November 8, 2017
St. George's mission is to share together God's work in our lives through liturgy and sacrament, through joyous and caring fellowship, and through courageous and compassionate engagement with the world.

Dear People of St. George's,

 Something very beautiful has been waiting in the wings for your worship space! The new altar set and vestments have arrived and are quite spectacular. These gifts have been given through the generosity of a group of parishioners who had noticed the fading and worn appearance of the old set.

We will bless the new at this Sunday's worship (part at 8 AM, the rest at 10:00 AM service) so the whole parish can share the experience of inaugurating use of these beautiful gifts.

Our music this week includes St. George's Bluegrass performers and an original musical setting of a Richard Rolle prayer by Cynthia Pound. We abound in praise and thanksgiving!  

Thanks be to God.

Pastor Barbara


Please help us continue St. George’s mission in service to God and our community by submitting your generous pledge for the upcoming fiscal year. By pledging now, we are able to adequately plan and budget our funds to meet our responsibilities. Without your pledge, our community might not be able to fully implement and manage those programs, services and benefits that we have come to expect from St. George’s parish. If you have not received your pledge card, you can obtain one at the parish office from Kelly. Additionally, forms will be available at church, this Sunday, or you can print out a pdf copy of the form by clicking here .  Just complete the form and place it in the collection plate when you come to church or bring or mail it to the parish office.

Yours truly,
The Stewardship Committee
Capital Campaign Update

At the end of October the campaign figures are:
Commitment: $ 222,002 . We have reached and surpassed our campaign goal of $ 220,000!  This total is composed of 77 individual commitments. Thanks to all of our parishioners for this outstanding support.

(81%of our Goal)  Please be sure to keep your pledge up to date according to the schedule that you specified on your commitment card.

Spent: $ 173,517.89  A new project funded by the campaign is replacement of the floor in the lady's restroom.

Parish News

Happy Birthday  wishes go out to Cecil Littleton and to everyone with a celebration over the next week!

Happy Anniversary  wishes go out to John and Donna Pili; and to everyone with a celebration over the next week !  

Some Upcoming Events
at St. George's Church

Saturday, November 11th
  • Moonrise Kingdom 2:30 PM ~ More detials in E-Tale below.

Saturday, November 18th
  • Fall Clean Up Days ~ More details in E-Tale below.

Saturday, December 2nd
  • St. George's Gala ~ More details in the E-Tale below.

Saturday, December 9th
  • Save the Date! Pancake Breakfast with Santa ~ 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

  View St. George's online calendar,  click here for your convenience.

Getting to Know You!

As we begin another year of parish services and unforgettable events we have an opportunity to get to know each other better. One helpful way to introduce ourselves as long-time parishioners, newcomers and Pastor Barbara… is to wear a name tag when we are at St. George's. Starting this week name tag blanks and pens will be available. Look for the yellow sign and sample name tag on the sofa table in Jerusalem Hall …and thank you! For you enjoyment click here :)

Contact Laurie Ney at g
Sunday, November 12, 2017

8 AM ~ Jim Burns
10 AM ~ Deb and George Newnham

Sunday , November 12, 2017

  Children's Chapel
Deb Newnham and Marlee Bullock

Career wardrobe collection drive is this coming Tuesday November 14 at St Georges. Please come and join in the fun sorting the clothing donated by the surrounding local community ,5-7 pm in the back of the church. A quick easy way to help out!

First a huge thank you to all of you who helped on November 4th – we accomplished so much that I have revised the plans I had made for November 18th!

We are now planning on making some plant supports to protect and support the new trees that have been put in, trimming back more of the bushes around the sign at the corner of Darby Road/Ardmore Ave.,cutting shrubs away from the buildings and a/c units, and spreading some mulch if we still have time and energy. Also there is a pile of logs by Sulgrave Ave. from some of the trees we took down. Parishioners are encouraged to help themselves, otherwise we will have to try and move them out of the way!"

Please feel free to email me on or phone me on 610-446-6226 if you have any questions.

Thank you everyone!
Matinee in Jerusalem Hall
Instant Church Directory Online

Our church directory is available to view on your mobile device! Instant Church Directory - the program we use to build our church directory - has a free app for church members to download on their Apple, Android and Kindle Fire devices.  

To download free the app to your Apple device,   click here .

To download the app to your Android device,   click here .

To download the app to your Kindle Fire,   click here.

You will be asked to enter in your email address as it's listed in our directory. If your email address isn't listed in the directory, let Kelly at the parish office know so it can be added. Once you enter your email address, you will receive a password. 
You will receive one password per device. For example, you will need to register both your iPhone and your iPad. Entering the password starts the download of the directory to your device, and once it has completed you will be able to search for families and members to call, email or text right from the app.

More information can be found at

  Altar Flower  Memorials
and Celebrations for 2017

Any requests for dates between May and the end of August have to be received by April 20th, and any requests for dates between September and the end of December have to be received by the August 24th. Thanks so much for your support!

For your convenience  click here  to reserve online or contact the parish office. 

Wednesday, November 8

  • 7:00 PM Bible Study with Pastor Barbara

Thursday, November 9

  • 6:00 PM Bell Choir
  • 7:00 PM Boy Scouts
  • 7:30 PM Choir

Friday, November 10
  • Parish Office Closed

Saturday, November 11

  • Parish Office Closed
  • 2:30 PM " Moonrise Kingdom" Matinee in Jerusalem Hall

Sunday, November 12

  • 8:00 AM Holy Eucharist Rite I
      10:00 AM Holy Eucharist Rite II
 M onday, November 13

  • 7:00 PM Writer's Group
  • 7:00 PM AA Women's Group
Tuesday, November 14

Wednesday, November 15

  • No Bible Study will resume on November 29th

1 W. Ardmore Avenue
Ardmore, PA 19003
ph: 610-642-3500
fax: 610-642-4676