August 17, 2017
"Let your ways be known upon the earth, your saving health among all nations"
Psalm 67:2 
Our Bishop Addresses Racism  
In Charlottesville   
An excerpt from Bishop Hirschfeld's letter, which was read at church on Sunday, August 13, 2017.

Prayers tonight for peace in  #Charlottesville  and all the places in our nation beset by the sin of racism and hatred. May our Church awaken tomorrow with new resolve to do the work God has given us to do: to preach the love of Jesus that cast out hatred, equipped with the courage the Holy Spirit gives us, so that all may be one in God. That's the ministry Jesus calls us to.

And let's be clear, this grotesque parade of white supremacist / nationalist hatred...that's nothing Jesus would bless, endorse, or validate. In fact, it's the same fear and smallness of soul that got Jesus nailed to the Cross. And, as Sunday morning proclaims, that puniness failed. As it will this time. Love wins.
Everyone Likes Pie
This is the perfect opportunity to learn how to make a pie from crust to filling, from apple to turkey! 

Novice and experienced cooks alike, the Harvest Fair committee can use your help. The following nights are scheduled for pie making in Ervin Hall: 
Sept. 13 - turkey and specialty pies
Sept. 17 - pork pies
Oct. 4 - apple and apple cranberry pies.

Pies are made both in the evenings and afternoons. Pie crust donations are always appreciated. If you can whip up a batch or two and would like the recipe, let us know. Please contact Gwen or Georgia with any questions about our pie making sessions, pie crust recipe, or the Harvest Fair in general.

Pie sales are the biggest money maker for the fair - don't hesitate to join in the fun of making pies. Last year close to 300 pies were made and sold.
Freezer Needed!
In order to store the large number of pies made for pre-order and the fair, we are in need of a stand up freezer. Please contact Gwen or Georgia if you can help.


Registrations for our children's ministry is on Sunday, Sept. 10 at 9 am with activities beginning at 9:30 am.

If you have questions about Kids Rock, please contact Rev. Gail Avery or Judi Turner.

If you are in need of help in speaking with your children about the violence in Charlottesville, here is a link to help .
5th Sunday Parish Forum
After the 9 am service on July 30th, parish members gathered with vestry for coffee hour and a quick update by our Senior Warden Kevin Gorham. A brief Q&A session took place and members then participated in a Living Compass workshop led by Judi Turner.

Our next 5th Sunday Parish Forum will be on October 29. If you have any questions or concerns you would like Vestry to discuss at that meeting, please let one of our vestry members know. That session will also be open to questions.
September 10 - Kick-off Sunday
This is the beginning of our regular schedule of two services on Sunday. There will be an 8 am and 10 am service.

September 10 - Children's Sunday Ministry starts at 9:30 am.
Be there at 9 am to register your child.

September 13 - Start of pie making activities for church fair.

September 17 - Dedication of the new Bridge window will be between

September 24 - Cafe will reopen.
Solar Eclipse Is Coming

Be safe while viewing the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21. A creative way to see the eclipse is with the help of a pin hole camera. Here is a link on how to make one with simple materials.
Hope To See You This Sunday
At Our 9 AM Service!
Do You Have News?
If you have news to share about the St. Thomas community, please contact Larissa in the church office at 603-742-3155 or reach her by  email.

5 Hale Street
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