St. Mark's United Methodist Church of Bloomington, Indiana
is an inclusive community bringing Christ-like love, healing and hope to all.

We embrace the United Methodist ideal of Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors
by welcoming those of all races, cultures, faith traditions, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

9:00am (Garton Hall) 
Thank you to  
the St. Mark's Operation Friendship Team  
who will be preparing breakfast.  
Donations will be appreciated to support our youth in this international exchange program.
9:15am    Pilgrims (Room 13) 
am    Nomads (Room 10)
9:30am   Bible Banter (Room 11)
Infants through Three-year-olds  
(Rooms 24 & 25)
Children, Friends & Family
9:30am (
Garton Hall)

Preschool (Room 27) 
Kindergarton-1st grade (Room 28) 
2nd-3rd grade (Room 9)
4th-5th grade (Room 4)  
Youth 6th-12th grade (Room 1) 
Reverend Phil Amerson, preaching 
Isaiah 25:1-9
Sermon Title:
Where The Heart Is: The Abundant Heart 

Get to know one another;  
wear a name tag, please. 
Need a name tag? Click here! 
Sunday, October 15th & 22nd (Date Change), 9:30am in Room 15 
New Member Classes
Are you interested in becoming a member of St. Mark's United Methodist Church? Perhaps you are undecided, and would just like to explore what membership would mean. If so, plan to attend our next set of membership classes at 9:30 a.m. on October 15 & 22 in Room 15. You will be able to meet some of the church's leaders, learn more about St. Mark's understanding of faith and  mission, and explore where you could connect and invest yourself in our congregation. Nursery care is available in Room 25 for infants and toddlers. Child care for older children is available by contacting the church office. Email Jimmy Moore at, or contact the church office, for more information or to indicate your intention to attend.    
This Sunday, October 15th, 10:30am
Sanctuary Worship
Walter Bruggemann once wrote, "Whether we are liberal or conservative Christians, we must confess that the central problem of our lives is that we are torn apart by the conflict between our attraction to the good news of God's abundance and the power of our belief in scarcity -- a belief that makes us greedy, mean, and un-neighborly." Can we dare to trust the good news of the abundance of God? We will explore that in worship on Sunday in our 10:30am worship service at St. Mark's United Methodist Church. Rev. Phil Amerson will preach the sermon "Where the Heart Is: The Abundant Heart", arising from Isaiah 25:1-9. The chancel choir will sing under the direction of Gerry Sousa and accompanied by Pam Freeman.
Saturday, October 14th, 6:00pm-8:00pm
Youth At Solsberry Hill: Capture the Flag, a Campfire, S'mores,and So Much More...
Enjoy the crisp, cool autumn air as we run, play, worship, sing, and nosh on deliciousness together. The retreat will be held at the former Director of Children's Ministries' retreat center, Solsberry Hill Retreat Center: 3708 State Ferry Road, Solsberry, IN 47460 Bring yourselves, bring friends, and be ready for fun! RSVP to by 10/12. Permission forms are required of all in attendance and may be completed here:   
"Where The Heart Is" Stewardship Emphasis
Jesus said, "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." (Matthew 6:21) We are a treasuring people, choosing how we share our love, energy, resources and care. One of the most vital spiritual decisions we make is our determination to treasure what matters. This Stewardship season, we are asking how God is speaking to us at St. Mark's UMC, by reflecting on what it is that we really treasure. What have we shared together that has moved our hearts, as people of faith? What greater possibilities do we have ahead?
You mighty have received in the mail, or picked up at church, a stewardship letter and two estimate-of-giving cards. One card offers a way to pledge toward our annual budget. This supports our staff, growing program ministries, building maintenance, and outreach with the local and global community. The second card offers a way to pledge toward capital needs addressed in Project St. Mark's, the Sequel: roofing, new carpet, LED lighting in the sanctuary, covered entry and, most recently, the repaving of the parking lot. (Extra letters and cards are available in Garton Hall, on the church website, or by contacting the church office.)
Consider prayerfully how you will respond, from the heart, to this stewardship campaign. If you would like more information, please contact the church office or any member of Stewardship Team: Andy Cron, Kevin Theile, Cyrilla Helm, Charlie Nelms, Jeremiah Young, Pete Yoder, Deb Davis, Mary Beth Morgan, or Jimmy Moore.
Your completed pledge cards may be placed in the offering plate on Sundays, or brought/mailed to the church office. You may also fill our your pledge card(s) on-line by following the link on our church website ( or access the pledge card section directly at A confirmation email will be sent when you submit your pledge. Your pledge information remains confidential in the finance office, and can be revised at any time. Your pledge makes a difference, regardless of size. Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity.  
As part of our reflection on stewardship, there are two q uestions on the board:
How have you seen God in our community? 
(church, local, global . . .) What has touched your heart at St. Mark's?
There are post-it-
notes by the board so that you may offer y our own responses (either signed with your name or anonymously).  All ages are encouraged to participate.  Drawings are great, too! You can also e-mail your reflections to ( We look forward to seeing how our responses grow during the month, and open our hearts to new possibilities of living God's love in the world.  
Jail BINGO will begin again this fall. Jail BINGO was started by Wain Martin several years ago as a way of reaching out to inmates in the Monroe County Jail. Over the years, many from St. Mark's have participated in this ministry.
You can support Jail Bingo in a number of ways:

