St. David's May 2017 Evangel

From the Desk of Rev. Sue +             
"Habla usted Ingles?" I asked the family awaiting me in the narthex at the end of the 10 am Easter service, even though I was pretty sure the answer would be, "no." It was. The family - parents and two little girls - had seen our open doors, and had come in, even though by that time we all had adjourned to the parking lot for conversation and the Easter Egg Hunt. To say that I was tired after a long Holy Week and two Easter morning services was something of an understatement, and I dreaded what was likely to be a heart-felt plea for the kind of help of help I could not give them.

So I said, "Hablo Espanol un muy pequeno." Fortunately, the husband had an old cell phone with a translator app. As I waited for him to finish and for the app to translate it into English, I was mentally rehearsing what I suspected I'd need to enter into his phone in English for translation in clunky Spanish. And I was pretty sure he'd be disappointed, as people who stop by the church for help on Sundays typically are looking for either cash or food - neither one of which we ever have on hand.

And as I waited, I ruefully thought, Well, what did you expect when you opened the doors at 7 this morning?

"Please, our automobile lacks petrol. Can you help? We are trying to go home," was what the text read. I looked over at the 7-11 across Glenview Rd. and saw an older van. "Su automobile esta aqui?" I asked, pointing. He nodded. "Si."

Well dang! I could help after all. I use a credit card to refuel the cars of stranded travelers. That way, I know that discretionary dollars are going to the purpose for which they ask, and it keeps St. David's from having petty cash on hand - with all of the attendant difficulties that cash entails. Over the years - at St. David's and every other church I've served -- I have never yet encountered a gas tank other than a bone dry one. "Vamos," I said. "Yo se peudo ayudar."  That pretty much exhausted what little Spanish I know, by the way. He smiled broadly and said something to his wife and daughters. They led the way (jaywalking/running through traffic) across Glenview Rd.

It was both an Easter and Pentecost moment rolled into one. The disciples met that first day of the week, the day that Jesus rose from the dead, behind closed doors. Ours were open. OK, sure, I had opened them in part because the church was stuffy on Sunday morning after an unseasonably hot Holy Saturday, but when you open the doors to the church you can count on Jesus walking in. And Jesus did, dressed this time as a family in need with no English.

Easter lasts for 50 days and on the 50 th Day, the Church celebrates Pentecost. The writer of Acts tells us that the Holy Spirit gave the disciples the ability to speak in languages they did know for the benefit of the multicultural crowd assembled in Jerusalem for the Jewish feast of Weeks (known, by the way, in Diaspora Judaism as Pentecost. Huh. We didn't invent that word!!). These unlettered Galileans told of the mighty acts of God in languages that they did not know so that others could understand the good news of the Resurrection.

Forty-five dollars and full gas tank later, Jesus grabbed my hand and said to me, "Gracias pastora. Muchas gracias!"

We generally don't have the front doors open. Glenview Rd. is loud and once the AC is on, open doors are rendered superfluous. But on Easter Sunday morning, they were a powerful reminder that St. David's needs to be about open doors - if not literally, then certainly metaphorically. Because we need to be on the lookout for Jesus who will walk in. Maybe as a needy person or family whom we do not know. Maybe as someone in need of hospitality and belonging.. Maybe as one of us whose pain or despair is carefully masked. In this, we are reminded of the ancient tradition in the Church of welcoming others as though they are Christ himself. Is there room for caution? Of course. There are dangerous folk, and people have been injured (even killed) in churches . But to keep the doors locked for fear - of danger, of newness, or of change - runs counter to what the Apostles EVENTUALLY got around to doing in Jerusalem on the Feast of Pentecost; what the Church is called to do on Easter Sunday and every day: to proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ.

Supper and a Visit with Bishop Todd McGregor
Bishop Todd McGregor will be at St James the Less , 550 Sunset Ridge Road,
Northfield, on Wednesday, May 17th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm , for a
Potluck Supper and Conversation .  The members of St. James invite
you to come see Todd and hear more about the McGregor's work in
the Diocese of Toliara, Madagascar.  
Please put Todd's visit on your calendar!  It will help the church to know who is attending so they can set out enough tables, etc.   Please RSVP by e-mail to Sue Babbs at:  - or by  calling the office at St, James, 847-446-8430.   Questions can be directed to Louise Curry.  
Greetings St. David's Church!

