Helis Holds Interests of St. Tammany Parish
Residents at Heart
St. Tammany Parish Energy Project Overview

Helis continues to hold the interests of St. Tammany Parish at heart and America's energy independence in mind. We care about, and are committed to, the residents of St. Tammany Parish and recognize that open and constructive dialogue throughout this process is beneficial to all parties involved.


Last month, energy expert Charlotte Batson addressed some of the common concerns surrounding hydraulic fracturing but explained why she believes the St. Tammany Parish energy project is poised to make a positive difference on many levels.


Furthermore, after months of thorough research, GNO, Inc. and the entire regional business community announced support of safe exploration in St. Tammany and Louisiana which reinforced the Northshore Business Council's endorsement of the project. Recently, documents were filed with the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources in preparation for a fracking site in Washington Parish. So far, the project is only being met with support from the community. 


Contrary to popular belief, a survey conducted by St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce back in July showed a similar sentiment to those in Washington Parish as nearly 70 percent of the St. Tammany Parish respondents expressed support for fracking. Nine percent sought more information.


The fact is that hydraulic fracturing has been practiced safely for more than 60 years and the technology exists to protect the water supply and ensure no harm to the environment; in fact, fracturing in St. Tammany will take place approximately 1.7 miles below the bottom of the aquifer that supplies water to Parish residents.


As project manager Mike Barham has said, "Helis is committed to going above and beyond what we have to do, what the state requires us to do." It's important to us at Helis to remain transparent and work closely with Parish Officials, the citizens of St. Tammany Parish et al to educate the public on specifics about the project.


Thanks to all who support St. Tammany's role in energy independence. We will continue to provide project updates and inform the public as we have done all along.


Please take a moment to watch the video below as Helis takes you on a tour of the proposed St. Tammany Parish energy project site. The video explains the scientific process of fracking and how it relates to St. Tammany Parish. 


Helis Oil & Gas - St Tammany Parish Energy Project
Helis Oil & Gas, a New Orleans-based energy company with a record of more than 80 years of safe and efficient operations around the United States, has obtained leases and options to lease to explore for oil and gas on privately owned land in a remote and rural area of St. Tammany Parish.
Information About The DNR Public Hearing

Please join the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (LDNR), St. Tammany Parish Officials and Helis Oil & Gas at next week's public hearing at Lakeshore High School to discuss this important St. Tammany Parish energy project. 



Key Facts Regarding The Project 
  • Oil and gas activity in this area is not new. More than 15 other exploratory wells have been drilled within a 15 mile radius of this proposed well site over the past several decades.
  • Oil and gas fracturing operations below the same aquifer have been conducted just across the parish line in Tangipahoa Parish, without incident and to the economic benefit of that parish and the state of Louisiana.
  • There are thousands of these projects throughout the state, and, according to the Louisiana Commissioner of Conservation and local officials, there are no air, water quality or health problems reported at any of them.
  • The well site is secluded and sits approximately 2 miles from the nearest residential or commercial areas. In an abundance of caution, sound barriers will be utilized during the drilling and production processes.
  • Fluids to be injected into the well are 99% fresh water and natural sand and ceramic proppants.  Any chemicals used must be reported to the regulatory agencies.  Any air emissions will be strictly regulated by the state Department of Environmental Quality.
  • Three strings of casing will add additional levels of protection for the environment.
  • Fracturing would take place approximately 1.7 miles below the bottom of the aquifer.
  • There are no plans to access parish roads for any aspect of this project. 
  • Helis has offered to fund additional traffic control personnel, either through the parish Sheriff's Department, or through the Louisiana State Police, to help regulate any increase in traffic and ensure a maximum degree of public safety.
About Helis Oil & Gas
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Helis Oil & Gas is a privately owned oil and gas exploration and production company that has owned and operated wells throughout the nation, including properties in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota. The company has had extensive operations on private, federal and state lands, as well as in federal offshore waters and inland state waters in Louisiana. Helis Oil & Gas has drilled in sensitive environments, such as wildlife preserves, always with the highest regard for its surroundings. Helis Oil & Gas regards itself as a respectful guest in the communities in which we work and has historically been committed to contributing to these communities through philanthropic and civic endeavors.  


Learn more about the St. Tammany Energy Project at http://www.helisenergyproject.com/