July 12, 2017
St. George's mission is to share together God's work in our lives through liturgy and sacrament, through joyous and caring fellowship, and through courageous and compassionate engagement with the world.

Dear People of St. George’s,

Reading the novel "Silence" (on which the film shown at St. George's last month was based) at the end of last year really was an embarkation point for me into learning more about Japanese art, culture, and spirituality.  I've written a couple of times here about some of the things I've learned, and I want to share one more with you.  My guess is that some of you will already know about the Japanese art of kintsugi, but for those who don't, let me explain.  Kintsugi is the art of taking broken ceramic dishware or art and repairing it with a special lacquer that has been mixed with gold, silver, or platinum.  The result is a beautiful new piece, whose history of brokenness is not disguised, but highlighted, not pushed under, but brought out.  As you can see below, the result is quite beautiful - in many ways, more beautiful than the original.

Can you imagine what it would be like if we were so brave as to do that with ourselves?  What if we could recognize our own history of brokenness and let i serve as a highlight to who we are rather than something we disguise, hide, or shamefully dismiss?  The result, I suspect, would be quite beautiful.   Perhaps even more beautiful than we were before.  After all, that is how God sees us.


God bless you!


Fr. Ryan+

Parish News

Happy Birthday  wishes go out to Judy Greeby, Kate LaBrake and  to everyone with a celebration over the next week!

Happy Anniversary wishes go out to David & Sarah Farnsworth and to everyone with a celebration over the next week!   

Adore Before the Shore, continues this evening Wednesday, July 12th at  7:00 PM in Jerusalem Hall. See below for more details.

A Saturday Matinee of "The Zookeeper's Wife" at St. George's. On Saturday, J uly 29 at 3:oo PM. More detail below in the E-Tale.

American Red Cross Blood Drive is Wednesday, August 8th.  More details below in the E-Tale. 

August 13th ~ Whitley's Farewell Party. More information on this to follow.
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 A Word from the Warden

As you all are aware now, Fr. Ryan, Elise, Jackson and Caroline will soon be departing St. George and joining St. Thomas Episcopal Church in St. Petersburg, FL. Although this is very difficult news for us, we know that this is the right move for the Whitley family and we wish them every blessing. 

Some say that the months ahead will be challenging for us. That may be true, however I choose to see this transition as a time for reflection, growth and renewal. St. George is filled with people of great faith, energy, enthusiasm and courage. This transition will be a wonderful time to study who we are, reflect on our purpose and set goals for the years ahead. I look forward to working with many of you willing to lend your discernment talents as we begin to look for our new priest.

A supply priest, the Reverend Jay Collins, will be with us in the immediate weeks following Fr. Ryan's departure. The Vestry will now begin the work to hire an interim priest and bring together a selection committee. The Diocesan Office of Transition Ministry has already been very helpful in guiding our initial actions and they will continue to be a huge resource for us throughout the process. We will continue to provide updates as we move forward. Please do not hesitate to contact any Vestry member with questions or concerns you may have. Most importantly, please keep us in your prayers. Please keep Sunday, August 13 afternoon open for Fr. Ryan's farewell fete. More information on this to follow.


Catherine Stuart


  July 16, 2017

8AM ~  Mary Hobart

10AM ~ Deb and George Newnham

We are looking for a few volunteers who would be willing to donate some time to be  Sunday  School teachers. 

Those who are interested and want to give it a try can contact me at  vickip73@gmail.com

  The first day of  Sunday  School will be  September 10th , right after the Blessing of the Backpacks.
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A Saturday Matinee at St. George's
July 29, 3pm

We will have a screening of the movie “The Zookeeper's Wife,” about the real-life story of one working wife and mother who became a hero to hundreds during World War II. The keepers of the Warsaw Zoo, Antonina and Jan Zabinski, who helped save hundreds of people and animals during the German invasion in 1939 Poland, Please note, this is a “PG-13” rated movie. For questions email Roland Noreika at rolandnoreika@gmail.  Click here for the official movie trailer.

  Boy Scout Troop 300
Service Project 

Have you noticed our new parking lot stripes?  Spring weather changed the plans a couple of times, but the Boy Scout Troop chartered to St Georges mobilized on June 24. 

