIG and IPNIG AMG November 28, 2015, we can now move forward with this year's strategic plan and education initiatives!

As decided we adopted a "wait and watch" mode. The first half of the year OHNIG will monitor current events and post our findings on the OHNIG website to keep you informed. What is the effect of registered nurses working or not working within the health care system? How does the economy affect Occupational Health Nurses? Is the Occupational Health Nurse, who has no direct line function, being made redundant?  How do our members view all the changes occurring within our nursing association? Does the shifting paradigm of the health care system affect workplace health and healthy workers? Do the health care changes affect the nurses who are self-employed or operate their own business? How do we answer the Registered Nurses sending enquiries on how to work as self-employed Occupational Health Nurses?

Wh ere Did You Go?
A very significant 26% drop occurred in the OHNIG membership from last year. OHNIG welcomes all new members. As well, OHNIG wants to thank all the former members for their past support. As a courtesy, we sent our OHNIG News E-blast to current and former members. Whether new or past member, you can always reap huge benefits by "frequent visits" to the OHNIG website. Let the OHNIG website become your main "spotlight' on what you need to know.

"One-Stop" Website
The OHNIG website is being streamlined into an "open forum" to provide "need to know" information. Your "one-stop"  source for value added health and safety workplace tips and data.  Our goal is a "one stop" website to "spotlight" occupational health nursing initiatives, create selective links to what matters, feature health care resources and tool kits for business start-ups. We will be on the alert for "News You Can Use" ... learn more

Plus take advantage of the resources to maintain the highest quality of professional nursing care standards for compliance with legal scope of practice of an Occupational Health Nurse. Plus support education for career laddering to become occupational health and environmental safety workplace specialists ... click here   Many registered nurses transition their nursing care skills into becoming Occupational Health Nurses. By acquiring additional career laddering they become an occupational health and environmental safety workplace specialist. Workplaces hire full-time, part-time but more often now hire occupational health nurses who are self-employed or operating their own health care nursing business.

Your "one-stop" website provides quick and simple access to OHNIG activities and scheduled meeting outcomes. Think of the website as your "go to" bulletin board posting helpful links and "library" research. Set your computer reminder to check your website frequently. Your executive agreed this is the best way we can bring "on-time" communication to our OHNIG members.

Can You See the Future?
This year's theme for National Nursing Week on May 9-15, 2016 is "Nurses With You Every Step of the Way"! Your OHNIG executive likes adding the tag line "Where People Live Work and Play".

The OHNIG Nursing week project is a huge "outreach" to join with all nurses this year. Occupational Health Nurses are asked to write their Professional Nursing Practice Profile of the health and safety specialist nursing care services delivered for "Healthy Workers in Healthy Workplaces" ... click here

Last year's Rally Call was a "call to all nurses to collaborate nationally for recognition of the specialized nursing services which they offer"? This year occupational health nurses can take another step forward with their colleagues.

Rally Call All Nurses!
Working in Private Sector
Self-employed Nurses or Nurses in Business!
Shout it out!     Tell the world!     Put in Writing
Professional Practice Nursing Profiles
Nursing Care Delivered to People
 Where they Live Work and Play

Occupational Health Nurse Write Your Own Chapter!
This year's Nursing Week Project is to collect information that identifies the diversity of the work registered nurses perform. Especially nurses working in the private sector or independent practice. Our past four years of research and open forums indicates the people in the community do not know that 40% of nurses work outside the public health care system.

Write your professional practice nursing profile of the nursing health care work you deliver.

Use these examples of previous written nursing profiles as guidelines ... click here

Use the online form to write a 250-word professional practice nursing profile of the health care nursing services you provide ... click here

With your signed agreement we'll collate all nursing profiles submitted into an online booklet (click on image of book to view).

Professional Practice Profiles

Self-Employed Nurses
Nurses Employed Private Sector
Business Proprietors

Guideline Manual

"I am a Practicing Nurse" self-employed or business owner and my nursing work specializes in ...

Going forward we'll urge the "powers that be" for Recognition of Nurses Professional Practice Profiles profiled in our online guideline manual.

Primary Objective - Full Utilization of Registered Nurses Full Nursing Capabilities

OHNIG Annual General Meeting November 28, 2015
IPNIG went to a new level. IPNIG and OHNIG joined together for their AGM and saved money. That enabled the hiring of a professional event management service to provide an all Ontario member webcast. The event planner prepared an online interactive slideshow presentation. They guided us with ease through our first webcast sessions. The morning of the AGM the webcast enabled the Executive and Champion Advisors to attend a strategy planning meeting and that afternoon the webcast AGM opened to all members. 

We were delighted with the AGM webcast.This will be the way of future for OHNIG AGMs. The attendees viewed value-added presentations. The AGM leaders easily presented to all attendees the Strategic Plans, End Goals and upcoming member education activities. Members participated in a well-managed webcast with interactive "talking".

Saturday, November 28, 2015
Executive Strategic Plan (10 to 12 Noon) Members AGM (1 to 2:30 pm)

►OHNIG AGM Slide Presentation ... click here

►OHNIG AGM Agenda ... click here
OHNIG End Goal & Strategic Plan 2016-2018
OHNIG Members, please indicate agree or disagree with Strategic End Goals ... click here
Education Directives 2016-2018
  • Public Education Campaign
  • Membership Education Resources
OHNIG Volunteer Leaders Needed

Ask yourself... "Should I become involved in OHNIG Leadership Work?" The answer is definitely "YES"!

Guidelines for Volunteers click here

  • Committee workers needed ... more
  • Volunteer executive leaders needed! ... more
  • Become a Champion Advisor ... more
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