PA, NY, & OH Landowners Benefitting From Rising Property Values In Shale Development Areas


Opponents of the St. Tammany Parish energy project have historically been quick to pass judgment, saying that any and all oil and gas activity will undoubtedly decrease property values and negatively impact the quality of life for parish residents. Though industry experts and those with oil and gas experience know that's not the case, it's important that we all continue our due diligence in seeking the truth, knowledge, and facts about this important energy project.


A recent article on, Tools for Estimating Marcellus & Utica Shale Property Values, details the effects of shale plays, particularly in the Marcellus and Utica Shale, and the positive impact the plays have had on increased property values in land adjacent to drill (or proposed) sites.

The author explores how recent well production results from counties in Pennsylvania are demonstrating remarkable results. Yet increased property value in shale development areas is not just limited to Pennsylvania, and landowners nationwide are in fact becoming the beneficiaries of rising property values.


Why? Thanks can be attributed in large part to oil and gas minerals (OGM) leases.


Edward Camp, II, ShaleNavigator Team Lead at Geospatial Corp, supports his findings in three parts:

  1. Shale Property Values Tool #1 - Sales Comparison Approach
  2. Shale Property Values Tool #2 - Mapping Software Analysis
  3. Shale Property Values Tool #3 - Royalty Calculator and Decline Curve Web App

As the article notes, it's important for those who are in active shale development areas, as well as for those who are in shale areas where drilling has not yet commenced, to understand the valuation of property. There are tools and resources available to anyone willing to put in the time and effort to conduct the proper research.   


For those interested in reading Camp's article in its entirety you may click the link above. To learn more about how the St. Tammany Parish energy project specifically is poised to play an important role in strengthening the local, state and U.S. economies click here, or visit

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