* Bring items such as full size candy bars, bars of soap, and deodorant to the Jail Bingo basket in Garton Hall. These items will be used as BINGO prizes.
* Contribute to the breakfast donation basket on October 29th. Carle Crawford will be there to answer questions about Jail Bingo. If you wish to contribute a breakfast item, contact Mary Beth Morgan.
* Participate in Jail Bingo team as BINGO caller, awarder of prizes, etc. at the jail. (Those who wish to participate need to contact Carle Crawford, 812-336-2277,
The Church Life team is planning opportunities for all of us in the St. Mark's community to get to know each other better. This month there is "Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner?", an invitation to share a meal with a small group of folks, who, perhaps, you only recognize by sight on Sunday mornings. Everyone is invited to sign up on the large poster boards in Garton Hall or by calling the church office. You can choose to be either one of the Hosts, preparing a simple evening supper in your home; or one of the Guests, joining others at a Host's home. The Church Life team will take care of matching Guests with Hosts.

At 5:30pm on Sunday, October 29th, all Guests will come to Garton Hall where they will receive their Hosts' names and driving directions. If all goes well, by 6:00pm everyone will wind up in the right place and will enjoy food, conversation, and fellowship.
More information can be found on the poster boards in Garton Hall, or by contacting Linda Gluff (, Myriam Wood, or the church office.

Now Seeking Donations for the Annual TIME, TALENT AND TREASURE AUCTION
We know how talented our St. Mark's community is. Let's put it to good use for Nursery School! Donations of your TIME (babysitting, meal preparation), TALENT (music lessons, baked goods) and TREASURES (tickets, vacation homes) will be auctioned to raise money for the school's scholarship and playground fund. The auction will run November 1st through November 10th.
Please submit donations by October 29th. Email details and pictures of your donation to Susan Walker at or bring a paper copy to the office.

It's time to sign up: Got an award-winning soup? Prepare your tastiest pot to compete for the title of "Top Soup Chef". Sign up on the board in front of the church office or use this link 
Deadline to sign up: Oct. 25th. On Friday, November 3rd from 5:00pm to 7:00pm in Garton Hall you can warm your bodies with delicious soup while building community. Bring friends and family. (*SOUP CHEFS ARRIVE AT 4:15pm) Advance tickets are for sale in the nursery school office: $3 per child, $5 per adult or $20 per family. Tickets at the door will be $5 per child, $7 per adult.
9:15am-10:15am in Room 13
9:15am-10:15am in Room 10
9:30am-10:15am in Room 11
Infant through Three-year-olds  
(Rooms 24 & 25)

