July 2017

Every Wednesday is a 
2 pm Dismissal Day

Aug. 15
Fee Day &
Uniform Grab N' Go
 9 am-Noon
Main Campus

Sunday, Aug. 20
New Family Event
Stone-Monroe Park (time tba)

Monday, Aug. 21
East Campus Parent Information Evening

Aug. 23
First Day of School Grades 
1 - 8
2 pm Dismissal

Aug. 30
Back-To-School Night Grades 1-8
6:30 pm Joyce Hall

Monday, Sept. 4
Labor Day-No Classes

Thursday, Sept. 7
School Picture Day-Both Campuses

Friday, Sept. 8
Annual Golf Outing

 September 19-21
Vision & Hearing Screenings


Readers Are Leaders!

Summer Reading Letter from 
Mrs. Filbin



In This Issue
Supply Lists
Save the Dates for 
8th Graders

Nov. 14 Graduation Pictures

Dec. 2
Catholic High School Testing

Dec. 5
LTHS Jr. Lion Tour 1 pm.



The East Campus Parent Information evening for Preschool 3, Preschool 4, and Kindergarten parents will be Monday, August 21. This evening is for parents only. The schedule for the Parent Information Evening, Preschool and Kindergarten orientation and start dates plus other informative East Campus information can be accessed by clicking on the links below. 


In the not-to-distant past, the summer newsletter came to your USPS mailbox with your family's tuition statement enclosed. Last year it was sent to your email inbox by Jane Bandyk, parish accountant, who will again be emailing it to you in the next several weeks. To assure your statement makes it to your inbox vs. spam, please copy and paste  jbandyk@sfxlg.org into your address book. Please review the information shown below regarding tuition. 
Protecting God's Children Program

All Catholic Dioceses and Archdioceses have instituted programs whereby they are taking all possible steps to ensure the safety of our children. In order to volunteer for a role that comes in direct contact with our children, volunteers must complete all four steps of the Protecting God's Children program. Instructions and forms are available on the SFX website ( www.sfxlg.org) on the Parent's tab under "Protecting God's Children" or click on the links below.

  • One step in the process is to attend a Virtus pedophile awareness session for which you must pre-register at www.Virtus.org. A session will be held at SFX in Joyce Hall on Sunday, September 24 at 1pm. You may also attend a session at any other Archdiocese of Chicago location. Send a copy of the certificate of completion you'll receive to the school office, attention Mrs. Peggy Evans.
  • Another step requires downloading the voluneer's code of conduct form. Please read, sign and return to Mrs. Evans at the Main Campus.
  • The third portion of the program is completing an application for criminal background check on the Archdiocese of Chicago website. It can be accessed by clicking here. When asked the access code, it is PROTECTION. When selecting "the location where you work/volunteer" please look for St. Francis Xavier - Waiola School. You will also be asked to complete and download a DCFS/CANTS form during this process, which is the fourth step. Please send this form to Mrs. Evans - NOT to DCFS.

Thank you in advance for completing this process and volunteering your time and talents to our school community. Please direct any questions to our Protecting God's Children Site Administrator, Mrs. Peggy Evans at 708-352-2175.



We have been very pleased with our milk supplier and the quality of milk they provide. Our twice weekly  delivery schedule has assured the freshest milk possible is served to all students. Please note that the type of milk ordered will remain constant throughout the school year unless  a change request is received in writing. This means students may not toggle between  white, chocolate, skim, but must take what was ordered for them.

Preschoolers and Kindergartners are offered 1% white for snack time.  During lunch, Kindergartners are offered a choice of 1% white, 1% chocolate, or no fat white. Snack time half pints are shared in paper cups  between students. Water is also available to students at snack time.

Please print your family name legibly on the form and your student's first name and grade along with their preference of milk.  If you need to use both forms for your order you may still write one check.

A ll families are requested to turn in a form, even if no milk will be ordered. We want to be sure that all students have their order or statement of "no milk" accounted for.  Any questions, call Mrs. Peggy Evans at the main school office at 708-352-2175.
Preschool & Kindergarten Milk                             

Student Health Compliance

St. Francis Xavier School requires immunization per the Illinois School Code. It may be found by following this link:
The brief version is below with all forms downloadable from the "links" section on the left side-bar.

