Hi folks!

You might have already noticed that "Mona's Bag"... our outreach to the residents of Torrey House...is back again just outside of Jerusalem Hall.
The 12 people living just down Darby Road from us bear the burden of psychological problems. 

They often come with little clothing and few or no family/friends to help out during their stay.  So take a look at the sizes of shirts and slacks, for men and women, that are listed on Mona's board.  Can you help out?  Nothing fancy.  Just something to help our close neighbors feel good about themselves.   The men especially each need one white shirt they can wear with a tie for the annual Christmas Ball! R ight after Labor Day, George Chittenden and I will speak to you briefly during services about Torrey House, and we look forward to bringing their dedicated young administrator in to introduce himself to you.

Thanks so much for your attention to this.  It's one of the small things we do for "the least of these" that can make all the difference to someone's life!

Peace to All,
Joan Cesare