I'm Allen, your new Director of Youth and Family Ministries. I'll be with you all starting in June, but just wanted to do a quick introduction so you can get to know me a little.
I'm originally from the Detroit area and I grew up in the United Methodist Church. I was very active in my own youth group growing up and I've worked with children and youth in a variety of ministry jobs since graduating from high school. I share my alma mater with Rev. Sue (Go CMU!) and I'm in the process of finishing up my Master of Divinity degree from Garrett Seminary in Evanston.                                                                                                                     
I love animals, and I have two cats, Molly and Skipper. I'm also getting married this October! I have a deep passion for extending grace to all people and making sure everybody is welcome. I love coffee and I like to make it in just about every way possible. 
Most of all, I'm excited to get to know all of you at St. David's, especially all the children and youth. I look forward to being a part of this wonderful community and serving alongside you as we do God's ministry in the world.
Allen Bower


St. David's Easter altar flowers are dedicated  to the glory of God and in grateful thanksgiving for the blessings he has  bestowed on our lives with the gift of new life in Christ now and eternally.  Flowers are given...
In memory of The Adam & Hussissian families by Stephen and Ermoné Adam
In thanksgiving for St. David's by Peg and Bill Aylesworth
Thanksgiving for my nieces, nephews and great nephew by Marilyn Berdick
In memory of our parents by Ruth and Marland Berdick
In memory of Bernard Paul Braun, Laura and Homer Breed 
by Patricia Breed Braun
In memory of Lyle Cazel by Betty Cazel
In memory of Jim and Dorothy Woodcock by Joanne Clevenger
In memory of Jinny and Bob Donovan by Kerry and Rick Cummings
In loving memory of Arnold Curry by Louise Curry
In memory of Roy and Patricia Crawford by Oscar, Jen and Emma Crawford
In memory of Theo and Christian Dosé, Martin and Elisabeth Crow, and Florence Munger by Linné and Rachel Dosé
In memory of her brother Bob by Betty Eversfield
In memory of Jim Futter by Mary Futter
In memory of Dr. Mrs. William Blackwell, Bruce Blackwell and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Chandler by the Steve Gaumer Family
In memory of Bernice and Harold Stebbins, Karen Petty Stebbins, Harold Stebbins III, Mildred Hagen, Siv Webber, and Kathy Stebbins
by Diane and Harold Haas
In memory of Father Paul and Kristi, Ben and Marion,
Merit and Hawes, Hobey and Mrytle, Mac and Bill by the Hewett family
In memory of Nigel and Patsi Brown and Roy Howard by John and Nicki Howard
In memory of Carol, George Woodcock and Marge Fowler by the Hultgren family
In memory of Lois and Graham Jackson and Gunny and Jerry Grashorn 
by Susan and Graham Jackson
In memory of the Wolstenholme family and the Jannusch family
In memory of our loved ones by Lyle and John Jorgenson
In loving memory of Ann Albert and Edward Khamis by Marcia Khamis
In memory of our parents by Steve and Kim Nystrom Leszczynski
In memory of loved ones by Kathy McCarthy
In memory of loved ones by Lonn and Jan Myers
In memory of family and friends by the Morell family
In memory of Leo and Mary Ellen Neuman by Mary Ellen and Tim Neuman
Thanksgiving for blessings received by Gayle and Diane Pennel
In memory of Sue Ann Powers on her birthday and Easter by the Powers Family
In memory of Frank and Tim Reidl by Lois Reidl
To the glory of God and in thanksgiving for the life of Jane D. Robison 
by the Robison Family
In memory of loved ones by the Brian Robson family
In memory of Jim and Betty Zeilstra by the Sawyer family
In memory of Alonzi - Sievers families by August Sievers
In memory of George Paik and Martha Chai by Wan and Joon Son
In memory of our loved ones by the Tisch family
In memory of our loved ones by the Topping family
In memory of Rob Underwood, partner, father and friend 
by Cathy, Andrew and Sophie
To the Glory of God by Cary Vierra
Thanksgiving for our many blessings by Al and Julie Wahout

