On the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving, there will be a service in which we pray the Akathist Hymn, "Glory to God for All Things." On Thanksgiving morning, there will be a Divine Liturgy at 9 a.m.

The Mattingly's are hosting a Thanksgiving Potluck Meal at their home in Oak Ridge.

To St. Anne's Family:

Anyone who does not have other plans to spend the day with family and friends are invited. Your family and friends are invited to share this meal with our St. Anne family at our home. Folks are welcome to start arriving any time after the morning Divine Liturgy -- probably 11:30 or so -- and can watch TV, fellowship, or cook or warm up items at our house. Appetizers will be available when they arrive; prayer and meal will begin at 2 pm.

There will be football on the TV before and after the main dinner is served. I do not know how many will be there until folks start signing up or emailing me. Last 2 years we've had 35-50 folks. Children are very welcome. Bring whatever you think should always be at "your" Thanksgiving meal.

Sincerely and humbly,
Terry, Debra, and Frye Mattingly