A Project with St. Tammany's Interests and America's Energy Independence in Mind 


Opponents of the Helis energy project in St. Tammany have made their voices heard in opposition to the project, and they are hoping to actively grow that opposition.


Since announcing this project several months ago, we too have been working to communicate in a reasonable and responsible manner.  It is important to us that the people of St. Tammany Parish have the facts.


In truth, opponents of the project cannot truthfully argue that Helis is a bad operator or question Helis' record of commitment to safety and the environment over more than 80 years. Instead, they have generated fear about potential impact to the local water supply to fuel their campaign.  


The fact is that this aquifer has already been drilled by oil and gas companies nearly 5000 times - including 50 in St. Tammany alone -but never before with the over-and-above safety and environmental measures committed to by Helis. In addition, Helis has committed to independent monitoring of water, air and sound both before and after operations.


Helis' operating standards far exceed governmental requirements because we believe that our reputation is our greatest asset.  We operate safely and with respect for the areas in which we live and work. 


The Helis energy project has the informed support of local and regional business groups who adhere to the high standards all of us hold dear. They know the value of this project and the caliber of Helis as a respected operator.  They know that this project can be handled safely while contributing significantly to the local economy and to America's energy independence. 


These facts and many more can be found on our project website:  helisenergyproject.com.  We hope that you will take the time to learn more about us and the facts about this proposed project.  And we look forward to becoming a respectful and respected corporate member of your community.  

About Helis Oil & Gas
Proud to call Louisiana home for over 80 years

Helis Oil & Gas is a privately owned oil and gas exploration and production company that has owned and operated wells throughout the nation, including properties in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota.  The company has had extensive operations on private, federal and state lands, as well as in federal offshore waters and inland state waters in Louisiana.  Helis Oil & Gas has drilled in sensitive environments, such as wildlife preserves, always with the highest regard for its surroundings.  Helis Oil & Gas regards itself as a respectful guest in the communities in which we work and has historically been committed to contributing to these communities through philanthropic and civic endeavors.  


Learn more about the St. Tammany Energy Project at http://www.helisenergyproject.com/