Garton Hall 

Preschool (Room 27) 
Kindergarton-1st grade (Room 28) 
2nd-3rd grade (Room 9)
4th-5th grade (Room 4)  
Youth 6th-12th grade (Room 1) 
Sunday School Registration Renewal 
Complete registration forms here.
If you have not yet registered your child for Sunday School this year, please do so today. If needed, forms are available at the Sunday School table in Garton Hall. This form is an annual requirement for each child (multiple children can be entered on one form).
Each Sunday
Sign In & Name Tags for Sunday School & Childcare 
Children attending childcare or Sunday School must be signed in and have a name tag from the table in Garton Hall. Please sign in before worship. 
Each Sunday, 9:30am
Children, Friends & Family of all Ages 
CELEBRATION! takes place in Garton Hall, near the piano.  People of all ages are invited to reflect on the theme for the day and to take part in the hands-on experiences available at the tables near the piano.  Also, on Sundays when he's available, Aaron will close out our community in song as we end in a communal "Great Amen" before heading to the Sanctuary for worship.
Saturday, October 14th, 6:00pm 
Youth at Solsberry Hill! RSVP TODAY PLEASE  
See article in "This Sunday" section above. Don't miss the fun of this youth event. Email your RSVP to  Sarah Gettie McNeill at .
Sunday, October 22nd, 10:30am Sanctuary Worship 
Children and Youth in Worship Leadership 
Children and Youth are welcome to be part of worship leadership any Sunday.  They are especially invited, this month, on Sunday, October 22nd.  They are invited to serve by greeting/handing out bulletins, lighting candles (acolyte), drawing a picture for the bulletin cover, reading scripture, leading a prayer, sharing a musical or artistic talent, helping the ushers, etc.  Please contact Mary Beth Morgan if your child(ren)/youth would like to participate in worship leadership on October 22nd, and which role(s) are of interest.  Thank you!  
Adult Sunday School, 9:30am
Bible Banter

The Bible Banter class meets in Room 11 each Sunday from 9:30-10:15am. The Scripture text for the morning's sermon is used as a discussion-starter.

We look at the passage in its larger context, and we sometimes explore a bit of Bible-writing history. We offer some thoughts on what the morning's sermon might look like, based on the Scripture the pastor has selected. We leave time to discuss implications of the Scripture for our own lives, and we often even delve into topics far afield of the morning's original topic. You are invited to bring some breakfast from Garton Hall into Room 11 and join the conversation.

Adult Sunday School, 9:15am
The Nomads class is a generally progressive group which meets each Sunday at 9:15am in Room 10 for fellowship and discussion of selected readings on issues related to faith, spirituality, or social justice. Nomads will discuss Ten Prayers That Changed the World - Extraordinary Stories of Faith That Shaped the Course of History  by Jean-Pierre Isbouts. All are welcome with no preparation required.

Adult Sunday School, 9:15am 
Comparative Religion  
In October, Pilgrims' Sunday Morning Class is starting a study of how the five major religions - Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism - address the same core issues. We will be using a video lecture series titled Comparative Religion by Professor Charles Kimball, Professor and Director of the Religious Studies Program at the University of Oklahoma.
All are welcome at any point in the lecture series. Come join us for the presentation and resulting discussion.

