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Worship and Concert Service Sunday May 7th
Special Time: 10:00am
There will be no 8:30am service
See details below

Thought for the Week

I've been told that sheep can be unruly animals at times. Perhaps that's why they need a shepherd, to keep them within the safety of the shepherd's protection.  If left to their own devices, sheep are likely to behave in ways that make them vulnerable to dangerous behaviors that may even lead to their deaths.  When we recite the 23rd. Psalm, we proclaim that "the Lord is my shepherd" and therefore we are protected.  The Good Shepherd, ensures that we are led among pathways where nourishment is abundant and that we fear no evil, for the Shepherd is present to protect us.

Like sheep, you and I can act unruly at times.  I believe those times occur when we wander away from our Shepherd - in our behaviors and in our faith in the Good Shepherd.  We forget that our safety lies within the sheepfold where the Lord offers us comfort from the dangers that surround us when we go beyond His loving care and watchfulness.   So, we must be deliberate in our efforts to submit ourselves to Jesus Christ, the true Good shepherd who lays down His life for the love of you and me - the members of His very own fold.

Fr. Brad

Sunday Service Times 
  • 8:30am and 10:30am: Holy Eucharist Rite II
  • 10:30am: Children's Chapel (Sunday School for ages K-5th Grade)
  • Childcare is available from 9:30am until 11:30am
See our Christian Formation page for more information on programs for infants, toddlers, children, youth and adults.
You are invited to submit your prayer requests here. Submission of your prayer request will be received by a member of our office staff and in the included in the parish prayer list. If received  after 5:00pm on Wednesdays, or you indicate that you would prefer to keep your prayer confidential, a member of our clergy will address your prayer privately.

What's Going on at  
St. Francis this Week?
  • 9:45am-11:45am: Childcare is available  
  • 10:00am:  Worship and Concert with Amazed
  • 11:30am: Hospitality  
  • 1:00pm-4:00pm Tuesday Solace (See description below)
  • Weekend Nutritional Backpack Ministry: 9:30am at CTLC - 702 West Avenue G, Temple TX (See description below) The starting time has been changed to 9:30am to cut down the congestion from competing "stuffers." 
  • Read the Bible  (6 pages a day): 3:15pm in the Parish Hall. Registration is closed.  


  • Read the Bible  (12 pages a day): 6:30pm in the Parish Hall. Registration is closed.

  • Garden Work Day: Join us for garden workday every Thursday at 8:00am.
Upcoming Events

Sunday, May 7

On Sunday, May 7 a very special service will take place at St. Francis.  The southern gospel musical group Amazed will be at St. Francis.  The members of the group feel called to minister to God's people and spread God's Holy Word through the power of song.  Their mission is to see souls brought to Christ; they are deeply humbled and honored to be called to serve Almighty God.

A unique service of Holy Eucharist will be intertwined with the concert, designed to be a first of its kind at St. Francis.

Because it takes the musical group 2+ hours to set up, there will be no 8:30 service on that Sunday, providing an opportunity for the entire congregation to worship together.  But, this special event is not just for us - invite your friends; check the St. Francis Facebook page for the announcement, and click "Like," and make plans for you and your family to attend what promises to be a wonderful experience.

Fr. Brad

Thursday, May 18
St. Francis School end of the year program, Thursday, May 18th at 6pm in the church. Reception following in the great hall.
Sunday, May 21
Following the 10:30 Service
Please join us  for a reception Sunday, May 21st, following the 10:30 service for cake, punch and refreshments to honor Morgan Callin who is graduating from high school.
Ongoing Ministries
TUESDAY SOLACE: Tuesday Solace is a free service supporting families affected by Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia and takes place from 1:00 -4:00pm at the Parish Hall. Allowing caregivers respite time, the program provides music and singing, fun, social activities, and loving care to the participants.

WEEKEND NUTRITIONAL BACKPACK MINISTRY: Each Wednesday morning at 9:30am volunteers gather at CTLC (Churches Touching Lives for Christ) to fill 400 backpacks for the WNB Ministry. CTLC is located at 702 West Avenue G, Temple TX .The starting time has been changed to 9:30am to cut down the congestion from competing "stuffers." 

FEED MY SHEEP SACK MEALS (FMS):  On the 2nd Sunday of each month, all are invited to gather in the Parish at 9:30 to prepare 200 sack lunches for our neighbors who have limited access to food. The lunches are delivered to Feed My Sheep. Our next scheduled sack meal preparation is Sunday, May 14 . To learn how to get involved, please see Deacon Tamara.   
CHURCHES TOUCHING LIVES FOR CHRIST (CTLC) :  The collection item for May 2017 is Powdered Drink Mix (Kool-Aid, Crystal Light etc.). Items may be brought to the narthex on Sunday or to the Church Office during weekdays.

ST. FRANCIS GIFT SHOP: As most of you know, the gift shop must have two workers at all times.  We are in desperate need of volunteers.  This is a great time to ask your best friend to sit with you and a great time to socialize and catch up. Please consider, just 3 1/2 hours a month and we will put you on the schedule.

Ministers in the Lord's Service
Altar Guild
Gail Avots & Judy Ludlow

Ruth Henry & Bob Henry
Ian & Collin Wilson

Vestry Greeter:
Frank Johnson

Lay Readers
10:30am: Nick Graham & Pete Fredenburg
Debra Johnson

Children's Chapel:
Suspended this Week


This Month's Birthdays & Anniversaries 
If your birthday or anniversary is missing or incorrect, please contact Frances!

May 7  Birthday
Rowan Pryor

May 8  Birthday
Alexander Wojtaszek

May 8  Birthday
Collin Wilson

May 10  Birthday
Sharon Hughes

May 11  Birthday
Gabby Bates

May 14  Birthday
Rose Bednarczyk

May 14  Birthday
Steffanna Wojtaszek

May 18  Birthday
Hanes Brindley

May 18  Birthday
Jeff Callin

May 19  Birthday
Helen Ratliff

May 20  Birthday
Alvin Dusek

May 26  Birthday
Chris Sedonic

May 26  Birthday
Bob Henry

May 26  Anniversary
Frank & Jan Pugliese

May 30  Birthday
Mike Ludlow

May 30  Anniversary
A ndre & Gail Avots

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