Illinois State Law requires that all students prior to entering:

  • Illinois schools for the first time
  • Kindergarten
  • 6th Grade
  • 9th Grade
  • Must have a current (conducted within one year of entering the given grade) physical examination with a current immunization record. Students entering sixth grade will be required to provide proof of Tdap vaccination along with the school physical forms that are also required for these grades.

Dental examinations are required for children entering

  • Kindergarten
  • 2nd Grade
  • 6th Grade
  • And St. Francis Xavier School recommends children entering school for the first time to have a dental examination.

Vision examinations are required for children entering:

  • Kindergarten
  • Or upon first entry into an Illinois school beyond Kindergarten.
  • Vision examinations must be performed by a licensed optometrist or medical doctor who performs eye examinations.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Your child's completed forms must be in the school office no later than Tuesday, August 1, 2017.
  • Completed forms will be accepted anytime after initial registration or may be mailed to the school office during the summer. Please retain a photocopy for your own records.

  • Physicians must conform to State Law requirements regarding immunizations or your child may be excluded from school.
  • The Physical Exam Form with Immunization Records must be in the school office in order for your child to be admitted to class on the first day of school.
Pizza Lunch Days!

Pizza Day is a tasty option for full time students to participate in a fundraising activity. Proceeds benefit both the 8th graders graduation activities and the school Band program. Volunteer parents organize and serve at every lunch, and we thank them for their dedication. Pizza lunch days are on Tuesdays twice monthly throughout the school year. The dates and additional information are on the order form which can be accessed by clicking  here . If you have yet to sign up your student(s), it's not too late!
Volunteering is Fun! 
Dear SFX Families,

As we approach the end  of the  2017  school year,  I'm sure you're wondering " How do I sign up for that super fun volunteer chair or committee position?? I've been wanting to help out, but I'm not sure how to sign up for next year?!"

Well, here's all the information you need to know!! Listed below  is an overview of the volunteer sign-up process at St. Francis  Xavier and a link to the 2017/2018 Volunteer   Sign-Up.

Sprin g 2017 Volunteer Sign-up for 2017/2018  School Wide Events
This  online Volunteer  sign-up  (SignUp.com)  is for volunteer opportunities for the upcoming school year that are  not classroom specific This is your chance to sign up to lead a committee for a grade level social or help organize that awesome uniform grab n' go that provides gently used uniforms for  free .
On the link provided, you can sign up for as many volunteer opportunities you see fitting into your schedule. There are things for people to do that are entirely on your own time. Browse through the categories and see which ones are calling to you this year!

August 2017  Grade Level Leadership Volunteer Sign-up
After class lists are available in August, this volunteer sign-up form will be sent home from school and is for Room Parent, Art Smart, or Service volunteers for your child's specific class. (Please note that room parents primarily assign roles and send reminder emails for a volunteer list created with the teacher's he lp .)

September 201 7  Class Room Volunteer Sign-Up
Classroom Room Parents and Service coordinators will  then  send out a volunteer sign-up for class parties, field trips, and service project s. This is your chance to get in your child's classroom. This can be done IN ADDITION to the school wide events volunteering listed above.
November 2017 : Service Day Volunteer Sign-up
In the fall, you will receive a separate Volunteer Spot Sign-Up for  the SFX  Service Day  (December 1st ) .  

Bottom line, t here are  many ways  for parents to be involved.  If you would like more details about any specific volunteer opportunity, please don't hesitate to reach out to FSA. We will help you find the answer or the right person to answer your questions.     
The SFX Day School is not able to operate at its highest level without our wonderful parent volunteers, but here's the counter intuitive result of volunteering.  The volunteers actually get more out of the experience than what they are putting in!  How beneficial is that?!   Thank you for  being so involved in your child's education experience. Together, we are helping to make SFX  a n   outstanding  school and community!

Colleen Olson
FSA President

Sign Up LINK: 

Hope you enjoyed the 
St. Francis Xavier School Summer Newsletter!
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Enjoy your summer vacation!

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