Lecture #3-Sunday, October 15th :  
"The Sacred, the Holy and the Profane" 
The effort to understand and explain the origin of religion can be seen in the work of sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists and theologians . Prof. Kimball highlights three different 20th century frameworks, which will used throughout the course, for understanding the origin of religion:
  • Rudolf Otto's - The Idea of the Holy (A non-national awareness of the "Holy" is at the heart of human religiousness.)
  • Mircea Eliade's - The Sacred and the Profane (The heart of religious experience is human awareness of the sacred.)
  • Wilfred Cantwell's - The Meaning and End of Religion (Religion is a vibrant, ever-changing, and growing manifestation of cumulative traditions.)
Stephen Ministry  
St. Mark's is looking to revitalize its Stephen Ministry program. A Stephen Minister is a lay member (not a pastor) who is trained to offer one-to-one Christian care to people going through tough times. If you are interested in continuing as a Stephen Minister, or in learning more about the program, please contact Dan Hughes at   
How To Help Those In Need 
Following Recent Natural Disasters   
The impact of recent hurricanes and other disasters, both nationally and internationally, has been devastating. The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is responding to the destruction and overwhelming needs from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria; Earthquakes in Mexico; Mudslides in Sierra Leone and West Coast Forest Fires. Pray for those who are in great need, as well as the early response teams, including countless volunteers.
It will take a long and sustained effort for all of these areas to fully recover. The most immediate way we can help is through financial assistance. If you can donate, checks can be made out to "St. Mark's" and put in the offering plate or sent to the church office. Please write "Disaster Relief-U.S." on your check's memo line for your assistance to aid U.S. states and territories, OR write "Disaster Relief- International." One hundred percent (100%) of all money donated will go directly to the children, women and men most in need. To get continuing updates of the work of UMCOR, and ways to give on-line, go to

Each Wednesday, 1:00pm-3:00pm
St. Mark's Quilters & Crafters
Bring your quilting or crafts to Room 10 and spend time with others who enjoy these activities. All skill levels are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Each Thursday, 11:30am-1:00pm 
Women of Wonder and Faith
A group of faithful, journeying women meeting weekly to read and discuss books on various topics of faith. We are reading John Shelby Spong's book Biblical Literalism: A Gentile Heresy through December 14th. Please join us as we move along our faith journey, collectively and individually, as well as build valuable friendships to support each other through life's many challenges and joys. Contact the facilitator, Maria Schmidt, with questions and to let her know you are coming.
Each Friday, 12:30pm, at Bell Trace
Conversations on Life Men's Group
During October the Conversations on Life men's group will be finishing the discussion of the last sections of Richard J. Foster's book Streams of Living Water.   In particular, the group will cover two of Foster's essays at the end of the book: "Critical Turning Points in Church History" and  "Notable Figures & Significant Movements in Church History".  The group meets every Friday at 12:30pm in the private dining room, at the basement level on the west side of the main building of Bell Trace. Visitors are always welcomed.
Sundays in October, Orders May Be Placed Up To November 1st
Operation Friendship Christmas Greenery Fundraiser
Support Operation Friendship and celebrate the holidays with beautiful greenery! One-stop shopping right here at St. Mark's where you can find a gift for family, friends, or business associates, be they in or out-of-town. The "Traditional Program" allows you to pick up your choices during the week of November 20th. The "Holiday Gift Program" pricing includes shipping costs and offers you an effortless way to have the symbols and fragrance of the season shipped to the recipient's doorstep. You may place your orders at the Operation Friendship table in Garton Hall every Sunday during the month of October. Phone or email orders may be placed up to November 1st. Call or email Jane Dunatchik (812-322-0554 or or call the church office.
To view product photos, go to or ope n OF Christmas Greenery Flyer here.
Operation Friendship is a youth exchange program that has been an important part of St. Mark's for decades. Youth travel abroad one year and host international guests the next.
UMW Circle Meetings for October  
Tuesday, October 17th, 9:30am, St. Mark's Room 8.   
Morning Circle 
Hostess: Susan Parrish.  Bring Least Coin and Prayer and Self-Denial Offering.
Tuesday, October 17th, 1:30pm, St. Mark's Room 8 
Susanna Wesley Circle 
Program: Welcoming the Refugees by Lisa Miller-Maidi. Bring Least Coin and Shoebox Items.
Wednesday, October 18th, 7:00 pm, Bell Trace  
Charlene Martin Circle 
Program:  Finding God in Children's Books by Trina Mescher.  Bring Least Coin.

