A preview of what St. James children are up to - more to come!
The Season of

Thoughts from the Director
Dear Families,

Lent - the Season of Renewal. Lent has always been one of my favorite times, it means we can crawl out of our winter hibernation and get outdoors, but it also gives me some time for reflection. It is filled with a time to reflect on the mysteries and what is to come but also gear up for the busyness of Spring, outdoors, and family get-togethers. I pray that you will have time as a family to feel renewed, refreshed, and rejoice over the Resurrection of our Lord.

There are many activities to keep your children busy this Spring, please see them on the 'Mark your Calendars' section. Some have inquired if they can still register their children for Sunday school and the answer is YES! We encourage weekly attendance for Sunday school but do understand the reality of families busy lives and would love to have them whenever they are able to attend. If you'd like more information and/or to register for Sunday school please click here.

Chelsea Whipple
Director of Christian Formation
Sunday School
Godly Play ages 3 - 1st grade

The youngsters are hard at play learning about the Good Shepherd, the Good Samaritan, the Pearl of Great Price and the Sower. They had a great lesson the Good Samaritan that encouraged them to help out their neighbors and share how they helped in class.

They will spend the next weeks learning about the Parables of the Leaven, the Mustard Seed and the Deep Well.

The kids enjoy their "assigned" jobs weekly and singing with Mrs. Sandra and Mrs. Amber!
Episcopal Children's Curriculum (ECC) 2nd - 4th grade

Not to be outdone, the older students have enjoyed learning about Ephiphany, Jesus being baptized, and Jesus changing water into wine. 

Next up is learning about Jesus' miracles, the parables, and how Jesus teaches us to pray the Lord's prayer. Their days are filled with lots of activities and discussion time.
Young Families Fellowship
New Fellowship Opportunity

Young Family Fellowship (YFF) has begun! We currently meet on Sundays when Sunday school is in session from 9:45-10:30 in the Undercroft (downstairs kitchen-look for signs). We are a diverse group of parents, parents-to-be and parents-in-waiting who meet for fellowship and refreshments. No agenda just a time to get together, share crazy parenting stories, talk about life, socialize, etc. You can drop your kiddos off at the nursery or Sunday school and head on downstairs. Drop in whenever you are here, no obligations. Please see Notes from the Director for a link to get your child signed up for Sunday school. We hope to see you there!
Children & Youth Sunday on Feb. 26th 

Children and Youth Sunday is February 25th & 26th. During all 3 services children and youth serve the congregation in various roles. Traditionally, only youth have served during this time but we'd like all of the children to be involved in some way. Any child ages 3 and up are invited to process during the 8:30 and/or 10:45 service with the clergy. They will then go sit with their parents after the processional for the rest of the service. Those children ages 8 and up are invited to be either Ushers or Oblation Carriers for the 8:30 or 10:45 service. If you are interested, please sign-up with Anne Clark or Chelsea Whipple or electronically on the link below. There are also sign-up sheets posted on the doors of the Sunday school classrooms and the Children Bulletin board in the hallway. We'd love to have as many kids as possible helping in some capacity. Please let Chelsea know if you have any questions!  

Check out the Children's Bulletin Board  

The children have a bulletin board in the hallway leading to the Guild Hall. You will find us located on the west side wall next to the Youth board. There is information posted about all of our activities, upcoming events, and lots of pictures! 
Youth Missioner Visit from EDOK

Karen Schlabach from the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas will be making a visit to St. James on March 12th. She will be here to make a presentation during Breakfast Sunday and talk about the Children  and Youth activities available to our kids. This would be a great time to ask questions about Mega Camp! 
Mark Your Calendars

February 26
Children & Youth Sunday
Sign-up form
March 2
Bible Study on Salvation begins
More Info
March 12
Youth Missioner from EDOK visit
April 16
No Sunday School
April 16
Easter Egg Hunt
10:00 a.m.

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