May 2 9:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist - Chapel
10:00 a.m. E.C.W. Board Meeting - Library
Holy Trinity Guild
May 18th 11:30 - Undercroft
Please RSVP to Lyle

We would love to see lots of people there!
St. David's Book GrouP

St. David's Book Group will meet at  7:30 p.m. Tuesday,  May 23  
in the church library. The book selection for May is "Our Soul at Night" by Kent Haruf. R ead the book, and then come join us to discuss each person's unique perspective of it! Please note the date as it is Tuesday May 23 , one week later than usual.

Confirmation is Sunday, May 7 at our 9:30 Service
On Sunday, May 7, Bishop Jeff Lee will make his biannual (i.e., every other year) visitation to St. David's. He will be with us both for our 8:00 worship as well as 9:30. Our 9:30 service will be a celebration of Holy Eucharist and Confirmation. Both the Junior and the Parish Choirs will be singing at this service.
Being presented for confirmation this year:
Michael Howie, Natalie Kadel, Will Hurley, Anna Rogula, Robbie Winter,
Caroline Reddish, Angela Roberts, Jack Scott
There will be a light reception following the 9:30 service in the Undercroft with opportunities for informal conversation with our bishop.
Huge thanks to Confirmation Leaders Melissa Rose, Debbie Lowe, John & Nicki Howard as well as our confirmation mentors. Three of our confirmands this year are adults. Angela and Jack attend the 8:00 service; Caroline is hoping their infant twins cooperate, enabling her to be present for our 9:30 service.

May 21 - This is the final Sunday for Christian Education for Youth & Children for this program year. Join us following the 9:30 service in the Undercroft for refreshments and Bible Bowl!

This is a great intergenerational event and tons of fun. Test your Bible knowledge and compete for bragging rights and maybe even cool prizes.

    Attention Class of 2017!
    Please let the church office know the name of the school from which you will be graduating this year!  High School Grads: Please include which college you will be attending this fall! Email this information to
    College Grads: 

    Please let us know which college or university you are graduating and if you are continuing on to graduate school!
Head Christmas Angels Needed :
St. David's is looking for 1 or 2 parishioners to coordinate the St. David's Christmas Giving Tree since Julie Howie and Jim Hurley are retiring their wings. Job involves matching parishioners with ReVive families and individuals, boxing the gifts, and packing them into the ReVive Center truck.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the Giving Tree, it is a wonderful outside giving opportunity. Through ReVive Center for Housing and Healing, we are asked to provide Christmas gifts to families and seniors in need. It is a rewarding job, as you are spreading Christmas joy to those who can't afford even simple gifts for themselves and their families.

St. David's Youth Sunday was April 23.  Enjoy these photos! 

O ur  youth took the lead in worship on this day. Their contributions
ranged from  mu sical offerings to a participatory reading of the gospel, 
to a youth sermon. Huge thanks to Elizabeth Thomas for coordinating
the kids' participation. It was a powerful reminder that our children
and youth are not just the church of tomorrow, they are
the church of TODAY!

Special thanks to the following participants:
Cady Sommer                                           The Sermon
Louise Curry, Tom Tisch                             Chalice Administration
Michael Howie, Tori Vierra                           Crucifier, Gospeler 
Lizzy Thomas, Kate Rogula                         Torchbearers
Doug Wattley, Hannah Sawyer                     Lay Readers
William Hurley, Ellen Hurley                          Ushers
Libby Kadel, Natalie Kadel, 
Kate Winter, Robbie Winter                         Greeters
Hannah Sawyer                                        Orchestral bells
Kathleen Sawyer                                       Piano
Allison Darr                                              Trumpet
Eliza Brueck, Emma Crawford,                     Junior Choir
Allison Darr, Annabelle Darr, Anna Howie,
Maria Howie, Hannah Sawyer, 
Lizzy Thomas, Polly Thomas