Friday and Saturday, October 20th & 21st in Garton Hall 
Delta Theta Tau Garage Sale
The Annual Garage Sale of the Delta Theta Tau Sorority will take place at St. Mark's in Garton Hall. The sale will be open 1:00pm-7:00pm on Friday and 7:00am-3:00pm on Saturday. Though this is not a church event, this public event is open to the entire community. The garage sale is a fundraising event for the Delta Theta Tau philanthropic sorority.  
Monday, October 23rd, 7:00pm, Sanctuary
Healing Service
St. Mark's Caring Ministries Team is offering a service of healing on Monday night, October 23rd, at 7:00pm in the sanctuary. The act of offering prayer and the laying on of hands with anointing is ancient and prophetic (see Isaiah 61:3). To come to God for healing is an act of faith. Spiritual healing is not magic, and it is not intended to substitute the healing that often comes from medicine and counseling. Rather, it is an offering of God's love that works in us to bring wholeness of body, mind, spirit, and relationships. You are most welcome to join us. For more information, contact Jimmy Moore at 812-332-5788 or email
Sunday, October 29th
Change of Date for Communion Service
Our next date for communion at St. Mark's UMC has been moved from the first Sunday in November. Instead, communion will be offered on Sunday, October 29th during 10:30am worship.  
Monday, October 30th, 7:00pm 
Leadership Council Meeting Date Notice
The next Leadership Council meeting is planned for Monday, October 30th at 7:00pm in Room 8. The Leadership Council will not meet on October 16th; the entry on the calendar in the October UPCOMING@ST. MARK'S was not correct. We apologize for any confusion regarding these meeting dates. The St. Mark's Leadership Council will meet on Monday, October 30 in Room 8. All are welcome to attend. While only Leadership Council members can vote on motions that are presented, everyone is encouraged to attend and participate in discussion and planning for the ministries of the church. Please contact the church office with any questions.  
Sunday, November 5th, 10:30am
All Saints Sunday Remembrance 
Each year, on All Saints Sunday, we especially honor, remember, and celebrate loved ones and friends who have touched our lives.  As part of our worship service, we will name and light a candle of remembrance for each person in the St. Mark's fellowship who has died in the past year. We also will invite all in the congregation to remember other loved ones, and light a candle celebrating their lives and the gifts they brought to the world.

Sunday, November 5th, 2:00pm at Fairview United Methodist Church
Charge Conference 
The primary purposes of the annual Charge Conference are to review and evaluate the mission and ministry of the church, and to adopt objectives and goals recommended by the church's Leadership Council. The Conference also affords an opportunity to connect with those from other local UMC congregations: Garrison Chapel, Cross Roads, Walkers Chapel, Bloomington St. Paul, Korean, Bloomington First, and Nashville. This year's conference will be hosted Fairview United Methodist Church (600 W 6th St, Bloomington, IN 47404). All are welcome to participate.
Upcoming@St. Mark's is published once each month as an information resource and guide to the activities and events within and around the St. Mark's church community. Copies are distributed the first Sunday of each month along with the Sunday worship bulletin, and thereafter are available at the Welcome Center Desk, at the main entrances to the building, or by contacting the church office.
All ministry areas, church committees, and interest groups are encouraged to submit articles for the next edition of UPCOMING@ ST. MARK'S. The November edition will be available Sunday, November 5th. Articles for November & the first week of December 2017 are due Monday, October 23rd. For more information and to submit articles for publication, please contact the church office.
Rev. Jimmy Moore, Pastor
Rev. Mary Beth Morgan, Pastor
Gerry Sousa, Director of Music Ministries

Rev. Sarah Gettie McNeill, Director of Children's Ministries
Please contact Sarah Gettie McNeill for Youth Ministries.
Natalie LeBeau, Finance Director
Aaron Comforty, Children and Youth Music Leader
Sierra Roussos,
Director of St. Mark's Nursery School & Kindergarten

Amy Jones,
Coordinator of Childcare
Claire Schaffer, Administrative Assistant

Dennis Morgan, Head Custodian

100 N. State Road 46 Bypass, Bloomington, IN 47408
Phone: 812-332-5788     Fax: 812-333-5544
Click for a map to our location: Directions to St. Mark's UMC
Click for St. Mark's Nursery School & Kindergarten website:
100 N. State Road 46 Bypass, Bloomington, IN 47408
School Office Phone: 812-333-4007
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