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Wednesday, September 13
Vigil for the Feast of the Holy Cross - 6:30 pm
Short Study Group follows

Thursday, September 14
Divine Liturgy for the Feast of the Holy Cross - 8 am

Saturday, September 16
Great Vespers 5 pm
Confessions Follow

Sunday, September 17
Divine Liturgy 9:30 am
Sunday School 11 am

The Universal Exaltation of the Precious and Life-Giving ...

The Elevation of the Venerable and Life-Creating Cross of the Lord: The pagan Roman emperors tried to completely eradicate from human memory the holy places where our Lord Jesus Christ suffered and was resurrected for mankind. The Emperor Hadrian ...

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In the Wake of Disaster - Churches
The recent hurricanes have brought disasters to Texas, Florida and other places across the South. Fires rage in the far West. We are right to wonder what we can do.

There is an outstanding answer for us. I am sharing a link to the International Orthodox Christian Charities, an organization that is supported by all the Orthodox jurisdictions in America. There you can find information, prayers, and practical ways to help. Someone might want to take one of their suggestions and lead a project for the whole parish.

I am also giving a link to a wonderful article in a recent USA Today. It describes the critical work done by churches in disaster relief. Did you know that the majority of relief effort is done by faith-based groups? Through the IOCC, we can be part of this important work.

The picture above is of the home of Fr. Theophan Buck, priest of St. Innocent Orthodox Church (OCA) in Macon, GA. Thank God, his family came through uninjured.
Hot Springs, NC, Orthodox Campout October 20-22, 2017
St. Anne's has reserved four tent camp-sites for the Orthodox campout event in Hot Springs, NC, this year – we should be able to accommodate everyone who may want to attend. These are riverside, central campsites. Deluxe site 459 has water and electric will serve as a “group kitchen” site. Site 461 can handle 2 or 3 tents and has good trees for hammocks, and there are two group sites, 463 and 465, that can accommodate 6- 10 tents each.

These are pictures of the group sites and the one single site from last year. You can see the general size of the group sites. If you intend to attend the campout this year, please let Anna Freeman know, or use the sign-up sheet at church, so that we can tell how many are going and what the placement of the tents will be. The cost of the sites will be split by those attending. The more who attend, the lower the cost!

The campout is attended by Orthodox parishes in the Carolinas, Tennessee, Georgia and Kentucky. This year, Archbishop Alexander will be attending as well!
Choices Resource Center will have its annual fundraising "Walk for Life" on Saturday, September 23, this year. Ryan Shelton is leading St. Anne's participation. This center is the primary ministry of those working to support women in difficult circumstances who choose to preserve the life of the child they carry. This is an utterly essential work for Orthodox Christians. We share with other Christians in the area in this important effort. Click on the "Read More" link below to sponsor Ryan's walk for life.
Ryan Shelton's Fundraising Page | FundEasy

Will you help me raise $1,400 for Choices Resource Center? | Walk for Life 2017 :: FundEasy :: Online Fundraising Pages

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Mom's ROCK Starting
Moms ROCK [Raising Orthodox Christian Kids] is a group created for moms and young children at St. Anne's. All members can post to a closed Facebook group account for plans for play dates or outings, which will enable us to quickly network with each other. In the recent months we have added many new families with young children to our parish. This group started many years ago at St. Anne's with children who have now grown up. Let's get this group restarted so our newer moms and younger kids can enjoy the company of other Orthodox families. If you are interested in participating in this group, contact Anna Freeman or Katie Prothro for information about how to join.
Financial Update
The Treasurer reported to Council that the parish was around $4,500 in the negative with regard to income and expenses through the end of June. The Summer has made this particularly difficult as people travel and attendance is reduced. Please remember the Church in your generosity and help us maintain the stewardship of what God has entrusted to us!
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