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Issue: #27
   May 2015
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Approximately 12 of us have been undergoing education with Father Bill Small to lead up to being confirmed or received or reaffirmed by Bishop Tom Ely when he visits St. John's on August 9.  There are several religions that are similar to the Episcopalian religion in that they believe in the Apostolic succession of Bishops- Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Greek Orthodox for example.  These people can be received into the Episcopal church.  Their being received does not mean that they are renouncing their previous faith; they are expanding their faith to include being an Episcopalian at this time.  For those who came from religions which do not have the Apostolic succession of Bishops- most religions not mentioned above- confirmation is required.  For those of us who have been lifelong Episcopalians, we are reaffirming our faith as we did when we were confirmed.  

For those of you who are coming back in the summer, or those who missed it this winter, we are having another class.

Tuesday June 9 and Tuesday August 4, both 10:30-12:30. (after Tuesday Bible study). June 9 is for the new group.  August 4 is for everyone (summer and winter) as a final prep before the Bishop's visit on August 9 when he will confirm, receive and reaffirm us.  Talk to Scottie if you are interested.  


Guest column from Jim LaForest on Tuesday Bible Study


If readers don't know much abut the Tuesday morning bible study, it consists of a group discussion focusing on the major points of the weekly lectionary. Care is giving to making non- refutational responses through the use of keeping remarks focused at  the table rather than at any participant- a process we call "speaking to the middle of the table." Well, the Tuesday morning bible study three weeks ago was held with intense staring at the middle of the table (TWO STAINS ON THE LEFT), thoughtful glimpses at the ceiling (18 BEAMS) and exhibited wonder why the 11 disciples locked themselves into a room so they couldn't easily get out.  As for the women involved in the crucifixion of Jesus (none of the disciples were present, perhaps because they lost the key to the door?)  The women were present during the crucifixion and were  recognized?  Why, they were left to shift for themselves!  Some thought  was given by one participant as to why these 11 men were willing to spend three years in continuous confusion over the simplest of statements.  One wondered if this was some elaborate  metaphor.  The group does, from time to time go to a cell phone seeking biblical understanding.  The group questions and comments are made without confrontation, and unlike some sermons everyone stays awake for the entire session. 


ReNew Help Needed

ReNew funds are at an all time low to help our neighbors in need.  The lack of recent fundraising and a particularly difficult winter have contributed to the current financial need.  Please send a check to the office with ReNew in the memo line or drop a check in the plate on Sunday so that we can help ReNew get back to a stable financial situation.  

Will Harron needs our help

 Will is engaged in a personal fundraising campaign for Life Together, the program he is a part of in the Boston area.   Each fellow is expected to raise $500 for the program, to fund next year's fellows.  Will will also be a fellow next year.  If you can help, here is the  website.


Key Summer Dates to put on your calendar

Vacation Bible School - June 29 - July 3 Willsboro Methodist
Ashmont Boy Choir Camp - July 23-26
Annual meeting  - August 2
Bishop Tom Ely visitation to St John's - August 9
Alleluia! Golf Tournament Basin Harbor - September 12

What do you remember about church as a child?

Jeff Moredock and I were having this conversation recently and I told him that I remembered the time I fainted in church. during a long prayer.  Apparently I crumpled under the kneelers and my parents and brother had a difficult time extracting me. 
Jeff had an experience in the 50's that of course he wrote a poem about 20 years later:

                                The Ascension


                                    James R. Hilty Jr

                                    Preacher's kid extraordinaire

                                    Tied his sister up

                                    In a tree



                                    On the next day

                                    When she was found

                                    Alive...unhurt...and well

                                    Her father...Jim's too

                                    Preached a sermon

                                    On lost sheep

                                    Which left us all

                                    Up in the air



                                                                        Jeff Moredock   July 1975


May 14 is Ascension Day.  Let Scottie know what you remember about church as a child.

Help Needed for Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is an ecumenical Bible School for pre-K through 6th grade.  It is held June 29th  through July 3 at the Willsboro Methodist Church 9-12am.
They would love to have two more volunteers.  One would

help to shop for food items that are specified in the curriculum and work with Peggy Hunn on the part of the program that deals with foods that were eaten during Jesus' lifetime.  The other volunteer would helpwith fun and games with Kathy Phillips....indoor and outdoor activities. The age group for VBS is pre-K through 6th grade.