August 30, 2017
St. George's mission is to share together God's work in our lives through liturgy and sacrament, through joyous and caring fellowship, and through courageous and compassionate engagement with the world.
From the Interim Rector
Dear People of St. George's,

I'm so glad to join you at St. George's! I've been able meet vestry and some parishioners and begin to learn about your ministries this week. This is a vital, happening place! Even in August!

Let me describe the nature of my ministry, especially for those of you who might no have experienced an Episcopal clergy transition before. It is my privilege to serve you as Rector for the Interim period. I am available to you as pastor and am charged with helping your ministries continue to flourish. Further, I bring resources and experience with parishes in transition to help you to live prayerfully into the process ahead, to recognize challenges and opportunities. My door is open Monday - Thursday. I hope you'll stop by and introduce yourself especially if we don't manage to connect on Sunday mornings.

I am not a candidate for the position of future Rector. That is a different ministry from the one to which I am called. I will not influence the Discernment (of Search) committee's proceedings once they begin. I meet with them only when invited and support the confidentiality of their work. They are called discern God's will in recommending to Vestry the next priest to serve the parish.

The first stage of discernment is a parish-wide self-study. Together with additional leadership questions, the parish will be asked to contribute to a refined, succinct vision of qualities it seeks in it's next priest. The vision becomes the profile, an online document that will be available to clergy discerning a next call when it goes live. In preparing the profile , a parish can learn much about itself: it's strengths, challenges and distinct spiritual gifts. I look forward, with God's help , to engaging in this work together!

Pastor Barbara


Parish News

Happy Birthday  wishes go out to Kate Jaquith, Alexia Muncey and to everyone with a celebration over the next week!

Happy Anniversary  wishes go out to Roland Noreika and Steve Drabowski; Emily and Rob McGarvey; to everyone with a celebration over the next week !  

Some Upcoming Events at St. George's Church

Sunday, September 10th
  • 1st Day of Sunday School
  • Blessing of the Backpacks
  • Nursery Sitters start for 10AM Service

Saturday, September 16th
  • Matinee of “A Dog’s Purpose “at St. George's. 2:30 PM.
Saturday, September 23rd
  • Fall Fest - Men Cook ~ More details to follow.

Sunday, October 1st
  • Wiffle Ball Game after 10AM Service ~ Kids vs Adults

Saturday, October 14th
  • Good Works ~ More details to follow.

  View St. George's online calendar,  click here for your convenience.

8 AM ~ Joan Cesar
10 AM ~ Doug and Catherine Stuart
Do you love hearing the our bells ringing out at church?  Why not come along and join in!  St. George's is looking for two additional persons for Bell Choir.

Bell Choir practices on Thursdays at 6:00 PM beginning on September 14th. Performance are on Sundays at 10:00 AM services. Sunday performances are every 6 weeks. First performance will be Sunday, October 22nd., For more information contact Cynthia Pound by email at or call 610356-2343.

  • Notes From Lou Carol
All are invited to come and sing with the Senior Choir this season. We will begin our rehearsals on Thursday, Sept. 7, at 7:30 PM, upstairs in the choir room. The choir's 1st Sunday service will be on Sept.10, with 9:00 AM call. All voices are welcome to sing with us: soprano, alto, tenor and bass, and no audition is necessary! 

The choir has a lot of fun learning a variety of music of many different styles and time periods, and I do take suggestions for repertoire from all. Our 4 professional singers are all returning to sing at St. George's, and they will provide excellent support and continuity, along with our excellent regular volunteers. Come give us a try, and perhaps commit to a few Sundays. 

Please contact Lou Carol Fix at with any questions or need more information.
Dear parents,
In just a few short weeks, we will be wrapping up summer fun as we head into September – and with that comes official start to Sunday School.
We’ll kick off the new Sunday School year on Sunday, September 10th, after the Blessing of the Backpacks at church at the 10 AM service. (Your child can bring their backpack or school bag into church to get blessed for the new school year.)
I also want to begin registration for Sunday School. I am asking every parent to please register so as to ensure we have correct information for each child. I just need your name, your child’s name, age, and grade, and an email address and/or phone number. You can email me at  or just approach me at church with your info.
Here are the groups:
o   Primary: Pre-K (age 4) – 1st Grade
o   Intermediate: 2nd Grade – 5th Grade
o   Middle/High: 6th Grade – 12th Grade
           The Primary and Intermediate levels will still come out of church as we always have done, however there will be some changes with the Middle/High level. These students (6th grade and up) will stay in church for the service and instead, will be asked to donate their time during the school year to assist with and participate in church related events and functions. 
           The hope with this new plan is to get our young adults more involved with the church as well as help teach the importance of service work. The events can be chosen based upon each student’s interest (we have LOTS of events here at St. George’s) and I am hoping that each student involved will volunteer for at least two events during the school year. 
           Those students who do plan to volunteer will be put in contact with a point person (which right now is me) and we can work out which events the student will volunteer. This is a work in progress, so bear with me for any bumps in the road and feel free to shout out any suggestions!!
           Please let me know if you have any questions and have a great week!

We are looking for a few volunteers who would be willing to donate some time to be Sunday School teachers. 

Those who are interested and want to give it a try can contact me at

  The first day of Sunday School will be September 10th,
right after the Blessing of the Backpacks.
Hurricane Harvey Victims

Presiding Bishop Michael urges us to donate to Episcopal Relief & Development. See his message at
for ways to give and volunteer.
Instant Church Directory Online

Our church directory is available to view on your mobile device! Instant Church Directory - the program we use to build our church directory - has a free app for church members to download on their Apple, Android and Kindle Fire devices.  

To download free the app to your Apple device,   click here .

To download the app to your Android device,   click here .

To download the app to your Kindle Fire,   click here.

You will be asked to enter in your email address as it's listed in our directory. If your email address isn't listed in the directory, let Kelly at the parish office know so it can be added. Once you enter your email address, you will receive a password. 
You will receive one password per device. For example, you will need to register both your iPhone and your iPad. Entering the password starts the download of the directory to your device, and once it has completed you will be able to search for families and members to call, email or text right from the app.

More information can be found at

  Altar Flower  Memorials
and Celebrations for 2017

Any requests for dates between May and the end of August have to be received by April 20th, and any requests for dates between September and the end of December have to be received by the August 24th. Thanks so much for your support!

For your convenience  click here  to reserve online or contact the parish office. 
  "All the Places You Will Go"
  Whe n you travel on vacation, do you usually look for  an Episcopal church to attend?  W here was the Episcopal church farthest from your home parish that you’ve ever visited? Email us, tell where and your experience. We would love to see more pictures of our parishioner's summer vacations this year. Keep emailing them to the parish office!

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