As Memorial Day 2017 approaches, it is time to
remember your family members who served in the
military. If you have not already provided this
information, please do so by Sunday, May 14.
We will honor the memory of the deceased in the Sunday service bulletin Memorial Day Sunday,
May 28, 2017.
Please provide the following information:
  •  Your name 
  •  Your family member's name
  •  The branch of service, including active, reserve, and guard 
Example 1 - U.S. Marine Corps, Active Duty
Example 2 - U.S. Navy
Example 3 - U.S. Army National Guard
  •  Your relationship to your family member 
  •  Is your family member deceased? If still living, we will honor that person on Veteran's Day.
Please email this information to: 
Thank you for taking the time to allow St. David's to honor you and your family members.  If you are not sure if I have this information, please ask me or provide the information  requested above and I'll sort everything out for you.
With Blessings,
Jim Morell , U.S. Army
A bright smile and a warm countenance always greeted you when you saw Sue Ann Powers.   With a light-hearted attitude, she loved hearing about your family and activities - especially about your children. Her passion was gardening - and her beautiful yard was a testament to her artistic talents and skill.
Sue Ann was born and raised in a small town in southern Indiana.  She left home for Chicago when she became a flight attendant for United Airlines. and that is where she met her husband, David. In 1978, Sue Ann and David left Chicago and bought a house in the Circles area of Glenview.  In that same year their son Christopher was born, and their daughter, Ashley, followed in 1982. Both Chris and Ashley grew up and were baptized and confirmed at St. David's
Several months after Ashley was born Sue Ann was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis - the progressive form of the disease.  Despite the effects of her illness, Sue Ann was active in the Nursery School and St. Bridget's Guild.  In the mid-1990's she was elected to the Vestry and served as the Fellowship Chair. While she had a gentle demeanor about her, underneath she was a strong and disciplined woman.
Although she became increasingly more restricted by her illness, Sue Ann was able to handle the challenges of her disease with dignity and grace.  Always up-beat, with a smile on her face, she was far more interested in those around her than herself.   Devoted to her family, she felt blessed to be able to see her children grow-up.
The Lord called Sue Ann home peacefully in her sleep on March 2, 2017.  She will be missed by all who had the privilege of knowing her.
I knew Suzanne Thomas for quite a few years. I remember when they first joined St. David's. Her outward beauty was the first thing I noticed-but far more important was her quiet inner beauty that out shined everything else. She endured many back surgeries over the years and was in near-constant pain. She was no complainer. I would visit her on Longvalley Road, and we would discuss her fabulous collection of dolls and interesting pictures. By then, she was in a wheelchair as a result of another surgery. 

God gave her tow fine sons and beautiful grandchildren who loved "Grandma Suzy." To me, her life was an inspiration, I'm grateful to God that I could share some of it. 

Rest, Suzanne, where there is no pain, just beauty and love and peace.

Dear St. David's Church Friends,
As you may have heard, our Nursery School Director Rindy Powell and Assistant Director Mannie Frey are both retiring at the end of the school year. This decision was a difficult one for both Rindy and Mannie who have been at St. David's for 30 and 24 years respectively. Ever dedicated, they chose to lead the school in a two-year application process for NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) accreditation before retiring. The end of that process is finally upon us and Rindy and Mannie can take a much-deserved rest!
The school is planning a celebration for May 19 th (details below), where we will present Rindy and Mannie with gifts from staff and families, past and present. We would like to plant a "Welcome Tree" with a bench placed underneath to warmly welcome all who enter "Our Little Corner of Glenview". We also plan to purchase a playground item for the children to enjoy.
In addition, we will be assembling a book of memories and well wishes from those whose lives have been touched by Rindy and Mannie. If you would like to send in your thoughts, you may email them to
Your presence would mean so much to Rindy and Mannie, as you are such a special part of their lives.
Farewell Open House:
Friday May 19 th
St. David's Nursery School - In the Undercroft
2410 Glenview Rd.
Glenview, IL 60025
Cake will be served
Please RSVP to . We hope you are able to help us show Rindy and Mannie how much we have appreciated them over these many years.
Thank you,
Lisa Philbrick, Board President

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