Their service project was well attended by the troop; 10 Scouts and 3 leaders spent 2 hours on the project. With nice weather they were able to put a second coat on some of the lines already roughed in, and then they re-established the layout for the faded lines in the back parking row.  They also re-painted the handicapped areas and main entrance arrows.   This was their way of saying thank you to St Georges for hosting their troop this year!  


American Red Cross Blood Drive

Wednesday, August 8th

2:00 PM- 7:00 PM

St. George's Church

To make a appointment please contact the parish office at  610-642-3500.

Or to make a appointment online click here. Enter sponsor keyword: StGeorge.

For more information on are you eligible to donate blood and

how to prepare for great donation experience click here. 

Continues this evening Wednesday, July 12th
at 7:00 PM  in Jerusalem Hall.

Adore Before the Shore is a wonderful, simple, reflective way to take a spiritual break in the middle of your week.  And, if you happen to be a 
Shore-goer, this is a great chance to worship over the summer with your St. George's family before you hit the  sand, the sun, and the waves on your weekend.

Continuing through the summer on these dates: July 12, July 19, July 21, and August 9 at 7:00 PM
in Jerusalem Hall. 


The set has been ordered!!!  But, as you can see, there are two final pieces that have yet to be sponsored and claimed for memorialization.   Who in your life can you honor in this long lasting way?  
See below for a photo of the fabric samples and an artist's rendering of the cope so you can get an idea of what these items will look like:
Would you prayerfully consider sponsoring one of the last two items below?   Remember, each item can be memorialized.  This is a great opportunity to make a gift to your church, and to say thanks to God, that will be a lasting, visible, and blessed offering!  If you would like to know more about what a particular piece will look like, please ask Fr. Ryan. Please also email Fr. Ryan if you would like to sponsor a piece.

A New Complete Green Set for St. George's!
  • Cope - $3,424 (CLAIMED)
  • Chasuble - $1925 (CLAIMED)
  • Parish Altar Frontal - $1285 (CLAIMED)
  • High Altar Frontal - $1500 (CLAIMED)
  • Priest Stole - $329 (CLAIMED)
  • Pulpit Fall - $460 (CLAIMED)
  • Bible Markers for Lectern  $445 (CLAIMED)
  • Burse and Veil for Communion Vessels - $778 (CLAIMED)

  • Deacon Stole - $479
  • St. George's Chapel Frontal - $1255

St. George's thanks you in advance!

Instant Church Directory Online

Our church directory is available to view on your mobile device! Instant Church Directory - the program we use to build our church directory - has a free app for church members to download on their Apple, Android and Kindle Fire devices.  

To download free the app to your Apple device,   click here.

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You will be asked to enter in your email address as it's listed in our directory. If your email address isn't listed in the directory, let Kelly at the parish office know so it can be added. Once you enter your email address, you will receive a password. 
You will receive one password per device. For example, you will need to register both your iPhone and your iPad. Entering the password starts the download of the directory to your device, and once it has completed you will be able to search for families and members to call, email or text right from the app.

More information can be found at

 Altar Flower   Memorials
and Celebrations for 2017

Any requests for dates between May and the end of August have to be received by April 20th, and any requests for dates between September and the end of December have to be received by the August 24th. Thanks so much for your support!

For your convenience click here to reserve online or contact the parish office.  
  " All the Places You Will Go "
  When you travel on vacation, do you usually look for  an Episcopal church to attend?  Where was the Episcopal church farthest from your home  parish that you’ve ever visited?  Email us, tell where and your experience. We would love to see more pictures of our parishioner's summer vacations this year. Keep emailing them to the parish office!
Church of the Good Shepherd 
Chestertown, NY
Built in 1876 Church of  the Good Shepherd is one of the the five parishes in the group of Adirondack Mission churches within the Diocese of Albany. 

Photos courtesy of Lori Sweeney, Grace and Keith. 

Wednesday, July 12 
  • 9:00 AM Morning Prayer
  • 7:00 PM Adore Before the Shore 

 Thursday, July 13

  • 9:00 AM Morning Prayer

Friday, July 14
  • Church Office Closed

Saturday, July 15
         Church Office Closed
Sunday, July 16
            8:00 AM   Holy Eucharist Rite I
           10:00 AM Holy Eucharist Rite II

Monday, July 17

  • 9:00 AM Morning Prayer

Tuesday, July 18 

  • 9:00 AM Morning Prayer 

Wednesday, July 19

  • 9:00 AM Morning Prayer
  • 7:00 PM  Adore Before the Shore   

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