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August 9, 2017 

  We can prepare our hearts and minds
by reading ahead for the Sunday Service lessons 
August 13, 2017    
Jesus walks on the water, Tanner. 

The Tenth Sunday after Pentecost 
The First Reading:
Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28  
Jacob's sons struggle with sibling strife, selling their favored brother into slavery. 
The Epistle:  
Romans 10:5-15  
The apostle Paul has great affection for his blood brothers, the Israelites. No one is treated with partiality before God; all have sinned, all are offered redemption.

The Psalm: 105, 1-6, 16-22, 45b 
The Gospel:
Matthew 14:22-33 
Jesus finds renewal in prayer and communion with his heavenly Father; when he approaches the disciples on the sea, Peter fears the weather more than he trusts God. 


FROM 10:50 - 11:50 am 

(Rm. 205) 
During the Service
   Joint Sunday School
  Each week, St. John's children join
 with three of our Ministry Partners: 
Fairfax Chinese Christian Church, 
Wellspring United Church  of Christ
& Grace Baptist Church 
 for Sunday School 10:50  - 11:45 AM .  
We  offer 3 classes:
  PreK- 2nd grade: Rm. 205;
 3rd - 8th grade: Rm. 215;
 9th - 12th grade:
  Rm 206

CLICK HERE to see artworks and text relevant to this coming Sunday's readings


Looking to hire a part-time sexton
As you may know, one of our sextons, Will Lambert, had a stroke several weeks ago. He is recovering and making good progress at the Manor Care Rehabilitation Center on Route 50 in Fairfax. At this time, it is uncertain whether Will will be able to return to work. In the meantime, we need to hire a part-time sexton to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 3-4 hours per day. The job includes cleaning, vacuuming, setting up rooms, and light repair work. If you know of someone who might be interested, please have them contact our Senior Warden, David Weir at or 703-263-1543.

The St. John's painting project team has made great strides! A lot of the front of the building has now been painted!  
The scraping, sanding and priming continues along the far right side on the front, as does the replacing of the rotted wood (more was found than had been expected.) We continue to need folks to help in the evening and supplies are provided. Please call Andrew Wade (703-477-8980) for more information and to find out which days people will be here to work. Many thanks go to all who have been giving of their time and talent.
Remember to change our address on your donation envelopes
For those of you who mail in your pledges, please use our street address (5649 Mt. Gilead Road, Centreville, VA  20120). We no longer have our post office box. Note that the post office box is printed on the pledge envelopes so you will need to change that. We do have stickers with our street address on the back table in the church that you can use on your pledge envelopes. If you have your bank send us your pledge, please let them know about our change of address.
Save the date for the first regional youth event!
Our first event will be a "kick-off" fun event at St. Peter's in the Woods in Fairfax Station on
Saturday, September 16 from 5-7 PM. More details will be forthcoming.
Carol will be on vacation...
I will be on vacation from July 31 - August 19, traveling up through New England, visiting family, attending my high school reunion, sight seeing in Montreal, and enjoying the beach. I will be returning to St. John's on Sunday, August 20.

....but St. John's will continue on!
The Rev. Cecelia Schroeder will be here on August 13. She has been to St. John's before.
The Wednesday evening services WILL continue.The Rev. Samuel Reddimalla will lead the service of Holy Eucharist on August 9, and Catherine Packard will lead Evening Prayer on August 16.

Office hours will be varied during the next few weeks. Juliette Faulding, our bookkeeper, is in the office Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Catherine Packard, our Parish Administrator, is part-time and will be back in the office on August 4. We have several wonderful office volunteers - Marie McDermott, Robyn Ramsey and Penny Parker - who answer the phones and help out at various times on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you plan to come by the church, please call first to be sure someone is in the office to help you. If there is an emergency while I am away, please call our Senior Warden, David Weir at 703-263-1543 
Bishops' Statement on Full Inclusion of Transgender Persons in All Aspects of Our Common Life

July 28, 2017

The Bishops of the Diocese of Virginia continue our commitment to the inclusion of LGBTQ+ persons in all aspects of our common life as a Church and as a nation.  We are proud to be in community with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and concur with his statement (below) in response to our President's decision to exclude transgender persons from military service. We also stand by  the guidelines for the inclusion of transgender persons in our camps and schools, which we developed last year. Be assured of our unwavering support for God's beloved children, no matter their gender, gender identity or sexual orientation.

The Rt. Rev. Shannon S. Johnston
The Rt. Rev. Susan E. Goff
The Rt. Rev. Edwin F. Gulick

Western Fairfax Christian Ministries
WFCM reminds us that their shelves can become almost empty during the summer months. Please remember those who are hungry when you do your grocery shopping and
donate nonperishable food items
to WFCM when you come to St. John's on Sundays.
You may put your donations in the baskets by the front door of the church. 

Currently Needed Items
Food & Beverages
Fruit Juice (individual size appreciated)
Pasta Sauce
Cold cereal
Canned pasta
Pancake Mix/Syrup
Canned fruit
Canned chili

(NOTE: Toiletry items cannot be purchased
by our clients with their food stamps, so they are greatly appreciated.)
Body wash
Diapers size 4, 5 or 6
Baby Wipes
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
More Virginians are killed annually by gunfire than in car accidents. The "Coalition to Stop Gun Violence" seeks to create educational awareness, outreach and a dialogue for gun violence prevention through the special interest license "Stop Gun Violence." Delegate Marcus Simon will submit legislation for the approval of this special license plate to get the approval of the Virginia General Assembly. Visit their website at The application for the new license plate can be found at 
Please remember in your prayers all those who have been injured or killed or live in fear due to acts of terrorism; those who live in war-torn parts of this world; those who are dying of starvation in Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan due to drought and war; and all who are on our prayer list.


as LEM, Crucifer, Lector, Usher, Verger, Torch Bearer at a Sunday Service.

click here:
You will receive an automatic reminder a few days in advance. ( If you would like to become an altar server, please see the Rev. Carol Hancock.)

for coffee hour after the Sunday Service in the Breezeway.

 click here: 
You will receive an automatic reminder a few days in advance. Coffee hour is an important part of fellowship - staying connected with each other and welcoming newcomers.

for a Sunday service throughout 2017.

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You may sign up here to donate the flowers to be used on the altar for each of the Sundays in 2017. Click to read additional info before signing up.

Every Wednesday evening, we have a service of Holy Eucharist and healing at 6:00 PM. The service is about 30 minutes. It is a perfect alternative for those who cannot come to church on Sunday mornings, as well as a good spiritual boost in the middle of the week. Come join us!

There is something of Mary and Martha inside each one of us: the active, busy, and distracted, as well as the reflective and contemplative. But our modern life so stresses the active virtues that we are more in danger of forgetting the need for spiritual replenishment, for practicing the presence of God, for sitting quietly and still at the feet of Jesus: just being with him in quietness and stillness, in order to renew our energy and our spirit.

-Br. Geoffrey Tristram
Society of Saint John the Evangelist

My email address is,
and the office number is 703-803-7500.  
May our ministry together spread God's love to all whom we encounter.

       - Carol
       The Rev. Carol Hancock

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