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The Importance of the Oil and Gas Industry in Louisiana


The distribution of natural resources in the United States is undeniably a key factor in determining a state's potential for economic growth. Louisiana, ranking as one of the top producers of crude oil and natural gas in the United States, not only has the potential to power the nation, but to fuel the economy of the state.


Louisiana ranks just behind Texas in natural gas production, and in 2013, produced 1.45 million barrels a day. In 2010, Louisiana ranked first in natural gas production; however, when Texas began to utilize fracturing technology, they were able to increase production by 120% and surpass Louisiana in this regard.


The average job multiplier for the energy industry in Louisiana is 4.4. Additionally, the average weekly wage in the exploration and production sector is 77.3% higher than the average weekly wage in the manufacturing sector. Expanding the capabilities of the Louisiana energy industry through hydraulic fracturing will have a monumental economic impact in Louisiana through the creation of jobs and an increase in household income. 


Given the existing economic impact of the oil and gas industry in Louisiana and the potential for increased production that hydraulic fracturing provides, there is vast potential for a significant increase in the impact that the oil and gas industry has in Louisiana. 


And considering that the oil and gas industry is highly regulated and safeguarded by strict regulations put in place by various state and government agencies, it seems like a no-brainer to continue work that will undoubtedly boost the economy in a state that, historically, has benefitted so greatly from the industry.   


When all is said and done, the St. Tammany Parish energy project is poised to play an important role in strengthening the local, state and U.S. economies. 


*Facts above according to a report prepared by LSU economist Dr. Loren Scott, Ph.D. entitled
The Energy Sector: Still A Giant Economic Engine For The Louisiana Economy. Contributions from Hy McEnery, St. Tammany native and author of
The Truth About Helis and Fracking


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Helis Oil & Gas is a privately owned oil and gas exploration and production company that has owned and operated wells throughout the nation, including properties in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota.  The company has had extensive operations on private, federal and state lands, as well as in federal offshore waters and inland state waters in Louisiana.  Helis Oil & Gas has drilled in sensitive environments, such as wildlife preserves, always with the highest regard for its surroundings.  Helis Oil & Gas regards itself as a respectful guest in the communities in which it works and has historically been committed to contributing to these communities through philanthropic and civic endeavors.  


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