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By Elf MagicBack to School Edition 2012
A Letter From Santa

Hello my friends so dear,


Greetings from the North Pole!  We are so excited to send you the

2012 Back to School issue of the St. Nick's News. As you know

Back to school desk
Elf Janie has organized her desk to help her concentrate while doing her homework.

from our Facebook and Twitter posts, we have been busy enjoying our summer outings with you as we traveled across the country, helping to create family memories to last a lifetime! We can't tell you how much we enjoyed our special visits with you - from birthdays to family vacations or just hanging out with you at home - we had such a wonderful time! The Elves nearly talked my ears off filling me in on all their hysterical Elf adventures. Mrs. Claus and I continue to laugh as we think about all the wonderful Elfcapades that took place over the summer!


So that you can take a look at all of their wonderful adventures and have a giggle yourself, be sure to read Elf Jack's report on how the Elves spent their summer vacation in the Elf Magic Memories and Keepsake Journal. We would also love to share pictures of your summer "good times" with your Elf, so please be sure to post your Elf-A- Razzi pictures.

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With summer nearing its end, we know you must be extremely busy as you dust off your backpacks and head back to school. 

"Everything Posh Elfit"

Things here at the North Pole have also been hectic as we gear up for the most wonderful time of the year! You guessed it...Christmas! Not only have we been busy with toy making and reading all of your wonderful letters, but we have also been preparing a special surprise for you. Did you know that some of our Elves also attend school? They sure do! And boy let me tell you, all of our students at the Elf Magic School of Fashion and Design are bursting at the seams to announce their latest and greatest additions for 2012! Elf Charlotte and Elf Willow, along with the entire fashion team, have truly outdone themselves! They continue to amaze me year after year, but I will let Elf Willow, fashion editor for SNN, tell you about that herself in her detailed report on this year's must have looks! 


Be sure to follow Elf Magic on Pinterest!  We have so much fun sharing Elfcapades, party ideas, crafts and adorable ways to enjoy the season! Be sure to check out our "Elf Magic Celebrates Fall Fun" board.


As always, we are very grateful that you continue to share our Timeless Traditions of Elf Magic with your friends and family. 


I hope that you find the magic of Christmas in your everyday!


Come One, Come All, Summer Fun Was Enjoyed By All!
By Elf Jack
SSN Editor
Elves eating watermelon.
The Elves love iced cold watermelon!


It's official, summer was a blast! Being the editor of SNN, I have been very lucky to get to sit by Santa and Mrs. Claus as Elves one and all tell of their many summer adventures. Many of the Elves went to camp, traveled to the mountains and soaked up the sun at the beach (of course, they were sure to wear their sunblock)! Elves also hiked, went fishing, skiing and skating, toasted marshmallows and told stories by the campfire. Let me tell you, many hours were spent in swimming pools trying to cool off, as Elves are used to the frosty North Pole temperature. Children and Elves alike took in all the fun activities that summer has to offer, including making homemade ice cream, playing tennis, catching fireflies and eating watermelon to their heart's content! I even heard that some of our Elves had the chance to celebrate "Christmas in July" by participating in a 4th of July parade! This is an event that I will not miss out on next year!


Elf Zach said, "One of my favorite summer memories is the day Bobby and I spent fishing and hanging out on the dock. We caught the 'Big One' and wow, was it a fun day!"  

Elf Memories and Keepsake Journal
Elf Zach enjoys reading about his fishing trip with Bobby!


When Elf Mark and Elf Betsy were asked what their favorite activity was at camp, Elf Mark immediately exclaimed, "Tennis, of course," and Elf Betsy piped in, "Tennis was fun, but there's nothing like a good round of golf!" 


Many of the Elves wanted to enjoy their summer "good times" long after summer was over. And, that my friend is where the Elf Magic Memories Keepsake Journal comes in handy. All of the Elves plan to write about their camp adventures in their Elf Magic Memories Keepsake Journal. I hope that you will do the same in your journal.


Summer Camp
Elf Mark and Elf Betsy having fun at summer camp.

Happy Fourth of July
Fireworks were enjoyed by all!
Christmas in July- Parade
Jingle and Jangle enjoying the 4th of July Parade.


Sew Very Excited, Elf Magic School of Fashion and Design Announce 2012 Elfits!


By Elf  Willow    

Fashion Editor


The North Pole is buzzing with excitement as the 2012 Forever Elf Fashions Collection has arrived just in time for back to school as well as the upcoming Christmas holiday. And, let me tell you, it is as charming as ever! Now, even the most fashion forward Elves can dress to impress! Not only does the collection include head-to-toe Elfits for Elves on the go, but it also includes pieces that can be mixed and matched! 

Elf Magic School of Fashion and Design

Children will have hours of fun mixing up some magic with the "Mix N' Magic" pieces!


The new line includes the "Ready To Romp" Elfit - 7 pieces of creative fun! The Elves will stay warm and comfortable while "romping" around in the great outdoors. The Elfit includes blue jeans, white turtleneck, red fleece vest with signature-embroidered snowflake, cowboy boots and a reversible scarf and hat. 

Covert Cam-o
"Covert Camo" Elfit


Also, don't miss Elf Magic's 5-piece "Covert Camo Elfit", which includes camouflage print pants, long-sleeved shirt, boots and baseball style cap. With Covet Camo, Elf Magic Elves will have no problem keeping their arrival and hiding place a secret!


This year, the Elves will look fresh as a daisy in the "Daisy Patch" dress! This 2-piece combination will take Elves from summer celebrations and well into the fall season. The Elfit features a daisy print striped dress accented with bright colors as well as soft lime green leggings.

Daisy Patch Dress
"Daisy Patch" Dress


And make sure that you don't miss the adorable "Everything Posh" Elfit. With this ensemble, Elves will definitely kick up their boots and go for a stroll, while looking jolly good at the same time! The 7-piece Elfit includes a red corduroy skirt, bright yellow-hooded jacket, soft black and white striped leggings, lime green short-sleeved top, pair red-fringed boots and matching red headband that can also be used as a belt!  It is absolutely gorgeous! 

Jingle Bell Jammies
"Jingle Bell Jammies"


The designers even added "Jingle Bell Jammies," to this year's lineup! The bright yellow polka-dotted nightshirt has matching slippers, making Elf Magic Elves the most stylish at any sleepover!


But it's not just the Elves that get fashion forward looks. Reindeer jealous of Rudolph's shiny red nose can now add a splash of color as well with Elf Magic's new 4-piece "Reindeer Round-Up" ensemble.  It's sure to enhance the four-legged stars of the Christmas season.

Reindeer Round-Up
"Reindeer Round-Up"


Dress 'em in a colorful jester hat -- like the joker in the Elf Magic deck of playing cards. Or add a red, white and green mail pouch to deliver important letters to Santa. For the coldest of days, put on the white fur blanket and add the matching bright red halter and reins. Just like the new Elfit collection, these items can also be mixed and matched as well. Santa will be so pleased to see his crew looking extra snazzy!

mix and match clothsline
"Mix N' Magic"
With the addition of the newest Elfits, "Mix N' Magic", over 50 different unique looks can now be created from their new and existing wardrobe. Talk about being able to "pack light" !  Your Elf Magic Elf will turn into a fashionista or "Elfionista" as they are known at the North Pole.  
Mix and Match Clothesline
More "Mix N' Magic"









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